Why Do My Deleted Emails Keep Coming Back In Outlook? – Guide

Why Do My Deleted Emails Keep Coming Back In Outlook, the outlook gives you the ability to manage more than one email account. The inbox continuously brings in incoming emails while you send ones that are no longer needed or wanted.

Unfortunately, not all emails are important. To keep your inbox organized and uncluttered, Outlook allows you to delete unwanted emails quickly and easily through ‘delete’ buttons next to each email address within the platform of Outlook’s main menu.

That’s not a big deal, every time you act in unfortunate ways things turn out for the worse. For example, like the mails which you’ve deleted showing up again.

Recently, some of the users have reported an issue with Outlook deleting their new emails.

How to stop deleted emails from coming back?

Clearly, your application requires different components to function correctly.

  • Outlook add-ins
  • [.ost] file option

Outlook in safe mode

  • Here you have to click Window key + R, In the Run dialog box, type Outlook /safe and press Enter. outlook-safe 1

Outlook add-ins no doubt come in handy, but sometimes these tools can interrupt the program’s basic structure and cause irregular functions (especially those involving email).

Disabling those add-ins could help solve those kinds of problems.

You can easily find out your current running add-in and also disable the same.

Here are a few steps to do so:

  • First open Outlook then Click File now Options and then Add-ins.
  • add-ins 2
  • Secondly find Manage Com Add-ins on the bottom of the screen. Click on the Go button. how-to-stop-deleted-emails-from-coming-back 3
  • Then the COM Add-ins dialog box appears, You will next be required to identify the trouble-making add-in and disable the same.
  • Here you can observe a few add-ins in that dialog box, the point is which add-in is creating the problem?
  • Then select random add-in clear the checkbox for that add-in and restart Outlook.
  • After that check either your problem “deleted emails coming back“, exist, or removed.
  • And if not, repeat the above step with another add-in until the issue wiped out.

OST File issue

Corrupt OST file interferes a lot with the functionality of Microsoft Outlook. To get things back on track, you have to delete this kind of problem and rebuild a new one that will work just fine.

Lets see how you can get it done?

  • First close Outlook if it is open.
  • Now open Run windows by pressing Windows key + R and Hit Enter.
  • When in the Run dialog box, type the following and click OK: [%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook\]
  • delete-OST-file 4


  • You can open any folder in your system, type: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook\ and Hit Enter.
  • And it will take you directly to OST file folder, Select your specific email address [.ost file] and press the Delete button from your keyboard or right-click on it, and select Delete. OST-file 5
  • Here once you deleted your [.ost] file, the next step would be recreation of [.ost] file.
  • Then open Outlook and go to File >> Info >> Account setting
  • Then here are multiple options to fetch your email account in Outlook
  • Now select Microsoft Exchange, Enter the required information in the setting dialog box.
  • After that click More setting >> Click to advance >> Offline folder file sharing.
  • Now select location and Click OK
  • And your new [.ost] file created.
  • Finally, hit Finish

Why Do My Deleted Emails Keep Coming Back In Outlook, the above steps delete and recreate your [.ost] file. This method has proven to be effective for our team; however, each company or person will handle this differently.

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