Error 0x80004005 The Operation Failed in Outlook

Error 0x80004005 The Operation Failed in Outlook” is a well-known error in Microsoft Outlook that has been caused by third-party script blockers in the past. However, the issue has cropped up in a few other places as well. Here’s how to fix it.

Error 0x80004005, The Operation Failed in Outlook

If you receive Error 0x80004005, The Operation Failed during Send/Recieve operation in Outlook, then it could be a blocking issue, Mailbox Size Limit, etc. These are some of the methods that can resolve error 0x80004005 in Outlook based on the situation.

  1. Antivirus & Security Software issue
  2. Mailbox Size Limit
  3. SharePoint Document Library Connection
  4. Update Outlook to the latest version

Be sure to sync your Outlook every time you follow the given solutions.

1] Antivirus & Security Software issue

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The Norton security software may be blocking applications that use bat or reg files, causing the issue. Try disabling Norton or Windows Antivirus and make sure script blocking is unchecked in the program’s settings.

2] Mailbox Size Limit

Some reports indicate that users are hitting the maximum size limit on their mailbox. This is likely due to restrictions set by the mailbox provider, which may include a limit on the number of recipients that can be emailed in a day. To work around this, users can split their distribution list into two halves and email each half separately through Outlook.

3] SharePoint Document Library Connection

As you may know, the ability to connect Outlook to a SharePoint list or Document Library is being deprecated. However, if you need to use this feature while migrating your documents to OneDrive, you can set a registry key to address the issue.

  • Open the Registry Editor by typing “Regedit” in the Run prompt (Win + R) and pressing the Enter key.
  • Navigate to the following path


  • Right-click on the “Options” key and create a new “DWORD” entry. Name it “CheckoutToDraftsEnabled” and set its value to “1”.
  • Once you create it, double-click on it to edit the value and set it to 1.
  • Exit the registry and sync outlook again.

4] Update Outlook to the latest version

Make sure that you have the latest version of Outlook installed. If automatic updates are disabled, you will need to make sure that your Outlook client is up-to-date with the minimum required version for synchronization to occur. You can check if there is an update available by going to Outlook > File > Office account > Update and selecting Update Now from the dropdown. Once done, make sure to keep all Office products up-to-date.

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