Recover items deleted from the Deleted Items folder of Outlook

Recover items deleted from the Deleted Items folder of Outlook and have an Exchange account or an Outlook account, you have access to the Deleted items folder. This is where any email you delete using Outlook client is stored temporarily so it can be recovered. However, if you delete it from here, how can you recover the email? You can use the following method to restore or recover the emails you may have deleted from the Deleted Items folder of Outlook.

Recover items deleted from the Deleted Items folder of Outlook

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Before we begin, here are some things you should keep in mind. Anything moved into the Deleted Items folder will be permanently deleted after 30 days, but you will be able to recover them for the next 30 days. If you purge items from your mailbox, you will not be able to recover them. Additionally, emails in the Junk Email folder will be automatically deleted after 10 days.

  • Open Outlook and choose the account from which you want to recover deleted items.
  • To find your deleted emails, open the Deleted Items folder.
  • Click on the link labeled “Recover items removed from this folder” to retrieve any emails that may have been accidentally deleted.
  • You have three choices in the Recover Deleted Items window.
  • The email will be available in the Inbox folder for that email account once you search for it.

You can click individual messages to select them, or click and drag to select everything between two clicks.

That said, this feature doesn’t work with accounts using IMAP like Gmail. Any deleted items are moved into the Trash folder ([Gmail]/Trash), which is mapped by the account settings. If the items are available in it, you can recover them either in Outlook client or online.

However, if it is not there, you cannot recover it from here. In other words, if you have an IMAP account like Gmail, any deleted items will be moved to the Trash folder. If you want to recover them, you can do so from either the Outlook client or online. However, if the items are not in the Trash folder, you will not be able to recover them.

  • access the account properties for an account, right-click on the account and select “Account Properties.”
  • open the account settings window, click on the “Account” tab.
  • see the IMAP settings for an account, double-click on the account name.

Two options for delaying the deletion of a folder and giving you a chance to recover are available. This is useful for those who use Outlook for all their emails.

  • When you mark an item for deletion, it is not permanently deleted. The item is only marked for deletion and will be permanently deleted when you purge the mailbox.
  • If you don’t want items you delete to be permanently deleted, make sure to uncheck this setting.

I hope the post was easy to follow and you were able to get back the deleted email items from the Delete folder. If you often end up losing email, make sure to set the longest time to empty the folder.

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