Outlook.com is not receiving or sending emails – Detailed Guide

Some Outlook.com users are experiencing problems with receiving or sending emails. It’s unclear why this is happening. We’re not exactly sure what’s causing the problem, but we have a few theories. Don’t worry though, we’re pretty confident that one of the upcoming fixes will solve it, hopefully once and for all. Folks who are having trouble sending or receiving emails are reporting that everything else seems to be working well; so, this is definitely strange. But we love strange things here, so let’s get this under control right away.

Outlook.com is not sending emails

We need your full attention to fix this issue. Try all of the fixes below until the problem is solved.

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Undo Send

Outlook.com has an undo feature, but it is not turned on by default. You may have accidentally turned it on and then canceled the email before it was sent. To disable the undo feature, click on the “Settings” button, then select “View all Outlook settings.” From there, click on “Mail,” then choose “Compose and Reply.” Finally, scroll down to “Undo Send,” then use the mouse to bring the slider down to zero.

Outlook.com is not receiving emails

Check the junk folder

The first step is to check your Junk mailbox to see if that’s where emails are going. Select Junk Email from the Outlook.com folder list, then look for the missing email to see if it’s there. The emails are right there, so we suggest right-clicking on each email, then clicking on “Mark as not junk”. Doing this should move the selected emails directly out of the Junk box to the regular section.

Check the Other tab

Many of your emails will go to the “Other” inbox if the “Focused” inbox is enabled, so it’s a good idea to check there for any missing emails. You can right-click on an email in the “Other” tab to have it transferred to the “Focus” inbox.

Check your email rules

To check your email rules, click the Settings icon (the little Gear icon) at the top-right corner and scroll below. Then, click on View all Outlook settings. The next step, then, is selecting Mail and then clicking on Rules. We suggest editing or deleting all rules if any are available there.

Are you forwarding emails to another account?

Go back to the Mail section, then click on Forwarding. From there, check if your emails are being forwarded to another email account.

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