The Reminder will not appear because the item is in a folder that doesn’t support reminders

Although rare, Microsoft Outlook users may experience an error message when trying to add a new appointment to Outlook. The message may read: “The Reminder will not appear because the item is in a folder that doesn’t support reminders.” To solve this Outlook Reminder error message problem, try one of the following methods given below.

Outlook Reminders not working

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When Outlook keeps showing the above message, you can take these actions to solve it!

  • Check Outlook add-ins
  • Reset Reminders
  • Enable Reminders Support for pst-file

Check Outlook add-ins

If an add-in is causing problems, disable it. To do this in Outlook, go to the File menu > Manage Add-ins. This action will open ‘Outlook on the web’.

There, under “Manage add-ins,” check the “Turned on” column for the add-in in question. If it is enabled, simply uncheck the box marked against the add-in.

Reset Reminders

Outlook reminder error If you’re still getting the error message, start Outlook again and keep it running to get your reminders. Make sure that when you create reminders, they’re saved in your primary Calendar or Tasks folder.

Then, close Outlook, go to Start, right-click it, and choose ‘Run’ to open the ‘Run’ dialog box.

There, type the following command and then press OK:

outlook /clean reminders

Your problem should be resolved by now. If it doesn’t, use the following command and see if it helps:

outlook /reset folders

Enable Reminders Support for Pst-file

If all the above methods fail to work, you can use this method as a last resort.

Open any pst-file by choosing File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File. This will enable reminder support for the pst-file.

Right-click on the top of the pst-file and choose ‘Data File Properties’ option.

When a new window opens, go to the ‘General’ tab and check the box next to the option reading ‘Display reminders and tasks from this folder in the To-Do Bar.’

Restart Outlook and see if the problem is resolved.

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