Command Line Switches for Outlook on Windows 10 – Explained

Microsoft Outlook has a host of command line switches that can enable faster usage in everyday workflows. Click on the title to learn more about the different switches and how to use them.

Perform Outlook tasks using Command Line Switches

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  • We take a look at a few command-line switches for Outlook to get started with.
  • Press the Windows key + R to invoke the┬áRun dialog.

In the Run dialog box, you can now input the following commands and hit Enter to execute the task.

Outlook Compose-line switch to send email

To compose a new message, enter the following into the Run dialog:

outlook.exe /c ipm.note

This will open up a blank Microsoft Outlook email. You can also specify the email’s recipient by using the /m switch.

outlook.exe /c ipm.note /m

The result is a new Outlook email with the recipient filled in.

You can include an attachment by using the /a switch and specifying its disk location, which will open an email draft.

outlook.exe /m /a “C:\My Documents\May2021Invoice.pdf”

As you can see, the ipm.note parameter was excluded from the command line switch. This means that, unless you specify the instructions to attach the file to a different type of item, Outlook will assume that the user is trying to draft an email.

To attach content to a different item, all you need to do is add another switch to the command.

Creating Other Items

By changing the last element in the command used to send an email, you can create different Outlook items.

You can do so by adding the following parameters to the command line switch:

Opening Outlook using command-line

By using switches, you can also open Outlook and perform other useful tasks at the same time.

To open up Outlook with the Reading Pane disabled, use the following switch:

outlook.exe /no preview

You can disable the Reading Pane and any active toolbar customizations by switching to /safe mode.

Alternatively, you can open Outlook and select a specific folder using the following command.

outlook.exe /select folder-name

In a folder named Sample Folder, there are two files: There are two files in the Sample Folder:

outlook: calendar

Open and look for meeting requests in your inbox using the switch: To save time, you can open Outlook and look for new meeting requests in the inbox. By using the following switch, you can add anything it finds to the calendar.

outlook.exe /sniff

If your Outlook crashes, you can try to open the same profile and folders that were open before the crash using this switch:

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