Outlook cannot log on, verify you are connected to the network

One of the error messages you may see when using Microsoft Office Outlook on your computer is: “This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.”I cannot log on to Outlook. Verify that you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mailbox name. The Microsoft Exchange information service in your profile is missing the required information. Modify your profile to ensure that you are using the correct Microsoft Exchange information service.

It’s a common problem for people who’ve recently installed an update to Microsoft Office. The error message appears when you add the first email account in Outlook, which creates a profile to store all the details. If that profile becomes corrupted, you’ll see the error message.

To fix this problem, you can try removing the account from Outlook and adding it again. You can also delete the current profile and add the account back. Most of the time, the second workaround works better than the first one. To remove the current Outlook profile and add a new one, follow these steps:

Outlook cannot log on, verify you are connected to the network

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To fix Outlook cannot log on, verify you are connected to the network and follow these steps:

  • Search for the control panel in the Taskbar search box.
  • Click on the individual search result.
  • Click on Mail (Microsoft Outlook)
  • Click the Show Profiles button.
  • Select your profile and click the Remove button.
  • Click the Add button.
  • Enter a name for your profile, email address, and password.
  • Open Outlook on your PC.

To learn more about these steps, continue reading.

Before you begin, ensure that you are indeed connected to the internet.

Open the Control Panel and change your view. Depending on what version you’re using, you will either see Large Icons or Small icons. Find the Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016) applet and take note of the version number. Other versions of Microsoft Outlook will have different version numbers.

After you click on it, a Mail Setup window will appear. Click on the Show Profiles button to see your available mail accounts. On the next screen, select the profile you made earlier and hit the Remove button. You will need to create a new account after removing the current one.

Add that account to Outlook by clicking the Add button and entering the name and other details like your email address and password. After completing this process, you should not get any issues.

Why is my Outlook not connecting to the network?

There are two possible reasons why Outlook is displaying this error on your computer. First, you may not be connected to the internet. Even if you are, your internet connection might not be working properly. In that case, you need to fix the internet connection issue. Second, the existing profile in Outlook might be corrupted. To fix that, you must delete the old profile and create a new one.

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