How to set up Office apps and Outlook email on iPhone and iPad

Microsoft allows you to work remotely from any place and any device with a few apps. Outlook for iOS and Office app for iOS let you create, edit and share your files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and manage your emails. Let’s see how to set up Office apps and Outlook email on iPhones and iPad.

How to set up Outlook email on iOS devices

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It is pretty straightforward and easy to set up Outlook on iOS devices. To do this, follow these steps:

  • First Download Outlook for iOSfrom the iOS App Store. You can check the system requirements for your iOS devices on this link.
  • The users who are setting up Outlook on their iOS devices first time, need to enter their full email address
  • Now, tap on Add Account.
  • Now, enter your email account password and tap Sign in.

Please note that the sign-in screen for your email provider may look different.

  • For security purposes, multi-factor authentication is enabled for Outlook. At this stage, you need to verify your identity. Accept any prompts for permission you may receive.

If Outlook for iOS is already used, then follow the next steps:

  • Open the
  • Now, tap on
  • Go to Account.
  • After that, Add an Email Account.

After the above action, follow the process from Step no.4

Please note: If your email provider is not listed, please contact your IT admin for support.

This way, Outlook is set up on your iOS devices such as iPhones or iPad.

How to set up Office apps on an iOS device

As mentioned previously, integrating Office apps and email on iOS devices is relatively simple. There are two ways to get Office on your iPhone or iPad.

  • The Office app for iOS lets you view, edit and share Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in a single app. It also offers new mobile-centric features for viewing and editing files without the need to switch between multiple apps.
  • Another way is to install Office apps individually on iPhones and iPad.

The Microsoft Office mobile apps let you work from anywhere, by signing in with a free Microsoft account or a Microsoft 365 work or school account. Depending on your subscription, you can get extra features in the apps on your iOS devices.

Setting up individual Office apps on iPhone or iPad

Follow the next steps to set up individual Office apps on your iOS devices.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open any standalone mobile Office app (for example, Excel).
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account, or Microsoft 365 work or school account, and then tap Next.
  • If you don’t have a Microsoft Account, you can create one for free.
  • If you have a Microsoft account that is associated with Office 2016 or Office 2019, you can upgrade to Microsoft 365.
  • In the next step, you are prompted to purchase a plan. If you don’t wish to purchase it at the time of set-up, tap on Maybe later. This way you can use the mobile apps without a subscription. If you get a Microsoft 365 subscription, you get access to premium features if you.
  • When you are prompted to help Microsoft to improve their Office mobile experience, tap Yes to opt in, in or no to opt out.
  • After this, you can enable alerts by tapping Turn on Notifications. If you wish to set up your preferences later, you can tap Not Now.
  • After you sign in, your account is automatically added to the current app, as well as any other Office apps that are installed on your iPhone or iPad.
  • If you wish to add another account or a cloud service, like OneDrive or Dropbox, tap Open, then Add a Place.
  • If you’re using OneNote on your iPhone or iPad, tap on your profile picture in the upper left corner, and then tap Storage Accounts.
  • Finally, choose the cloud service that you want to add. Enter the email address and password to sign into your preferred service.

This is the way; your Office apps are set on your iOS device.

Is it possible to download Office apps on an iPhone or iPad?

Yes, it is possible. Follow the next steps for this:

  • First, in the App Store search for Microsoft Office from your iOS device.
  • Now tap on Download to get this app, then install the app.
  • Once it is installed, open the app and set it up on your device.

To set up Office apps on an iPhone or iPad, read the article below.

Can I use my Microsoft Office account on the iPad?

Yes, it limits you to 2 years You can use your Microsoft Office account on your iOS devices. It is possible to use it for both Free and Microsoft 365 subscription With Office 365, you can create and edit documents on your iPad. A subscription not only gets you the complete Office apps for iPad but also always-up-to-date versions of Office for PC and Mac.

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