Outlook Quick Print not working [Fixed]

The Outlook Quick Print not working option allows users to print attachments directly from the Outlook app. However, if the Outlook Quick Print is not working in Windows 11/10, here is how you can troubleshoot the issue. You need to follow these tips and tricks to enable Quick Print in Outlook and print attachments without leaving Outlook.

What is Quick Print in Outlook?

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Quick Print lets you print an attachment in Outlook without leaving the interface. You don’t need to open the attachment to print it on your computer. Quick Print uses your default printer to print the attachment. However, if Quick Print isn’t working, or is opening the wrong printer, or not opening any printer at all, the following suggestions may help.

Fix Outlook Quick Print not working

If you’re having trouble printing PDFs, JPEGs, or other files from Outlook on your Windows 11 or 10 computer, try these suggestions.

  1. Set default printer
  2. Enable setting in Outlook
  3. Use Printer Troubleshooter
  4. Troubleshoot in Safe Mode of Outlook
  5. Print manually

To read about these steps in more detail, continue reading.

1] Set default printer

Your computer usually manages all the assigned printers automatically, but if this system isn’t working for you, you’ll need to set the default printer manually. No matter how many printers you have attached to your computer, you can always use this option to choose one of them as your default printer. Following that, no matter which attachment you select, Outlook will use that printer to print the corresponding attachment.

To change your default printer in Windows 10, follow these steps:

  • Search for the control panel in the Taskbar search box.
  • Click on the individual search result to view it.
  • Devices and Printers can be found by clicking on the Start Menu and then selecting Control Panel. In the
  • Control Panel, look for the Devices and Printers option.
  • Click on the desired printer.
  • Choose to set the printer as the default.
  • Click the OK button.

After that, check if the problem is resolved or not.

2] Enable setting in Outlook

It works when you need to print the attachment as well as the entire email body.To print an attachment as well as the entire email body, you’ll need to enable a setting in Outlook. With this setting enabled, Outlook will print your attachment along with the rest of the email.

For that, do the following:

  • Open the email with the attachment.
  • Click File, then click Print.
  • Click on the Print Options button to change your printing preferences.
  • The printer that you want to use is the one that you should choose.
  • Make sure to check the box that says “Print attached files.”
  • Print Click the Print button to print the current page.

Now Outlook will print the attachment and the email body together.

3] Use Printer Troubleshooter

As this problem may belong to the printer setting itself, you can try the Printer Troubleshooter to get it resolved. There are two troubleshooters you can use. The first one is the common Printer Troubleshooter that you can find by following these steps:

  • Open Windows Settings by pressing Win+I.
  • Navigate to System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters.
  • The Printer Troubleshooter can help you resolve printing problems.
  • Click the Run button.

Then, follow the screen instructions to run this Troubleshooter.

The second Troubleshooter is device-specific. For that, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open Windows Settings Open the Windows Settings panel to change your computer’s settings. This is where
  • you can change your system’s theme, wallpaper, performance settings, and more.
  • Go to Bluetooth & devices > Printers $ scanners.
  • Click on the printer.
  • Click the “Run the troubleshooter” option.

The Troubleshooter will automatically and immediately run.

4] Troubleshoot in Safe Mode of Outlook

If you’re having problems with Outlook, you can try opening it in Safe mode. Safe mode starts Outlook without any add-ins or customizations. To start Outlook in Safe mode, press and hold down the CTRL key while you start Outlook. If you have the same problem here, you need to follow other steps. However, if you don’t have the same problem here, you need to close Safe mode and disable all Outlook add-ins.

5] Print manually

The last thing you should do if none of the previous solutions have worked is to download the attachment and print it like any other document or image.

How do I fix Outlook not printing?

If your Outlook isn’t printing, you can try some of the solutions listed above. Start by setting your default printer, then try opening Outlook in Safe Mode. If that doesn’t work, try downloading the attachment to your computer and printing it manually.

How do I enable print options in Outlook?

Since Outlook is already configured to enable printing, there is no need to enable the Print options. To print an email, simply press Ctrl+P, which is the universal hotkey to open the Print dialog. Alternatively, you can click on the File menu and choose the Print option.

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