Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail

In this post, we are going to talk about what you can do if Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail. Outlook is a great tool for sending and receiving emails, managing calendars and storing numbers, and keeping track of different tasks. However, with the latest Windows update, Microsoft Outlook has stopped receiving emails from Gmail. So, if you are experiencing the same problem, follow the below-mentioned workarounds to fix the issue.

Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail

If you’re having trouble getting Gmail to work with Microsoft Outlook on Windows 10/11, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try.

  1. Repair the Gmail Account
  2. Turn On the Outlook Notification
  3. Add Gmail Account Again
  4. Check the Gmail Server
  5. Change Gmail Rules
  6. Update the App

Now, let’s check out all these solutions in detail.

1] Repair the Gmail Account

If you’re not receiving emails from Gmail in Outlook, you can try repairing your Gmail account in Outlook. One of the best things about Microsoft Outlook is that it has an option to repair different email providers. So if your Gmail isn’t working in Outlook, you can go through the repair process to fix the issue.

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  • Open the Outlook app on your system.
  • Click on the File option in the top left corner.
  • To access your account settings, tap the dropdown icon under the “Account Settings” option.
  • Choose “Account Settings” from the options list.
  • In the window below, select your Gmail account.
  • Tap the “Repair” option.

Once you’ve restarted your system, open Outlook and check to see if you’re receiving emails from Gmail.

2] Turn On the Outlook Notification

The most likely reason you’re not receiving Outlook emails is because you have notifications disabled. To fix this, simply enable notifications for Outlook on Windows. Here’s how:

  • Open Windows settings by pressing the Windows + I shortcut key.
  • Navigate to System > Notification.
  • Enable next to toggle the option Notifications.
  • Enable the toggle next to the Outlook app to turn it on.

3] Add Gmail Account Again

The next thing you can try is to add the Gmail account all over again. This method has helped most of the sufferers and hopefully will work for you as well. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the work done.

Open Outlook on your system.
To find your Gmail account in Outlook, look for it on the left side of the window.
Right-click on your Gmail ID and choose “Remove” from the list of options that pops up.

  • Open Outlook on your system.
  • To find your Gmail account on Outlook, look on the left side of the screen.
  • Right-click on your Gmail ID and choose “Remove.”
  • Click the “Remove” option on the confirmation box that pops up.

The Microsoft Outlook app has been updated to remove your Gmail account.It’s time to log in again with your account. To do so, follow the below steps.

  • Click on the “File” option at the top left corner of the Outlook window.
  • In the window below, tap “Add Account.”
  • To integrate Gmail with Outlook again, you’ll need to re-enter your Google credentials.

4] Check the Gmail Server

If you’re not currently receiving Gmail emails in Outlook, it’s likely that the Gmail server is down. Like any other application, Gmail servers can go down at any time for internal reasons. If this is the case, you can check the Gmail server status by visiting any of the online server detector websites.

5] Change Gmail Rules

Outlook has a feature that can send emails from a certain address directly to the spam folder. This feature is likely the reason you’re not receiving emails from Gmail if the problem is happening with a particular email address. To change the Gmail rules on Outlook, follow these steps.

  1. Open Outlook > File.
  2. Click on the “Manage Rules and Alerts” option.
  3. Please choose the email provider from which you are not receiving emails.
  4. Click on the Delete option.

6] Update the Outlook App

You can try updating the Outlook app to see if it solves your problem. Sometimes, an outdated app can be the reason behind different issues, including the one you are currently facing. Update Outlook by following these steps.

  • Launch Outlook > File.
  • Click on the “Office Account” option on the left panel of the screen.
  • Tap on the dropdown arrow next to “Update options.”
  • Choose the Update Now option.

Now Microsoft will look for any available updates for Outlook. If found, it will automatically update the program.

Why is Outlook not receiving emails from Gmail?

There are several potential causes if Outlook is not receiving emails from Gmail on Windows. It could be an outdated Outlook app, disabled Outlook notification, damaged Gmail account, or Gmail servers. Thankfully, it is relatively easy to troubleshoot this issue.

Can Outlook receive Gmail emails?

Yes, Outlook can receive mails from Gmail on Windows without any problem. So if you are someone who prefers the Microsoft Outlook interface, but has been using Gmail accounts for ages, add your Gmail account to Outlook to access both platforms efficiently.

Why are emails not showing up in my inbox Outlook?

The only reason why emails are not appearing in your inbox on Outlook is the default view settings. Outlook has various features such as filters, sorting messages, and more. Any of these features could be hiding all emails in the default view. To fix this problem, simply change the View settings on Outlook.

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