9 Best Minimalist PC Cases for a Clean Look in 2023

Best Minimalist PC Cases, If you are looking to build a powerful new computer, then you would also know that a case is necessary for housing everything.

The right case should complement your hardware as any equipment failure is almost always related to the equipment being used.

So if you have in mind an array of different computer components, it’s best to choose a system case that will suit the kind of processor or graphics card – big or small – that you want inside that computer of yours.

While there are a lot of gaming PCs advertised with a “fashionable” look that comes at the cost of a compromised performance that is after all, minimal pc cases why you’d want to buy a PC in the first place.

Our primary focus here at [redacted] has always been on combining quality with affordability and as such, our minimalist computer cases are currently available in four different colors – Black, White, Blue, and Red – which will complement any modern gaming desktop without compromising performance.

These minimalistic PC cases aren’t flashy nor will they draw too much attention to your desktop or laptop setup. Minimalist PC cases are often so sleek and simple, but inside they include all the necessary features that keep you running as smoothly as possible with minimal effort on your part.

Top Best Minimalist PC Cases for a Clean Look in 2023

Below are some of the best minimalist PC cases that we’ve come across in our search for solid designs and affordability.

NZXT H510i Minimalist PC Case

Top Pick

Key Specifications

  • Type Mid-Tower
  • Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX
  • Radiator Support Front: 2 x 140 or 2 x 120mm with Pull Rear: 1 x 120mm
  • GPU Length Supported 15″ without water cooler installed & 12.80″ with water cooler installed
  • Drive Bays 2.5”: 2+1 – 3.5”: 2+1
  • I/O Ports 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A 1 x Headset Audio Jack
  • Dimension W: 8.26″ H: 18.11″ D: 16.85″ (with feet)
  • Weight 6.8kg

ASUS has some of the best mobile phones out there and they have finally made their way into smartwatches with the new ZenWatch 3.

Cherry Mobile might have been making Android devices for a while but when it comes to smartwatches, they’re setting their sights on winning over the world with a brand new Flame series.

There are two models of the TKL-04 (H510, H510i) with a simple and an elite version. The price of these variants differs, whereby you can base your choice on your personal preferences.

The elite variant includes an integrated power supply and RGB backlighting – that’s not to be overlooked! However, as it stands in this review, minimalist pc we will focus on the simple variant of the product which also looks very attractive in its own right. Now let’s get into specifics:

H510i is an improved version of H510, providing a fast and smart V2 device with a microprocessor upgraded from A20 to A22 with the capacity to control five channels – two RGB lightning channels, three fan channels that support either voltage regulated or PWM fans.

The intelligent gadget also supports five temperature sensors and has the capacity to monitor external hard drives or two additional temperature sensors inside the case via connected USB ports if there is no need to monitor other interior compartments.

Owning a high-end graphics card can be a fantastic thing, but it can also cause some problems related to where you’re going to put it.

Some people love the idea of being able to show off their card and others think that it might make sense to keep it concealed, out of sight.

But what if you really liked the idea of showing off your graphics card and at the same time wanted to have your case match the rest of your décor? That’s why this new H4 case from NZXT comes with an easily removable front panel that lets you either show off or conceal your graphics card very conveniently.

DEEPCOOL MACUBE 550 BK Full-Tower Case

Premium Case

Key Specifications

  • Type Full Tower
  • Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX
  • Radiator Support Top 360mm, Top 360mm
  • GPU Length Supported Up to 420mm (Vertically)
  • Drive Bays 2.5”: Three – 3.5”: Four
  • I/O Ports USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1, Mic 1
  • Dimension 23.42 x 12.87 x 24.21 inches (LxWxH)
  • Weight 7kg

Macube 550BK is a premium minimalist PC case with a sleek black look. Deepcool decided to produce something fancy, elegant, concise, and minimal.

The Macube 550BK is Ddeepcool’s most recent case launch and we have to say it’s absolutely striking for its minimal design, lack of RGB lighting/features, and just its sharp-looking case. In my opinion, they have done an excellent job on this one!

The design of the TESSARON is the same throughout its case. It has a sandblasted finish, providing a nice texture, while still staying fingerprint-free. best minimalist pc case The logo on the bottom of the front panel is colored the same in order to be subtle yet create an impactful appearance.

