How to remove the Sync Issues folder in Outlook – Guide

If you use Outlook regularly, you may have come across “Sync Issues” folders. Although they are safe, you may sometimes want to delete them to save space. This article explains how to find and delete these folders in Outlook.

How to remove the Sync Issues folder in Outlook

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The Sync Issues folder in Microsoft Outlook is used to store messages that Outlook is unable to synchronize with your mailbox on the Exchange Server. This folder is usually hidden from users and can be only viewed when using the Mailbox Cleanup tool. To view the Sync Issues folder: Open the Mailbox Cleanup tool. Select View Mailbox Size. Scroll down and find the Sync Issues folder.

To delete the Sync Issues folder in Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. Since these folders aren’t readily visible in the Folders section of Outlook, you first have to make them visible there.
  2. In Order To do that, click on the Ellipses icon (3 horizontal dots) in the Navigation bar that is located on the left side
  3. Now Select Folders and the folder structure will be visible. This will modify your Navigation pane.
  4. The Sync Issues folders can be expanded to show four sub-folders.
  5. Messages from these sync folders can then be accessed by expanding their drop-down.
  6. Then You can delete the contents of the “Sync Issues” folder as you would with any other message on Outlook; using the cross-sign next to the letter.

Now that we’ve gone over what the “Sync Issues” folder is in Outlook, let’s discuss whether or not you should delete the contents of this folder. Sync folders are made up of messages that users receive from Outlook’s Exchange server. These messages are mainly for troubleshooting purposes and they aren’t of much use to most Outlook users. However, you can delete them if you want to. Their file size is very small and won’t make a significant difference in the amount of space that you have available.

We hope this article helped you figure out Outlook’s Sync Issues folder and how you can delete its message contents.

How do you sync Outlook emails?

If you’re wondering how synchronization works in Outlook, the process is quite easy. From the Settings menu, select View All Outlook Settings. Then, under Mail, choose Sync email. Make sure “Yes” is selected in the POP and IMAP section, and then click Save. However, before you exit this menu, make sure to select “Don’t Allow” next to the save option.

How do I fix slow Outlook IMAP folder synchronization issues?

Sync Issues with IMAP If you’re having trouble syncing your IMAP account on Outlook, it could be caused by a number of issues with your folders. Not syncing properly can cause several problems, but one solution is to root the mailbox. You can do that by opening up your account settings > More Options > Advanced Settings > and ensure that the Root folder path says Inbox.

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