Why Is Outlook Working Offline – And How To Switch Offline To Online?

Why Is Outlook Working Offline, Microsoft Outlook is a very useful tool, including the ability to work offline or delay updates. For many people, having access to software that can work without an Internet connection is helpful for saving both money and time.

However, if not set up properly, it can become frustrating when Mail won’t open while you’re offline! Fortunately, setting up Outlook to work properly offline isn’t too difficult.

Most of your work can be done while Microsoft Outlook is offline (not connected to the internet):

  • Write a new email message
  • Read all unread messages
  • Reply to important mails with or without attachments
  • Forward emails with additional information or with attachments
  • Download attachment from your email in your Inbox
  • Add a task to your calendar
  • Add /Edit contacts
  • Deleting Emails/items

After online order is placed, delivering your email will represent the last step of putting an item into customer’s shopping bag.

Some email providers such as Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo, and even Outlook.com work on a web-based platform – which means the only way to access your account is over the web.

But if you lose internet connection there’s nowhere for you to go since it’s a website rather than a specific software.

Microsoft has realized this and has released an application-based email service called Outlook 365 that will let you continue your work regardless of whether or not you have internet connection.

The majority of work creation and replying or forwarding dressed and ready to execute until the internet connection.

In this article, we will teach you how to change your Outlook environment from operating Offline to Online and vice-versa so that each system is well-understood by both its user and developers.

How To Turn Off Working Offline in Outlook?

Email messages may need some special attention while we’re talking about MS Outlook. As an Office user, you probably always keep MS Office and MS Outlook on your PC and Mac computers.

You can receive and send important Emails to others through this app or through linked apps such as OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, SharePoint, and more.

But do you really have enough time to let your precious thoughts wander away with every email message you receive, without knowing if it is important or not?

You can easily avoid this by setting Work Offline mode for certain hours of the day. It will stop the incoming emails that are most likely irrelevant to your progress for however long you want provided that you’re able to resist the distraction.

You can easily switch back and forth between the offline and online modes – in an instant.

The status bar having a connectivity icon that lets you know whether your Outlook 365 application is connected to the internet or not.

How-To-Turn-Off-Working-Offline-in-Outlook 1

There is an option to go read mail online or offline. Outlook has two modes: online and offline.

If you want to see if you missed any mails , click on tools then option now click account settings and then Click Mail setting, then Click on the Go read mail option.

Office-365-Switch-from-offline-to-online-mode 2

Clicking on it switches between online and offline mode. If the Work Offline background is shaded, you’re working offline and if the background is showing clear then you’re logged in.

Why is Outlook Offline?

Turning off Outlook’s automatic update feature will not provide you with any results except frustration. By turning off Outlook’s automatic update feature, the user will experience various issues, especially if the internet connection goes down.

  1. Poor/brock internet connection
  2. Internet connection not on the mark
  3. Or some bug problem, which can be removed by restarting Outlook.
  4. There must be a problem with the mail server.

Why Is Outlook Working Offline, restarting your computer will help you fix any technical bugs that might be present on your device or setup. Restarting can help speed up your normal tasks across various programs that are running at once, too.


  • The outlook.com platform and Mobile Outlook application cannot change the offline settings.
  • However, it is mandatory that Outlook must be connected online when you can able to turn off Work Offline mode.

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