Outlook Calendar error The modified permissions cannot be saved

When you receive an error trying to change the Outlook Calendar error The modified permissions cannot be saved that you’re sharing, don’t worry, We can help you resolve the problem.

What causes The modified permissions cannot be saved error?

The error occurs when users try to edit permission on the shared calendar, or remove an old entry from the list of users. These changes are not saved, and the error shows up. It does not happen when creating a new calendar, but the permission to copy from the old calendar into a new one doesn’t work. According to users who have reported the issue, it happened in a hybrid environment with on-premises Exchange and Office 365 sync with each other.

The modified permissions cannot be saved – Outlook Calendar error

There are two ways to fix the Delegate Access problem. The first is by changing it online, and the second is by changing it back to online and then synchronizing.

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1] Change Delegate Access:

You can rewrite the Access Control Lists (ACLs) at the mailbox level to propagate changes to folders by granting, applying, and then removing Delegate access.

  • File > Account Settings > Delegate Access
  • Click ‘Add’ and select any user from the global address list.
  • Click OK on the Permissions page, click Apply, and then click OK again.
    Remove the user you added in step 2 from your delegate access.

2] Online Method:

If this doesn’t work, you can fix it by going to the calendar app in Outlook Web and changing the sharing permissions. Once you’ve done that, you can reopen the Outlook app and the changes should be reflected.

What does Delegate Access do?

The Delegate Access method allows users to grant others permission to create emails, messages and respond to meeting requests on their behalf. It also allows for different permission levels to be set, such as Reviewer, Author, and Editor.

What Do Delegate Access Permissions Do?

  • Reviewer: Read items.
  • Author: Task and Calendar items can be created directly and sent on your behalf.
  • Editor: This role is allowed to do almost everything, including authoring new content and deleting items you created.

I hope this post was easy to follow and you were able to fix the Outlook Calendar error The modified permissions cannot be saved issue on your computer.

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