How to use Microsoft Outlook as an RSS Feed Reader – Guide

The RSS feed reader is not dead yet. With the privacy concerns facing social media platforms today, a lot of users may return to RSS feeds instead of relying on Facebook and Twitter.

Set up and use Outlook as RSS Feed Reader

Now, several RSS feeds options exist out there for users to take advantage of if they want to escape the clutches of social media. However, did you know there is a high chance you already have an RSS feed installed on your Windows 10 computer without even knowing?

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Yes, we are talking about the Microsoft Outlook app. Anyone with an Office subscription can use Outlook as an RSS feed, and guess what? It is super easy to use. It is not a straightforward thing compared to standalone readers, but fear not because we’re going to explain how to get things moving.

Before we begin, please open your Microsoft Outlook application. Adding your email accounts first may be helpful if this is your first time using the application.

Create an RSS Subscription folder

So, the first thing you should consider doing is creating a folder in Outlook named RSS Feeds or any other name you feel comfortable using. Complete the task by clicking on the Enter button on the keyboard.

Add a new RSS feed to Outlook

Open the new folder, then hit the right-click key on the mouse. Select the option to add a new RSS Feed. Paste the URL of the feed into the space provided, then hit Enter or click on Add.

Let’s see what is inside the Advanced section

After you click the Add button, you will see another option. You can click Yes to finish the process or select Advanced to make more changes before proceeding.

From the Advanced section, users can change the name of their feed and move it to another folder.

Import RSS feeds from OPML

We suggest that if you want to change from one RSS reader to another that you save your RSS content as an OPML file. You can then return to Outlook and select File > Open & Export. Then click on Import/Export and from the small window select Import, RSS Feeds from an OPML file.

Browse for the OPML file saved on your computer and add it to Outlook. In a short while, all RSS feeds from your previous feed reader should now be accessible in Microsoft Outlook.

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