Open Outlook In Safe Mode – Explanation Guide

Open Outlook In Safe Mode, currently, many users operate both company email and personal emails. These things can be very easily handled in Microsoft Outlook when set up properly so you don’t lose track of anything and everything is contained in one place.

This consists of numerous benefits along with few issues.

Microsoft Outlook works in conjunction with add-ins and other applications; in most circumstances it functions seamlessly.

but in rare circumstances you may find that Office is slow or that Outlook gives you the error: “Can’t load add-in.” This is when you know there’s a problem.

Outlook safe mode allows users to run without add-ins and extensions, allowing them to perform normally.

What is Outlook Safe Mode?

The Safe mode is a special version of Outlook that temporarily disables add-ins and extensions, the user interface, and other customizations to keep things running smoothly in case a problem occurs.

This option helps you isolate the cause of a problem by preventing anything from interfering with a simple test message.

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When To Use It?

Unless you have a problem with your Outlook account not working, starting Outlook in safe mode isn’t necessary.

How To Open Microsoft Outlook In Safe Mode?

Several methods have been established for executing the open outlook in safe mode.

  • In the first method click and hold the Ctrl key from your keyboard, and click on the Outlook shortcut. Outlook asks you to select the profile name and click Ok, which will open Outlook in safe mode. Safe-mode-Outlook 1
  • In the second method: Just click Win+R from your keyboard, command Run dialog box appears, Enter the command “outlook.exe /safe” and click OK.
  • Outlook-safe-mode 2
  • The Outlook will ask you to select the profile name, select and then click Ok, which will open Outlook in safe mode, (this step is similar to the above step).

Getting Outlook into offline mode can also be known as a safe mode since there is no connectivity between Outlook and the server.

Click on the Send/Receive tab, and then click the button that says Work Offline.


It’s important to know when you should turn on Outlook’s Safe Mode. This feature lets you get back some of the data that you might miss if Outlook completely crashes.

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