How to use Quick Parts to paste text from Microsoft Word to Outlook

How to use Quick Parts to paste text from Microsoft Word to Outlook that can be used to create pieces of content, including AutoText and paste them directly into email messages of Microsoft Outlook. If you find that the feature has immense application in your daily work and would like to extend its functionality to Outlook 2016, here’s how you can do it.

Create Quick Parts in Word & Outlook

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The ‘Quick Parts’ option is visible under the ‘Insert’ tab on the Ribbon bar of Word.

Open the Microsoft Outlook app and create a new message.To quickly enable or create Quick Parts for Outlook, add a few lines of text that you would like to use as a template. Once it is done, follow the steps below.

Save the selected text by hitting the Insert tab, choosing Quick Parts, and selecting the option that reads “Save Selection to Quick Parts Gallery.”

The “Create New Building Block” dialog box will open when you confirm the action, as seen in the screenshot below.

Be sure to fill in all the necessary details, and you’re done.

To use the same ‘Quick Parts’ in Microsoft Outlook and save time and effort, create a new email message and place the cursor where you want to insert the ‘Quick Parts’. After that, select the thumbnail for the entry you added from the Insert tab on the ribbon, or search for the entry by typing the initials.

If you would like to delete an entry from the list, select the entry and click Delete. When prompted with a warning message, click Yes. Please note that the building block you delete will no longer be available in galleries, but its content might still appear.

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