Fix Wrong Email alias showing in Outlook on Windows 11/10 – Guide

With an increase in the number of mobile devices like phones and tablets, various email clients have been developed. However, Microsoft’s built-in mail client, Outlook, is by far the most popular. Some users of Windows 11/10 have reported that it shows the wrong email account in the account settings. If you are experiencing this problem, there is a workaround.

Before you proceed, Switch to a local account and then again revert back to your Microsoft account and see if it helps. You will be able to do this via Settings > Accounts.

Wrong Email alias, address, or ID showing in Outlook

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Before you modify any settings in Registry Editor, we recommend that you create a backup of the Windows Registry. This will help you avoid any serious problems that could occur if you make a mistake while editing the registry.

The “Run” dialog box can be accessed by pressing Win + R. In the registry editor, navigate to the following path in the left pane:


Click on Partners to expand the folder. The first folder you see, which contains a string of characters for the name, is the one you need to modify.

Upon clicking on this folder, a string called “Email” should be visible to you in the right pane.

It shows your wrong main alias. To fix this, right-click on the string and select “Modify.”

Email Address Your email address is a unique identifier that allows you to access your account. It is made up of a username and domain, and may also include a plus sign (+) and any other characters.

Enter the email address used to log in to your device in the text field provided. Press the “OK” button when finished.

Close the registry editor and restart your computer.

When you restart your computer, simply open the Outlook mail client and the correct email address for your main Microsoft account should be displayed.

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