Merge Outlook Accounts – How To Create Unified Inbox View?

Merge Outlook Accounts , Microsoft Outlook is one of the most useful email clients used by people. This client lets you sort out all your emails in just one place.

manage your tasks efficiently and organize your contacts to various groups according to your needs.

While using this client you also get access to many handy features that can improve your business skills.

But what if you only had one email address through which you could contact everyone, be it co-workers, clients, family members or even friends?

Outlook 365 has done just that – for eager online workers who are constantly on the lookout for the next task.

In this article, you will get step by step methods on how to merge outlook accounts into one inbox.

There are three methods which we will discuss here one by one, that can help you combine all emails of different addresses on Outlook into a single window, these being:

How to merge Outlook accounts into one Using Search Method?

People having multiple email accounts frequently have problems determining which messages are in which inbox. The following guide is designed to help you manage each of your accounts together under one platform.

Outlook is composed of multiple features that you can use to complete your work, but it’s important for you to know how they work.

  • First launch Outlook
  • Then select any one inbox (in case you are using multiple email account).

In multiple email accounts, it may be shocking to find that there is no threading in the mailbox.

  • Here the next step to enter (search: inbox into the search bar), the result is similar, you can get all the inbox email, because of the current folder.
  • Now change the current folder to All mailbox
  • merge-Outlook-accounts-into-one-using-Search-Method 1
  • However, here the result is a very clear search method merge all Outlook accounts into one. search-method-merge-all-Outlook-accounts-into-one 2
  • Also you can filter the list of all email account inboxes with specific categories like (date, from, subject, size, and many more).

Here is your inbox view which combines all your inbox emails. To return to normal, click the cross sign right side of the search bar to close all search results.

Once a query is setup in a search marketing tool, it can be repeated in the future by clicking a single button.

  • First click to search bar, Search Tab appears >> click recent searches. combines-all-your-inbox-emails 3

Pressing the topmost search button simply launches a query for the last searched-for item.

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