How To Merge Contacts In Outlook? – Detailed Explanation Guide

How To Merge Contacts In Outlook, Microsoft Outlook is a contact management tool that allows us to keep track of all of our clients and leads, but this isn’t all that makes it special.

Microsoft Outlook also enables us to manage our contacts better. We can also combine multiple duplicates and store them under one and the same id and last name. This helps quite a bit in keeping it tidy and neat.

This article discusses the benefits of merging contacts in Outlook. Together, we will learn how to check for duplicates and merge based on a set of criteria so that your list of contacts is always up-to-date and all information is consistent.

Duplicate contacts in Outlook, Reasons Behind It

Many people face the problem of duplicated contacts in Microsoft outlook. It occurs when there is no synchronization with Exchange server or due to duplicates in the source database like office 365.

There are two ways to avoid this. One way is, consult your IT department if you can run bulk update (Bulk update in Microsoft Outlook is updating your contact list in mass). The other way is manual editing of each contact separately.

Drag & Drop: If someone sends you an email, you can easily associate it with the sender by dragging the email over the Navigation bar on Outlook.

However, if you want to create more than one contact for that person, each time you attempt to click on the contacts icon again will end up creating duplicate entries for that contact.

Unfortunately, minor differences in information cause two similar contacts to be considered different all together.

One person, multiple email addresses: In the current digital world, having possession of numerous email addresses is synonymous with having a lot of people interested in your products or services.

But when you add too many different people to one e-mail it can get difficult to sort things out and you risk getting lost in an endless wave of irrelevant messages.

Synchronization: Every time you connect your device with a laptop or mobile sets or social media websites like (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn) results in duplicate contacts.

Import and Export: Importing contacts between two different contact lists may also be a challenge.

Marketing experts have discovered several client lists on their email servers which also results in duplicate customers.

Outlook has a problem. It won’t let you set up multiple manual contacts to the same email address since it gets confused about who you really want to contact.

No matter how you get all the duplicate contact in your system, the point is “How to Delete/Remove merge Duplicate Contact in Outlook“. Here are the solutions, follow the step by step process.

How To Merge Duplicate Contacts in Outlook?

Creating contact with numerous varieties and try to transfer it by Outlook. Sometimes you’ve to keep your contact’s business card in front of your PC monitor.

Therefore every time when contact’s address be modified you could modify it, but practically if there is a difference in combination then Outlook will help to create into one.

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