How to set Expiration Date and Time for emails in Outlook – Guide

In Outlook, you can format your messages any way you like. You can set an expiration date for a message you send, and it will appear with strikethrough when it expires. The strikethrough indicates that the message is outdated but can still be open when selected. You can delete the expiration of an email manually or not automatically.

Add Expiration Date and Time for Outlook emails

In this tutorial, we will explain how to set, add and format expiration dates for messages. Expiration is when a message is no longer valid and can’t be used.

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How to set an Expiration date for a message in Outlook

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click New Email in the Home tab in the new
  • Click the Message Options, a small arrow at the bottom right in the tags group.
  • A Properties dialog box will appear.
  • Inside the dialog box, use the Expire after check box to choose the date and time you would want the expiration date, and click Close.
  • Now send the message.

How to add an expiration date to all the Outlook messages sent

  • Click the File tab on the menu bar.
  • On the Backstage View, select Options.
  • An Outlook Options dialog box will open.
  • In the Outlook Options dialog box, click on the Mail in the left pane.
  • On the Mail page, scroll down to the Send Messages section. Check the box for Mark messages as expired after these many days. In the corresponding box, enter the number of days you want the messages to expire after.
  • Then, click OK.

How to format expiration date appearance

  • Click the View tab on the menu bar and select View Settings in the Current View
  • An Advance Group Settings:  Compactdialog box will pop up.
  • In the Advance Group Settings:  Compactdialog box, click the Conditional Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting dialog box will appear.
  • Inside the Conditional Formatting dialog box, click the Font 
  • Font dialog box will appear.
  • In the Font dialog box, you can select the format for expired emails, such as underline, strikeout, color, font, font style, font size, and script.
  • Choose your selection and click OK.
  • Click for the other dialog boxes.

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