Outlook Search Bar Missing – Here’s How to Restore It

You are probably not the only person to find that the Outlook search function is missing. Some users who installed the recent Windows 10 feature update have also complained of the same issue.

In this article, you can read the step-by-step solution on how to get the Search Ribbon back.

How to Guide About Outlook Search Bar Missing

Ctrl+E or F3 will take you to the search bar in Outlook. It will open the search ribbon (if needed) and put an active cursor in the search bar. You can use this shortcut key everywhere in Outlook, even when the search bar is missing.

The search bar in Outlook 2004 is now in the title bar at the top, instead of being IN a folder. To use it, just enter a search term and press ENTER. You can also click the arrow on the right side of the input field to expand the search options.

current folder in outlookappin

How to add the missing Search ribbon in Outlook

How to add the missing Search ribbon in Outlook

This howto guide walks you through adding the Search Ribbon in Outlook.

Step 1: Open the Options window

open option

In Outlook, click File -> Options

Step 2: Go to Customize Ribbon and select Tool Tabs and Main Tabs

customize Ribbon

Find the “Customize Ribbon” option in the left bar of the Outlook Options window.

Under Choose commands from, select Tools Tabs.
Under Customize the Classic Ribbon, select Main Tab.

Step 3: Add Search Tools to Main Tabs

Select the Search option by left-clicking it so that it is highlighted in blue.
Click the “Add >>” button to add “Search (Custom)” under the Main Tabs.

Step 4: Click OK

setting ok

At the bottom of the Outlook Options window, click the “OK” button to save your changes and close the window.

Step 5: Use the Search ribbon to refine your search

Use the Search ribbon to refine your search

Back in Outlooks’ main window, click the Search ribbon.

You can use the Refine section to search for specific emails by selecting any icon. For example, if you select From, you can find emails from a specific sender.

Final notes

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