Send New Email Notification To Phone In Outlook Through (SMS)

Send New Email Notification To Phone, getting a notification on your mobile phone (Outlook app/email) is normal, but it comes with few restrictions.

For example, you need to have an internet connection on your mobile phone / Outlook application. / Getting a notification on your mobile phones is convenient and helpful.

As long as you aren’t unavailable such as when you’re at work. Configuring Outlook’s ‘text messaging’ options may be slightly different depending on what type of system that is being used, but they essentially function the same way.

In this article, you will learn about the different methods to send Outlook email through mobile phone SMS.

How to send a text message from Outlook?

Most of the time users won’t check their email on their smartphones. Instead, they will browse through text messages in much more timely fashion.

If anyone wants their business to succeed, it is vital that they think about reaching out to others via text message in an attempt to encourage immediate responses.

When creating an email message, the only thing that changes is the type of address you’re using to send it. If you want to attach any file or even some word document, you have to use ‘attachments’ tab.

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook
  • Then Click on New Email from the top left corner of your screen.
  • However, Instead of typing an email address, you are going to type the sender’s mobile number (standard ten digits)
  • Now here is the tricky part, you have to append the service provider gateway domain.

There are numerous different service providers all with different gateway domains regionally.

You will find an extensive list of gateway pages for companies that deliver services outside the United States

  • You have to Enter sender’s mobile 10 digit number along with gateway domains. gateway-domain-768x213

Once you have filled in the relevant details, just click Send to move on to sending that text message.

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How To Send/Received Text Email Using Rule Function?

There are different rules that work with Outlook, for example one is scheduling an event and having a reminder appear on your calendar.

In Order To Set This Up

  • First Open your inbox select the email received from your (Manager, co-worker, or Boss).
  • Now Click on the Rules from the move section and Click “Create Rule“. email-notification-phone
  • Now this opens up the prompt where I create my rule whenever Jocab emails me I also get the text message.
  • After that click the checkbox from Jacob Noah.
  • Then Click the Advanced Options this opens up the wizard options.
  • how-to-send-email-on-outlook
  • Here you have to keep this part as it is the name of the person checkbox is already selected. You can see the description in step 2 below: “Apply this rule after the message arrives from Jacob Noah“, now click Next.
  • Outlook-email-notification-phone
  • Now in this next section, I can define what happens when I get the message from Jacob Noah, Select the check box “Forward it to people or the public group“, Click on People or public group from part 2 section, which will open up a dialog box where you get to select the address or type the unlist one. send-new-email-notification-to-phone-in-outlook
  • Now double click on the listing contact having a mobile number with gateway domains, or you can simply enter below in the TO section manually.
  • After that Click Ok, you can see that it will be forwarded to that number. how-to-send-email-on-Microsoft-outlook
  • And then, leave the exemption section as it is, In the Final Rule Setup, check the rule description once and after that you can click Finish.

From now on I will be notified via text message when Jacob emails me.


Besides from the above described rules adding a rule can also be done by adding a specific subject or person, and to receive messages via the gateway domains instead of an email.

Send New Email Notification To Phone, In this guide, I’m going to show you a few different ways that Microsoft Outlook can be used as a powerful tool for helping you send email messages as SMS text messages so as to bridge the gap between these two mediums.

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