How to ignore Email Conversation in Outlook – Detailed Guide

An excellent tool for managing emails and messages in Outlook. It allows you countless additional functions which are not available on cloud servers. One of Outlook’s options is to ignore emails from a specific sender. To ignore email conversations in Outlook, please read through this article for the procedure and details.

Why ignore email conversations in Outlook?

If you get an email you don’t want, you have a few options. The first is to just delete it. But if the thread was active, you’ll still get any more emails from that sender in your inbox. The second is to mark it as spam. That way, you won’t get any more emails from that sender, but if you choose to ignore it, any emails in that specific thread will go to your Deleted folder.

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How to ignore Email Conversation in Outlook

There are 2 methods to ignore email conversations in Outlook. They are as follows:

  • Through email Context menu
  • Through top ribbon

Through email Context menu

The easiest way to ignore an email is to right-click on it and select Ignore from the right-click context menu. Alternatively, you can press SHIFT and select multiple emails. Then right-click on the lot and select Ignore for all of them.

In this case, the thread or threads of emails/emails will get ignored.

Through top ribbon

You can use the top ribbon to ignore emails too. The procedure is as follows. Select one or more emails by clicking on them. To select multiple emails, press and hold the SHIFT key while pressing the up or down arrow keys.

To delete a message, either go to the Delete tab on the top ribbon or click on the bin-like symbol. If you see the tab, go to it and you will find the Ignore option. If you see the button, click on the downward-pointing arrow associated with it.

Click on Ignore to ignore the email/emails.

Stop ignoring conversations in Outlook

If you want to stop ignoring email conversations, you’ll need to find the ones you’re ignoring first. They’re pushed to the Deleted folder. After 14 days, they’re permanently deleted, so if you don’t stop ignoring them within that time, you won’t be able to get them back.

However, if you wish to recover email conversations within 14 days of ignoring them, the procedure is as follows.

  • Go to the Deleted folder.
  • Select the ignored conversation/conversations.
  • Right-click on the conversation or set of conversations.
  • Click on Ignore.

Where do ignored conversations in Outlook go?

If you ignore a conversation in Outlook, it will be pushed to the Deleted folder. The conversation will remain there for 14 days, and then it will be permanently deleted. So, if you don’t find the conversation in the Deleted folder, it may have been permanently deleted.

How to stop an ad spammer from sending emails?

Advertisement spammers are a problem because they know how to bypass the mark spam option on email servers. If you open an email from a spammer and scroll to the bottom, you will see the unsubscribe option. Please use that option to get rid of the spammer forever.

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