Recover lost or forgotten Outlook PST Password with free password recovery tools

Recover lost or forgotten Outlook PST Password with free password recovery tools. Sometimes people need to access files so old that they forget the password. If you’ve tried recovering the password and failed, you can find the necessary help here. You’ve probably already tried everything you could. Here are some free Outlook PST password recovery software you can try next.

Recover forgotten Outlook PST Password

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These free Outlook PST Password recovery tools work just fine. And before you use them, always remember to take a backup of the original file just in case it gets corrupt during the recovery process.

Free Outlook PST password recovery software

1] Kernel PST Password Recovery Tool

This free password recovery tool works in all versions of Outlook from 2019 to 1997. It’s also pretty simple to use.

  • Install and open the program.
  • Select the PST file concerned.
  • Click ‘Recover Password’.
  • Note down the password given.

Let’s hope the free version can recover passwords for small PST files of up to 500 MB size only.

2] Outlook Password Recovery tool mentioned on Technet

Use this Outlook Password Recovery tool to recover your lost Outlook password and access your mailbox. The free tool helps you to recover passwords up to 4-digit ASCII. You can also use it to scan multiple files for lost passwords. The Voimakas Outlook Password Recovery tool downloads a Demo version, which is not free. You have to buy it to use it. The link to any real free version could not be found on their website.

3] Nirsoft Pst Password

This is a product of Nir Soft. It is safe and easy to use, but only Outlook 1997 to Outlook 2007 users can use it. Outlook 2016 and later users could try it, but the update for these versions wasn’t that reliable.

Pst Password is the easiest to use because there are no complicated set of steps you need to follow. You won’t even need to install it. Just run the program, and it will automatically track PST files and suggest up to three passwords that are likely to belong to your file. You can also manually load a PST file by dragging and dropping the file on the program window.

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