How To Insert Table In Outlook? – Explanation Guide

How To Insert Table In Outlook, draft an email using Outlook. If you’ve ever tried to make your data line up in Outlook without a table, it can be a real pain! Is there a better way?

Are there shortcuts that don’t require looking at tabs while looking for the right spot on the page? Find out how to use word wrapping to easily draft emails with tables and images.

This article will provide you with step by step instructions on how to insert a table into the body of an email.

Where is Insert Tab in Outlook?

Most users are unable to find the ‘insert tab’ when creating a new email message. To solve this, you can add an additional menu on the top of your screen while not in Mail mode by going to Mail > Preferences.

How do I insert a table into Outlook email?

Organizing data in an Outlook table is a convenient way to work with both Outlook application and Outlook web application.

You can insert the tabular form into your message whether it’s an internal tab or external tabs that you’re creating outside of the messages themselves.

Insert Table (Option A)

This is how you use the Table button to insert tables in emails. Feel free to scroll up and read this section again if needed:

  • Here open Outlook >> Click on New mail from your desired email address in case you are using multiple accounts in Outlook.
  • Now go to insert Tab >> Find table icon and click.
  • How-do-I-insert-a-table-into-Outlook-email 1
  • When starting with there are a bunch of boxes at the top, you can easily drag your mouse over the rows and columns until you get your required numbers of rows and columns. The below image indicates (7×5 Table) inserted into the body of the message.
  • insert-a-table-into-Outlook-email 2
  • The outlook insert table into the body section, you can easily drag the table on the screen according to your requirements using four direction icon on the top left corner of the table [ref: Image below], and the design dialog box helps you to modify and adjust the table accordingly.
  • Where-is-insert-in-Outlook 3

Insert Table (Option B)

You can insert a table by clicking on the table icon in the white box just below the bunch of boxes. insert-table 4

Click insert table, it will open up the insert table dialog box.

insert-table-dialog-box 5

If your table does not fit easily within the space you have allotted to it, adjust the size of the Outlook table by choosing one or more of the following characteristics: Number of Rows & Columns, Row Height (in pixels), Column Width (in pixels).

Set these preferences by clicking on each item. After selecting your desired settings for each characteristic, click OK.

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