How to Prevent Email from going to Junk in Outlook – Guide

Ever had someone send you an email and it never arrived? If you’re using, it might have been filtered as junk and sent to your Junk Email folder. It can be really annoying to constantly check your Junk Email folder for legit emails, but there is a fix!

In order to prevent emails, you want to go to your inbox from going to junk in Outlook, and mark the email and sender as Not Junk.

How to stop Emails from going to Junk in Outlook

You can also simply move the email from Junk Email to your inbox but then the chances are that Outlook may still send all emails from this sender to your junk folder. So, it is better to mark it as Not Junk.

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Mark email Not Junk

  • Open your Outlook account and go to Junk Email.
  • Select the email you think is mistakenly sent in the junk.
  • Click on Not Junk in the top menu ribbon.
  • You can also right-click on the email and select “Mark as not junk.”

Mark Email Sender as Safe Sender

To make sure that Outlook never again sends these emails to the junk folder, you have to add the email sender to your safe sender list.

  • Open the email you think is not junk.
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Click on Add to safe senders. 

Create Rule for The Sender

The further option on Outlook also allows for creating specific rules for certain email senders. An example would be if you want to always mark some emails as important, or pin them to the top, this can be done from the Advanced actions option.

Select the email and right-click.

Click on Advanced Actions–> Create Rule.

This will open a new Settings window where you can choose to keep emails from this sender pinned to the top or mark it with importance. This will actually be a double assurance that Outlook will never filter this sender’s email as junk again. In fact, you will get these emails with a mark of Important.

Spam emails are automatically deleted in Gmail after 30 days, but Outlook only deletes Junk Folder emails after 10 days. Change your settings now to avoid missing important emails.

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