How To Pin Emails In Outlook? – Keep Your Desired Email On The Top

How To Pin Emails In Outlook, pinning is an important task which lets you know you need to put it at the top of your list for future reference.

In Microsoft Outlook, you can pin important incoming emails so they stay right at the top of a specific folder for quick viewing.

How do you keep an email at the top of the list in Outlook?

Office 365 Outlook web user, get the built-in pin button, which automatically puts a certain email at the top of the folder screen.

If you have clicked on the pin sign in the email, then hovering your mouse over it will display a message alerting you that you will not lose this message if you mark it as “top” in your folder.

After clicking, your mail shifts to the bottom of the window on the top since pinned, the act of unpinning that email message brings back its original position at the top.

Pin an email in Outlook [drag and drop] method in Taskbar?

So far it has only been available in the web version of Outlook and quite a few users have wondered why it wasn’t included as part of Outlook as such for probably as long as the feature has been around.

But still, there is a technique you can use to pin your desired email message using the drag-and-drop method.

When you drag a specific email out of the Outlook platform to your desktop, it becomes an attachment. All you have to do is double-click on the saved attachment. The email will open with its own separate window – in 6 steps or less.

Here are the steps to Pin an email in Outlook App:

  • First open Outlook Application then Select the email you like to pin.
  • Then apply drag and drop process and Drag the mail to desktop now release mouse button. How-to-save-mail-on-the-desktop 1
  • Then email message saved on the desktop
  • Pining that email message again required a drag and drop process.
  • Now drag that email message using your mouse and drop it to the Outlook icon in the taskbar Pin-an-email-in-Outlook-App 2
  • The email is added in the Outlook pin, click the right mouse button and the list of the pinned email appears, you can add a maximum of up to six emails in the Pin.
  • And once you click on that email, a separate window opens that email message. Pin-an-email-in-Outlook-App 2

Just click on the “Unpin from Inbox” button to the right of the message you no longer want to have pinned. unpin-icon 4

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