How To Export Outlook Emails To Excel With Date And Time? – Guide

How To Export Outlook Emails To Excel, talking about exporting your email messages, the first option hit everybody’s mind is the import/export (.pst) file. This option is best to transfer your Outlook data to another computer.

Excel is a popular spreadsheet application used by many, thanks in part to its simplicity and versatility. The majority of users are skilled in using Excel for what it does best – basic data-crunching operations.

Export Outlook Emails in Excel. Note: Through the article below, you will know how to export emails from outlook to excel till date and time.

Date and time means we’re talking about a specific range of emails in your inbox:

Find Email With Specific Date

Finding an email from a specific date range usually required two dates, enter those dates in the search bar and the result is on your screen.

Here’s an example! For instance, you want to find the email exchange between you and your boss for a specific range of dates.

Join searching in the Mail application by using keywords such as “[received: 25/11/2019..30/04/2020]”, without quotations, in one column.

You will get your first match on your screen in descending order.

Find-Email-With-Specific-Date- 1

Export Outlook Emails To Excel Step by Step Process

In continuation to the above step, raw information is ready. Now we’re all going to copy and paste the data into an excel spreadsheet.

  • First press Ctrl + A to select the whole bunch of emails.
  • Then press Ctrl + C to copy all the selected email messages.
  • Now open the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, paste by (pressing Ctrl + V) the data on your desired location by selecting a specific cell on the sheet, and select one cell from a sheet.
  • After the whole data is pasted with headers copied from Outlook. You can check the data date wise by scrolling down the sheet.
  • Export-Outlook-Emails-to-Excel-with-Date-and-Time 2
  • Finally you can analyze & workout on the data available with excel.

You have exported your spreadsheet’s data in a specific date range using the copy-and-paste method to do so. This simple tool is a great way to get a general understanding of what you might find inside.

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