This panel is designed with the user in mind, having several convenient flare holes to help keep heat from building up.

The build quality is also notable, as all materials are of high quality despite the entry-level price point. Further additions such as the dust filters and easy access IO ports only make it more appealing to customers seeking a versatile platform for their next build.

The overall design of the product is humble, given that it comes with a single fan and minimal lighting on the front I/O which consists of two USB 3.0 ports, audio jacks, power and reset. The case has options to either enable cooling in one or both sides of the case depending on preference as well as dust filters for both the front panel and bottom if they get dirty.

While the front panel dust filter on the PC-Q25 distinguishes itself by into place, it is not removable by hands. The PC-Q25 features drive mounting in its front panel with a capacity of one 2.5″ drive and four 3.5″ drives with room for room three more 2.5″ drives or four more 3.5″ drives respectively via an adapter bracket (additional details of which were mentioned earlier). The SSD caddy showcases a nice touch which is not commonly found at this price point – it’s on the PSU shroud, but that doesn’t mean there’s no captive thumbscrew so you can take it out whenever you like!

The side panel is magnetic and also has a handlebar for when you need to remove it. That way, there are no fingerprints from your fingers or any other material that might get sprayed on the side panel if it were quickly removed with no kind of handlebar.

And you don’t even have to worry about this case rusting considering the case is made entirely from hot-dip galvanized steel or SGCC seat.

SGCC is corrosion resistant and solid in structural rigidity which means it can help prevent damage so that your computer withstands all sorts of wear and tear over the years!

I’m not a huge fan of Apple when it comes to aesthetics. Their designs are pretty much always the same – tacky looking, with tons of unnecessary embellishments and a lack of durability or quality.

I’d much rather have my tech look sleek, clean, and functional (as opposed to stylish), like something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey – yes I know aesthetics aren’t everything but they affect the purchasing decision significantly.

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Phanteks PH-EC416PTG_BK Eclipse P400 Steel ATX Mid Tower Case

Unique Design

Key Specifications

Type Mid Tower
Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX
Radiator Support Up to 14.17″
GPU Length Supported 15.2″
Drive Bays 2.5”: Two – 3.5”: Six
I/O Ports 2x USB 3.0, Headphone, Mic, LED Control, Reset
Dimension W: 8.30″ H: 18.30″ D: 18.30″
Weight 7kg

The Phanteks P400 is a popular tempered glass computer case among the minimalist PC lovers because of its unique layout.

The side panel is made of glass with four screws attaching it at the top, and there’s an RGB power button located above it just below this plastic cover that lets you control how bright you want your LED lights to shine.

The front panel has a large mesh cover on it as well as two fans included with a special adapter cable in order to connect both of them into the motherboard.

This mid-tower PC case has a sleek design that ties in nicely with any gaming setup. It’s easy to clean and it will protect your computer from dust.

This product doesn’t come with an SSD bracket, but the manufacturer recommends using Phanteks PH-HDDKT_01 a hard drive bracket that’s compatible with this model and allows you to safely store your data in it instead of on an HDD.

The Phanteks Eclipse P300 Mid Tower is an impressive piece of kit. This case comes with a built-in LED strip for your motherboard, minimalist pc build allowing for great illumination beneath your board.

As well as this strip, the case also comes with another 5v 4-pin connector which adjusts brightness and can be controlled via a switch on the I/o panel. This will allow you to add more strips if required.

Other than this the case has a good fan placement and space inside that’ll allow you to mount push-pull set up easily. Keep in mind that this case doesn’t come with fans pre-installed, so be sure to grab some extra while ordering

The Phanteks P400 has a massive front panel with excellent built-in air intakes located on the panel.

It is designed to both showcase and feed in cool air into your build and keeps it extra cold thanks to some strategic cable management features that can hide excess wires away behind a convenient cover so that they don’t interfere with the rest of your components.

It also makes it super easy to set everything up and keep things looking nice without having to drill any holes or deal with messy wires.

The Phanteks P400 has enough space for large graphics cards as well as 5 3.5 inch drives and an incredible nine 2.5 inch drive if you need that much storage.

