Restore deleted mail from Deleted folder – and how to opt-out

The Outlook/Hotmail team is always willing to help you retrieve deleted mail, even if you have emptied your Deleted items folder. Hotmail also offers a feature to let you recover deleted mail.

You can recover accidentally deleted emails on! If you’ve upgraded to the new mail, you’ll be happy to know that this feature has been continued here too. With Microsoft Outlook, you can recover emails that might have been accidentally deleted from your inbox or your Deleted folder. This is also helpful if your account has been hacked because hackers often delete all the messages in an account.

Restore deleted mail in

View deleted mail to view deleted mail in your account, log in and click on the Deleted folder.

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  • Toward the bottom, you will see a link to Recover deleted messages.
  • Click on it and you will see your Deleted folders being flooded with old deleted mail.
  • Do remember to give your feedback, so that Microsoft can improve upon its services.
  • Got a jubilant response when I clicked on it worked! Bought a smile to my face

If you accidentally delete an important email in Outlook, don’t worry! Outlook can usually recover the email and place it in your Deleted Items folder. If you don’t see the email you wanted in the Deleted Items folder, it may be lost forever. To prevent this from happening in the future, be sure to move important emails from your Deleted Items folder to your inbox or personal folders. The Deleted Items folder is periodically emptied, so you don’t want to keep important emails there.

opt out of the Recover delete mail feature in

Permanent deletion of your mail You can opt-out of this feature to ensure your mail is permanently deleted with no chance of recovery.

To do so, click on Settings and select More mail settings.

Click on Advanced Privacy Settings.

Don’t let me recover deleted messages – once they leave the Deleted folder, don’t give me a link to get them back. Save changes.

Do note that this option is a one-way street and once you exercise this option, there is no way of reversing it or going back.

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