How To Turn Off Conversation View In Outlook 365? – Explanation Guide

How To Turn Off Conversation View In Outlook, outlook conversation view arranges all your messages in chronological order into a thread, the latest message holds the top position and so on.

All the messages are folded and arrange in a single subject line, and click on the left side logo to open the thread.

Case study: In my earlier days, I was responsible for buying the best available products at a great price.

I used to message several vendors with a range of quote requests which would sometimes cause a great deal of confusion and even result in a long back and forth email discussion.

It can be incredibly stressful trying to manage your mail when trying to keep things organized.

From searching through multiple inbox linked folders to the sent items, it is no easy task. On top of that there are several ways in which emails can be hidden or not deleted when you thought you had.

One solution I’d suggest for this common issue is using Microsoft’s Conversation View in Outlook.

In this article, I will walk you through the steps on how to enable conversation view in Outlook 2016.

How to turn on (email grouping) conversation view in Outlook?

Features can sometimes be confusing at first for new users. Incorporating settings is one of the main ways that the product management software helps you out with managing your task list.

  • First launch Outlook
  • Then click the View tab at the top of your Outlook home screen.
  • Now select the check box in front of Show as Conversations, in the messages section. conversation-view-in-Outlook 1
  • The outlook displays a confirmation message, You can turn on conversation view for the current folder or entire mailbox, select This folder or all mailbox accordingly.
  • What-Does-Conversation-View-Do 2
  • The selection automatically runs the spider and you’ll notice a little triangle-shaped next to emails that have been threaded.
  • Then click on the triangle and you can expand all the messages in the chronological manner that have been grouped together.
  • How-to-turn-on-email-grouping-conversation-view-in-Outlook 3

Note: Under Email grouping, subject lines must be in a continuous manner. Even if one of the members changes the order of things, the message will get rejected from the group.

Once you click on any email, it will automatically be added to the top of the email and its color will change to dark highlighted, which simply indicates that there is a new message waiting for you.

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