Is Outlook Mentions (@) Really Enhance Ability? – Explanation Guide

Is Outlook Mentions (@) Really Enhance Ability, the current digitalization trends mention the character “at sign” plays an important role in improving and streamlining user efficiency with regards to email functionality.

In this article, I will walk you through the process of @mentioning someone using Outlook.

What are mentions in Outlook?

Mentions is a useful feature that lets users alert their contacts, so they know to check their emails.

Tagging someone in an email thread will mean that you’re automatically adding them to the thread, which means they’ll receive a notification about it.

How @mention work in Outlook?

Whenever you send out an email pertaining to a specific subject or update, you should first open up a draft of that message.

Under that draft should be a list of contacts you have corresponded with in the past containing each contact’s name as well as their email address.

It’s important to move words around when you type in order to avoid accidentally spelling the wrong things.

When starting a sentence, type without spaces, which will automatically set your name and email address in the correct fields in your email client software.

email-symbol 1

In “case” if a user does not have a specific email address saved on their address book, auto-suggest will pull up the person’s name and it can also accidentally go beyond that.

Refer image. The first email address with the contact name is showing complete email address. email-address-symbol 2

Outlook Mentions Not Working

Outlook @function not working, “tagging” people into an online conversation required email address symbol followed by a person’s name into the content.

Users are complaining of the @mention function not working, the reason why it is disabled in their email client.

How To Enable Outlook Mention?

However, there are steps you can diagnose and easily enable the mentioned feature in Outlook 365.

  • Firstly open Outlook Application.
  • Then select File and then Options then Mail.
  • In order to enable select the checkbox “Suggest names to mention when I use the @ symbol in a message. Outlook-options-mail 3

Restart Outlook. This step is also bringing answers to the question that has been asked by many users, due to its specific nature.

Is Outlook Mentions (@) Really Enhance Ability, you need to uncheck the same options and restart Outlook. Because the option automatically disables it, but it will not stop your senders from using and tagging your name or email address using the @ symbol.

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