How to Import Contacts from People App to Microsoft Outlook

The first part of this tutorial dealt with exporting contacts from People App as an. CSV file to your Desktop. This part deals with importing contacts to an Outlook account, which completes the process of migrating contacts from the People App to Outlook 2019/2016/2013.

Import Contacts from People App to Outlook

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You will need to follow these instructions (assuming you have the Outlook app opened),

Click File, choose ‘Open & Export’, and then ‘Import/Export’ visible in the right pane.

The wizard will prompt you to start the ‘Import and Export’ action. When the action starts, select the ‘Choose Import from another program or file option, and then click Next.

Next step, select the ‘Comma Separated Values’ option and hit Next.

Then, browse to the .csv file you would like to import.

You can choose to either replace existing contacts, create duplicates, or not import duplicates when you click the “Options” button.

Choose the contacts folder as your destination to store your contacts. By default, contacts should be highlighted, if not, then scroll until you find them. After that, click on ‘Next’!

Before you click the “Finish” button, take a pause. Why? Because you’ll need to “map” some of the columns in your CSV file to the contact fields in Outlook. Mapping could certainly help turn imported contacts the way you want.

So, map your CSV file columns to Outlook contact fields.

Click the Map Custom Fields button. Upon clicking, the Map Custom Fields dialog box appears.

From the left, you’ll see a box with the CSV file’s column names. Under “To,” you’ll see the standard fields Outlook uses for contacts. If a field matches a column in the CSV file, you’ll see your column under “Mapped from.”

Scroll down to find the “Other Address” option with a plus sign next to it. Clicking the plus sign will expand the options below it, where you should find a good match for “Mobile Phone.”

For the mapping simply drag one entry from the left pane and drop it over another suitable entries in the right pane. Once done, the entries would appear in the desired mapped form.

Transfer your contacts one at a time from the left pane to the fields on the right that match up with Outlook.

Finally, click “Finish.” Now you have completed the process of importing contacts from the People App to Outlook.

Your contacts are now successfully imported into Outlook.

NOTE: The People app in Windows now no longer appears as a standalone app in Start Menu.

It remains an Inbox app and can be launched to manage your contacts from the button in the Mail and Calendar apps.

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