12 Best White Case Fans in 2023 (120mm, 140mm & 200mm Options)

In this review, we’re going to take a look at the 12 best white case fans (monitoring desktops, servers, and other delicate forms of technology) in 2023.

If you’re looking for a pre-built, custom computer from a trusted source, chances are that you want something that looks clean and professional, as well as powerful and reliable.

We aim to help you make an educated decision regarding your build based on your own preferences whether they be in terms of aesthetics or hardware specifications so you can rest easy knowing your finishing setup is exactly how you wanted it to look and perform.

Today I’ll be reviewing three different types of case fans: the white 120mm, the white 140mm, and finally, the white 200mm. best white rgb fans While they all come with their own unique pros and cons, they’re incredibly energy efficient and make excellent additions to your computer system.

Top Best White 120mm Case Fans in 2023 Round Up

This table will provide you with a shortlist of the case fans available on the market that ranks highest in overall performance, aesthetics and durability at this time.

Each fan will be linked to a comprehensive review where you can learn more about its features and performance.

Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 V2 ARGB White Edition

Great cooling performance

Material: Plastic | Color: Black and Red | Size: 120mm x 72mm x 25.4mm | Speed: 650 – 1800 RPM ± 10% (800 – 1600 RPM) | Airflow: 62 CFM ± 10% (60 – 71 CFM) | Noise level: 8 – 27 dBA | Weight: 156 g | Warranty: 2 years


  • Great cooling performance
  • Impressive static pressure
  • 160,000 hours MTTF
  • PWM controlled
  • Two-year warranty
  • Fair price


  • Limited ARGB
  • Noisier

Our Rating: 9.8/10

The Coolmaster SickleFlow 120 V2 ARGB White Edition (called the SickleFlow 120 V2 henceforth) offers top notch airflow performance in a competitively priced package. Compared to the competition, this one offers better performance at a lower price point.

It features a noise level of 56.7 decibels at maximum speed and is noticeably quieter than other fans of similar size, making it ideal for use as an office fan for cooling down desktops or in dens to keep the atmosphere nice and cool.

It has six different brightly colored “blades” which you can modify with the push of a button so that the lights change from purple to pink or red depending on your mood.

In the box

The Fan-01 has a 4 pin PWM connector and can be used with any motherboard that features this kind of connector, with most cases specifically looking for fans that feature this type of cable at the rear.

The Fan-01 will reliably provide a constant stream of air, keeping your computer cool while standard motherboard fans in many computers often tend to vibrate which can cause annoying noise or worse yet fail altogether.

When you purchase the 3-pack bundle, best white rgb fans it comes with everything you need to quickly and easily install your new fans. The three-pin ARGB splitter extension cord included in the bundle allows you to connect your fans directly to the motherboard’s RGB header.

Thanks to a controller inserted into the special fan connector cable, you can control all three fans simultaneously via the same signal.

Add the controller by using a 5V RGB header and make sure you can stick it to your case’s exterior, or just plug in if your motherboard happens to have enough ports, as most will. We’ve included all the necessary instructions for attaching everything as well, so don’t worry!

Quality and performance

Thanks to their sealed blade bearing assembly, these fans have an impressive MTTF of over 160,000 hours – which is more than 18 years in continuous running time! It also has a lightweight blade design so even faster speeds are achievable without straining the motor.

The SickleFlow 120 V2’s exterior is designed with a slightly off-white plastic casing that is typical of many case fans, with rubber vibration damping pads located at each mounting point, reducing overall noise levels.

The Water Cooling Experts at Coolerguys are pleased to announce their latest high-performance fan, the Sickle Flow based off of the award winning D12SM-12. This fan is designed for use with external PC water cooling systems.

It features three super wide blades and a curved blade design that produce an enormous amount of static pressure resulting in a staggering amount of airflow compared to other fans on the market today.

The fins are also designed to be thicker than average resulting in longer life expectancy and better performance from your system when you purchase this item.

These fans are not exactly perfect for keeping noise levels down since they have a maximum rating of 27dB at full speed; however, we can say that they aren’t too noisy either.

These fans do great at both blowing out the hot air from the case and deflecting it over the internal components in due time. Since these come with mounting brackets, this makes them incredibly easy to install in your PC.

This SickleFlow 120 V2 fan allows one to manage their cooling easily with PWM control. This means that the user is given the flexibility of running at low RPMs, or high RPMs.

Low RPMs allow for a quiet computer experience (although this isn’t only related to the use of this specific fan if one has a very fast PC).

High RPMs provide maximum cooling, for users who wish for a faster computer performance on all of their games and applications.


The SickleFlow 120 V2s was born from the need to replace older models of customizable fan systems in a non-destructive manner.

It was engineered to work cross-platform and in tandem with latest lighting software technology. The controller is fully expandable, right down to it’s microprocessor.

The fans hit the ground running (literally) with three highly efficient PWM channels capable of reaching high speeds while maintaining much needed cooling efficiency.

On the packaging, Cooler Master states that the SickleFlow 120 V2 fans are compatible with ASUS Aura, MSI Mystic Light and ASRock Polychrome lighting software, making them able to be controlled through an RGB lighting controller without having to delve deeper into the software’s capabilities.

In the box we will find a set of five 120mm fans, each one with a green frame and black blades.

These SickleFlow V2 120 Air Pressure models have a rotation speed between 400 to 2200 RPM and feature low-noise bearings (LLB) for an optimal balance between higher performance and lower noise production.

