The operation failed An object cannot be found Outlook error

The operation failed, An object cannot be found Outlook error and then click Account Settings. On the Email tab, click Add. Enter the information for the new account, and then click OK.

The operation failed, An object cannot be found Outlook error

If you receive an error like this, there are a few steps you could try. I started seeing this message after I reconnected Microsoft Outlook to In my case, I would see this message randomly when I clicked on the Send button for an email. But if I clicked on the Send button again, the email would be sent. So, in that sense, I’m lucky.

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To permanently fix this issue, you will have to create a new profile. To create a new profile, open your control panel, type mail in the search box, and click on the result – mail that you see, to open the following box.

Show profiles and add button.

Name your profile and select “OK.”

The box below will open, allowing you to configure as normal.

Click on the “Add Account” link to open the following wizard. Fill in the details and click on “Next.” Follow the wizard to complete the process. IfThis process will enable network connection, search for the email account settings, and log on to the server to confirm that all is fine.

More suggestions for troubleshooting connection issues after reconnecting Microsoft Outlook:There are a few things you can try if you’re still having trouble connecting to after reconnecting your Microsoft Outlook client. If you’re having trouble with Microsoft Outlook, this post will help you troubleshoot problems like corrupt PST files, Profile, Add-ins, etc.

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