How to Follow Up emails in Outlook

If you’re in a work scenario where you need to follow up on How to Follow Up emails in Outlook got you covered. The feature is built-in into Outlook and can remind you of follow-ups on the date of your choosing. Outlook has a similar feature to Gmail’s Snooze, which can remind you about emails on a chosen date.

How to Follow Up emails in Outlook

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Let’s see how to use follow-up emails in Outlook for different types of accounts.

  1. Open Outlook and find the email you want to follow up on.
  2. You can right-click on an email to expand it and see additional options.
  3. You can access Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, No Date, Custom and set reminders using this app.

The email will have a red flag next to it, and if you open the email, it will have the follow-up details. To view only those emails which need a follow-up, click on Filter Email option under Find and then select flagged. To remove this from the follow-up email list in Outlook, you have two options. Right-click on it and click on “Remove from follow-up” or left-click on it and then click on “Edit Message>Remove from Follow-up”

  • Mark Complete option, it will delete it from, the task list
  • If you choose Clear Flag, it will remove the flag next to it.

You can either mark a task as complete or clear its flag, depending on your preference. If you choose to mark a task as complete, it will be indicated by a green tick mark. Clear flagging a task doesn’t create a tick mark.

Does this feature work with all accounts?

While it only works with Microsoft and Exchange accounts, there is a workaround available for IMAP-enabled accounts.

  • Right-click on the email and choose “Move to > Other Folder” or “Copy to Folder”.
  • Tasks can be found in the popup window by scrolling to the end.
  • It will open the new Task window where you can add the time to follow up on the email.
  • Starting from the next time, the “Task” option will be available in the context menu upfront.

It’s important to follow up with your clients, whether it’s to chase up payment, send a friendly reminder, or something else.

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