Fractal Design Define R6 Minimalistic PC Case

Best for gamers

Key Specifications

  • Type Mid Tower
  • Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX
  • Radiator Support Top 420mm, Front 360mm
  • GPU Length Supported Up to 465mm
  • Drive Bays Eight 2.5″ or 3.5″
  • I/O Ports USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1, Mic 1
  • Dimension 20.51 x 9.13 x 17.76 inches (LxHxW)
  • Weight 10.70 kg

Define R6 is for serious gamers looking to build a premium PC. “Very few cases offer this level of noise isolation but I can’t stress enough how important it is.” said a reviewer on an online tech store. It is one of the most affordable premium compact micro ATX cases in the market, and compatible with professional full-size gaming graphics cards as well as standard models.

If you are serious about your custom-built gaming PC then it’s likely worth considering this case in particular so be sure to check out its product page here.

​ This impressively designed case boasts a steel panel side which serves to minimize and direct upwards any noise that might otherwise escape through the vent gaps, so it’s perfect for those with nosy neighbors! Like many items from Cooler Master, it also functions perfectly on its own, of course.

Oh and did we mention the amazing lighting effects? If that doesn’t sell the R6 to you then we don’t really know what will.

It offers next-level cooling capacity with nine different fan positions and clear airflow paths, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance between performance and optimal noise levels.

The built-in Dynamic X2 GP-14 140mm fans are specifically optimized for airflow which means that there are two intake fans and a single exhaust.

You can attach the heaviest graphics card (465 * 65 * 50mm) and a PSU with a maximum depth of 300 mm. The interior of R6 is highly modular, including six universal drive trays that you can install anywhere at different heights to accommodate your needs.

The case fits PSUs from 210mm to 350mm long and CPU coolers up to 140mm in height. You don’t need any tools to assemble this case. It’s been upgraded using 11 PCIe risers, so you shouldn’t experience any issues with swapping out GPUs for SLI or CrossFire.

This chassis supports up to 4 storage drives thanks to innovative 3.5 SATA ports on top of an existing 2.5 ones should more space be needed in the future.

Another extra feature is that all HDD/SSDs are right-side-up (i.e., door-closed), which might appeal more to some people who prefer not seeing a “moving laptop”.

Lian Li Mid-Tower Chassis ATX Minimalist Computer Case


Key Specifications

  • Type Mid Tower
  • Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX
  • Radiator Support Top 280mm
  • GPU Length Supported Up to 350mm
  • Drive Bays (1) 4 x 2.5″ SSD or (2) 2 x 2.5″ SSD + 2 x 3.5″ HDD
  • I/O Ports 1 x Power button; 2 x USB 3.0; 1 x Audio; 1x Microphone; 1 x Power LED
  • Dimension W: 8.07″ H: 19.10″ D: 16.33″
  • Weight 7.04kg

Lian Li is a respected brand that has been making PC cases for over two decades. Its minimalist designs prioritize “form following function”. Not only that, but Lian Li’s minimalistic cases look sleek with their all-silver exterior without any distractions.

​ Lian Li’s tempered glass side panel lets you showcase your system’s internal hardware while being a subtle nod to the tempered glass architecture of Apple Computers. The brand new style also features an updated ergonomic handle as well as rounded and angular shapes:

The Lian Li PC-Q25 is a mid-tower case with great air vents and a filter system. Its size is 19.1 x 8 x 16.3 inches and supports mini-ITX, minimalist atx case mATX, and ATX motherboards, thanks to its amazing capacity of 10 PCI devices, 6 3.5/2.5 inch disks, and 4 cards using the 5 expansion slots at your disposal.

The removable SSD mounting brackets make adding or removing hardware devices a breeze while a bottom side panel PSU and HDD bay give you options for installing devices as per your choice without losing space inside the case by sticking them outside via cables or partitioning the drive area into two parts with the drive cage in between.

The Lian Li PC-V750W stands out from others and is a true competitor to the Corsair Obsidian 750D or the NZXT H440. The case comes with excellent cable management with extra space behind the motherboard tray to keep cables hidden within an interior that is clean and easily accessible.

It has magnetic dust filters for easy cleaning. There is side ventilation on both sides, as well as vents at the bottom, and it’s preinstalled with two 120mm fans for maximum airflow. The case is incredibly functional, with a bottom compartment that allows you to directly touch your hardware.

Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L Minimalist Micro-ATX Tower

Great Design

Key Specifications

  • Type Micro-ATX Tower
  • Motherboard Support Standard ATX motherboards and plus
  • Radiator Support Top 120/240 mm radiator – Rear 120 mm radiator
  • GPU Length Supported 14.7″
  • Drive Bays 2 combo 3.5/2.5″ drive bays—Each bay supports 1 HDD or 2 SSDs.
  • I/O Ports 6-orientation I/O Panel (2 USB 3.0, 2 Audio & Mic)
  • Dimension W: 15.2″ H: 9.1″ D: 15″
  • Weight 4kg

The MasterBox Q500L comes in a micro-ATX tower form factor, supporting ATX motherboards and power supplies. It features an easy-to-clean magnetic dust filter that can easily be installed or removed due to the help of powerful magnets. The chassis comes with a compact design, having body dimensions of 386mm (D) x 381mm (H).

Q500L is fully punched with 100% of holes, allowing maximum airflow from all sides. The chassis can be configured any way you want and still be effective in heat removal as well as dust filtration.

As mentioned above, it comes equipped with a full I/O panel that is movable from top to bottom or front to back according to your needs and requirements.

Additionally, air cooling enthusiasts have the liberty of installing 2 120mm fans at the bottom, 2 140m or 120m fans at the top + one 120mm fan at the backside of the case for a streamlined cooling stream for maximum ventilation.

The Q500L supports two disc drives at a maximum capacity of 6TB each. They should be 3.5/2.5″ HDD/SSDs and housed in their designated slots behind the window on the panel provided to accommodate them, as well as additional devices if you choose to utilize the other bays that are not already hosting an internal RAID volume (total 2.5″ drive capacity: 8TB).

The PSU is situated at the top of the front panel and covers a 27-30mm space behind it while dedicating its opposed side to concealable cables.

AeroCool Cylon RGB Minimalist Mid Tower

Best for small gaming setup

Key Specifications

  • Type Mid Tower
  • Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX
  • Radiator Support Front 240mm
  • GPU Length Supported Up to 346mm /371mm (without front fan)
  • Drive Bays 2.5”: Five- 3.5”: Two
  • I/O Ports USB3.0 x 1; USB2.0 x 2 ; HD Audio & Mic
  • Dimension W: 7.80″ H: 18.11″ D: 16.25″
  • Weight 4.4kg

If you’re looking for a small gaming setup case with some RGB front style, try the Aerocool Cylon. This compact case has a modern minimalistic design as well as a sleek RGB backlight that is curved across the left side of your computer tower. The unique backlight gives an ambiance of 13 different colors to your setup when you want to play video games.

The Cylon is made of transparent acrylic so that the inner workings of your PC can be on display. With a 240mm radiator in the front, minimalist micro atx case you’re free to add liquid cooling to enhance its functionality even more.

A 120 mm fan can also be attached to the top as well as three 120 mm fans at the front while one 120 mm fan can then be attached to the rear of your case this allows for maximum airflow with regard to air cooling.

You have the option of adding up to two 120 mm VGA fans in the case if you wish, further enhancing its air-cooling capabilities!

This gaming case is not only beautiful, but it also supports high-end GPUs of up to 371mm in size. On top, you will find USB 3.0, USB 2.0, a power button, and audio ports as well as an SD card slot. This PC case comes with tons of features and has built-in RGB lights.

DarkFlash Micro ATX Mini ITX Tower


Key Specifications

  • Type Micro-ATX Tower
  • Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX
  • Radiator Support Top 240mm, Rear 120mm
  • GPU Length Supported Up to 330mm
  • Drive Bays 2.5”: Two – 3.5”: Two
  • I/O Ports —
  • Dimension W: 8.2″ H: 15.9″ D: 14.8″
  • Weight 5.88kg

This is a colored desktop PC that has a minimalistic outlook and is available in multiple designs. It has ample space for ports and drives plus brags an LED-lit front panel that glows brightly.

The most exciting feature of this case is its glass panel, which as opposed to other cases’ panels can open like a door. Most of these other compact-size cases have side panels that require a screwdriver to take off, but the DLM22 has an exciting side-panel door mechanism in the front side of the case itself that allows users to still work on their builds without taking the entire door and throwing it into direct sunlight.

