How to migrate Contacts from Windows People App to Outlook

It’s a good idea to keep all your contacts and email in one place. That’s where Microsoft Outlook comes into its own. The application allows you to store all your emails, contacts, calendars, etc. in one place, in an organized fashion. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and migrating contacts from Google, Yahoo or others can be a bit tricky. That said, what about the contacts hiding in the People App for Windows? This tutorial walks you through the process of exporting or migrating contacts from the Windows People App to Microsoft Outlook and explains how you can do it in a quick time.

I’ve decided to cover the topic of exporting or migrating contacts from People App to Outlook in 2 parts for convenience.

In order to configure Outlook with your Live account, you will need to first export your contacts from the People app. To do this, simply go to the app’s settings and select the “Export” option. From there, you will be able to choose which contact fields you would like to export and how you would like to save the file. Once you have exported your contacts, you will be able to import them into Outlook by going to the “File” menu and selecting the “Import” option.

Import contacts to another account in Outlook.

Migrate Contacts from People App to Outlook

Open the Outlook app, click File and select Add Account option.

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Next, in the “Account Information” section on the right, choose the “Add Account” option and enter the necessary information required to add an account, such as name, email address, and password. If you need to configure others, check the “Manual setup or additional server types” box. Then click the “Next” button to finish the process.

There are multiple ways to export contacts from Outlook. One way is to open the IE browser and log in to or From there, you can export your contacts to Outlook.

Check next to the Outlook symbol for a drop-down bolt. Press the bolt and select the “People” tile.

Next, under the ‘Manage’ section, select the ‘Export’ option.

Choose Save File and click OK. Save and download the .csv file to your desktop.

In the next step of the procedure, you will Import contacts into Outlook by following the instructions. This can be a bit complicated, but Microsoft has a nice write-up that explains it well. This process is the second part of our tutorial and will be covered tomorrow.

The People app in Windows now no longer appears as a standalone app in Start Menu.

The Inbox app remains and can be launched to manage your contacts from the button in the Mail and Calendar apps.

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