How To Reschedule A Meeting In Outlook? – Detailed Guide

How To Reschedule A Meeting In Outlook, when creating a meeting in Outlook, you can set it up to repeat or not.

For instance: you can schedule a monthly product kickoff for your entire team and you don’t have to manually add and remove this recurring event for each specific month that it is to take place.

How to reschedule meeting time in Outlook?

Outlook makes it easy to change, modify or edit the time of a recurring meeting. To cancel an appointment, one needs to click on ‘View’ in their calendar view.

One can then go forth with either rescheduling the appointment, or cancelling it so that it is no longer displayed on one’s calendar.

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  • Here firstly launch Outlook then Click on the calendar icon, navigation section from the bottom left corner of Outlook screen.
  • reschedule-meeting 1
  • Then that will open up your calendar, Go to the scheduled meeting date.
  • Now double-click it on that specific date.
  • And then the on-time meeting window opens, you can change the inputs according to your requirement and then click the Send Update button.
  • How-to-reschedule-meeting-time-in-Outlook 2

Updating a meeting in your calendar is effectively the same as creating a new one. You can change the date, time, add attendees or even edit its location! Convert it into an event to make it repeat forever, every day etc.)

Send updated meeting invitation to recipients and updated in their calendar. Outlook reminders enabled based on recipient settings.

Drag and Drop Method

You can also change an appointment time by hovering over the event title and clicking “edit details”.

Once you get to the settings page you have a few options for changing the date and time of your appointment. You can also always reschedule an event.

Drag-and-Drop-Method 3

Outlook will confirm your request, then you should choose “Save changes and send an update” and OK. After this Outlook will immediately send another revised email to all recipients so that they can also see the new changes on their Outlook calendars.

Drop-Method 4

How to change recurring meeting time in Outlook Calendar?

A recurring meeting is similar to an on-time meeting, but with one key difference – the meetings are pre-scheduled multiple times into the future. To create a recurring meeting, follow these steps:

  • Here you have to open Calendar view, double click on the event (recurring meeting) saved in the calendar.
  • Then select, either you like to open just one meeting of the series or the entire one for rescheduling. change-recurring-meeting-time 5

Let’s understand both of the scenarios, in depth:

Reschedule recurring meeting for a single month

Click above the dialog box “Open Recurring Item” and click on the “Just this one option.” The Meeting Occurrence window opens. Here you can change the time, date, location, add member, Outlook time zone as you need. Reschedule-recurring-metting-for-single-month 6

An Outlook dialog box, it’s a confirmation to indicate whether or not you would like to change the date only for this month from the series of clicks, “Yes.”

open-the-series-Outlook 7

Reschedule recurring meeting of entire series

Select “Select all episodes for this series” from the above dialog box (Open series), and click OK. the-entire-series 8

Recurring is an Outlook feature that allows you to plan out repeated events in Outlook, for example you can send yourself reminder emails about meetings or birthdays.

The recurring meeting can be scheduled in an open or private window, depending on what you choose. Click the plus sign to the right of the specific day you wish to add to your calendar.

To create an event in this same time slot on another day during the week, click ‘Weekly’, ‘Every two weeks’ or ‘Monthly’.

You’ll then see an optional date range that you can set up to repeat weekly, monthly or every other month respectively.

Meeting-Series-window-Outlook 9

Finally, simply click the Send button again and the changes will be sent via email to your team.

Rescheduling or editing meetings in Outlook is not rocket science. There should be room for all modifications.

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