One of the downsides of this case is that it isn’t supported by CM or Corsair (at least not yet), so any problems might not be fixed for months due to lackluster support from its parent creators – however, many people who purchase this decision to go with different motherboards or power supplies for slightly better compatibility.

In terms of design, minimalist gaming pc this case comes with a classy minimalistic look that looks sleek and stylish. It is compatible with a 240mm water-cooler and can support two 120mm fans on the top and two 140mm fans in the front. It has removable side panels as well as removable front mesh panels if you so wish to expand ventilation.

The build quality is sturdy and anything but flimsy, meaning that it’ll last you a while, should be able to withstand normal wear-and-tear from accidental bumps into surfaces like desks or doors, etc. This PC case will fit your basic components without hassle, including graphics cards up to 330mm in length and CPU coolers up to 194mm tall.

Rosewill Prism S Lite Minimalist PC Case

Descent looking

Key Specifications

  • Type Mid Tower
  • Motherboard Support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX
  • Radiator Support Bottom 360mm, Verticle 240mm
  • GPU Length Supported Up to 440mm
  • Drive Bays 4 x 2.5″ & 2 x 3.5″
  • I/O Ports USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1, Mic 1
  • Dimension 22.7 x 22.1 x 11.5 inches
  • Weight 9.6kg

The Rosewill ATX mid-tower case is a neat and decent-looking design that will look good with any computer setup. The Prism S variant comes with RGB lights preinstalled inside the case and doesn’t have an optical drive bay.

On top of that, the main body is matte black but it has contrasting stripes via its red trim in both the front and side panels as well as by sporting a few red accents on its 120mm fans.

Meanwhile, its back panel can fit up to two 120mm or 140mm fans for 420/500mm water cooling support, enough space for various cables, and supports microATX motherboards making it a budget case for PC builders who are looking for an upgrade from a basic chassis or have limited space to work with.

Glossy white, red and black is the three colors that make up the Rosewill ATX mid-tower case. The interior is white with a few red accents and on the exterior, there are some hints of red around its sides as well as on its steel panels. Those combined with the glossier look give this model a more modern design that will look good regardless of where it’s placed in your setup.

In fact, if you take into account all the features it provides – like offering up to 9 drive bays for storage options, plenty of room for cable management, minimalist atx cases support for liquid cooling as well as support for microATX motherboards you’d get from other cases at this price range – then you have yourself another great option to consider when upgrading computers or building one from scratch.

The Prism S Lite supports a built-in fan that pulls cold air in from the bottom of your case and blows it across your components keeping them cool as a cucumber.

Sitting on top of your motherboard are two drive bays for 2.5″ hard drives or solid-state drives equipped with additional mounting brackets if you need to accommodate additional cards that might be motherboard height.

Whether it’s a graphics card or LTE mini PC you’re tossing into the case, the case is made to hold any size board while still leaving plenty of room left inside since it comes with the option of removing either one of the bars located above where you’d normally place your motherboard (if you ever wanted to build asymmetric dual CPU build) or an extra slot near where you would have placed any expansion cards (like if you were installing a sound card or network interface).

All this while still maintaining ample airflow even while only using half of its available support for four fans!

The cable management with this case is impeccable and efficient with a top PSU shroud that keeps the cables neatly tucked away.

You’ll find an excellent addition of a GPU brace inside the case which will support your graphics card without doing any damage – keeping it tightly held in place as you would want to see it as an owner, letting you make good use of your space while choosing the most valuable components.

As always, BitFenix SFF cases are available in multiple color schemes making them an aesthetically vibrant option without letting even their build quality suffer.

Final Thoughts

Personally, for PC gaming I prefer a minimal PC case with a sleek modern look. There are many people out there who do not like simplicity – they want something flashy that will grab their audience’s attention as well while they play games on it, but if you’re just playing casually at home a minimalistic design is always better than one with lights and fancy designs.

It doesn’t make sense to have to invest in other things that you don’t necessarily need. For example-a room dedicated to gaming or spending money on over-the-top flashy accessories to beautify your computer.

If that kind of attention is what you’re looking for, then don’t settle for anything less than the best and go straight ahead with the top brands of minimalistic computer cases or supreme branded flashy ones!

I hope you found what you were looking for. If not I have just released a book on a list of write-ups that may help you out – make sure to check it out!

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