The lettering on the front of each fan’s frame indicates its make— Cooler Master, as well as its model number— SFL120V2-FPPPP—and its position on the front panel: Upper left, upper middle, etc., to “Upper Right.”

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Each fan also has a small blue connector at their end to connect them to Power Connectors with 4 or 8 pin(s) for their respective motherboard connection requirements but only two fans use them because of the spaces available at each corner of our test rig’s Mobo Test Bench.

Thoughts on price

Today we’re looking at the SickleFlow 120 V2 a little more closely. This is a replacement for the previous iteration of the SickleFlow fans, now featuring RGB lighting effects and even better airflow.

The fan itself can be picked up in a three-pack bundle or individually; you can also get them with the included Lighting Node Pro controller included free if you pick up three together. This new version comes with everything built right into the frame, so there’s no messy wiring to deal with!

In Conclusion

Here at Armagira, we were curious about the performance of this fan and whether or not it was really worth purchasing. First of all, I did some research on various sites to see what others had to say who had used the 120 mm version of these fans in the past and what they thought about them.

Most people spoke highly of their performance and the fact that they were quiet while still offering a significant amount of airflow.

Second, we measured their power usage when operating, so if you’re trying to keep costs down in your own rig and are looking for high-quality fans without noise with minimal electric draw, this is one you should take a good look at.

As for the look and feel of these fans, I can honestly say that after using them personally here in my office (because I got tired of dealing with excessive fan noise…a tale all too common), I am quite pleased with my decision.

These SickleFlow V2s definitely offer both attractive looks as well as high quality performance.”

120mm SickleFlow fans don’t offer the most vibrant or customizable ARGB lighting on this list but are still among the best on the market right now.

With the three-pack bundle currently being sold, they’re a great deal for high-performance white ARGB fans that you should definitely consider purchasing.

Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo White Edition

Excellent white design

This is an amazing product from the house of GELID Solutions. It has an overall height of 4.8 inches and a width of 2 inches. This product weighs 180 grams and it’s backed by a two years warranty for your peace of mind!


  • 24 bright ARGB LEDs
  • High cooling performance
  • Excellent white design
  • PWM controlled
  • Dual loop lighting
  • Two-year warranty


  • Noisy at full speed
  • Expensive
  • Short cables

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Not only were our ears delighted by the MasterFan MF120 Halo white edition. Our devices were too. Coming in second place performance-wise, they blew us away with their quality and effectiveness. They are perfect for any rig you want to put them in, keeping it cool at all times!

MF120s are some of the best computer fans on the market, whether you’re building a PC from scratch or upgrading one you already have.

They are designed with an effortless and clean look which will really make any machine pop. With three separate LED colors, it can emit an array of color schemes to match almost any computer system setup.

In the box

As a single fan, you get the fan with two cables, 1 for controlling the speed and the other for lighting controls.

The PWM cable is 4-pin, male, and comes with both male and female connections fitting into 3-pin ARGB headers which let one chain in fans with no additional connection problems. The ARGB can be controlled either wirelessly or wired to an RGB lighting controller.

As you know, all of the things included in the Cooler Master RGB package are quite useful for managing your cooling system.

But what about when you have a lot of fans, and you have them spread across various areas in your house and even perhaps outdoors?

Wouldn’t it be highly helpful if you could easily manage them from one central location? Now you will! Thanks to the three-way extension cable that comes with this bundle, you can hook up your controller anywhere within distance of your router. That way it’s enduringly centralized, so managing them via your phone will be a breeze!

Quality and performance

The MF120 Halo has 24 addressable LEDs embedded in two rings of twelve. The blades are encased in white plastic, which feels well made and firm – no noticeable give.

Each corner of the case comes preinstalled with rubber damping pads to reduce any noises caused by unwanted vibration. The MF120 Halo features nine blades with a specially curved design—a feature only available in the Master Fan Series, so you can be sure it reaches not only more areas of your system, but also every inch of it without fail.

We considered noise ratings to be one of the most important things to examine for our best cooling fans checklist. These specifications are given by the manufacturer and can be found on the packaging or product page – like here. We found that this model was decently loud at 30dB and didn’t do as well when attached to our radiator.

You’re not going to want it when noise sensitivity is a factor. Thankfully, you can use PWM technology with some simple configuration changes.

For example, you may find that turning down the fan speed will help to lessen some amount of sound while helping your device run more effectively than before.

As stated in more detail further below in the guide, we’ve placed a rating of 9/10 stars indicating this setup creates light noise levels – similar sounds are heard on a whirring laptop or dusty computer tower – while finding they’re pretty easy to deal with by making certain adjustments.

Also, the MF120 Halo’s provide 1.6mm of static pressure and 47.2 CFM, which means you can use these powerful fans for either a case fan or radiator – whatever you need.

To prove it, these fans are built with some high quality components that spring from the three-ball bearing structure to the high quality 4-pin PWM cable to the unique fan blade design engineered specifically to increase airflow throughout every edge of these fans blades and deliver massive power during high temperatures when your computers needs it most.


The motherboard comes with a lighting technology known for its hypnotic effects. You’ll find that the RGB illumination makes it possible to create dazzling displays and illuminate other components inside your computer.

And because the individual LEDS can be edited using popular software programs like ASUS Aura, MSI Mystic Light, and ASRock Polychrome Sync, you’ll have lots of options when it comes to customizing the color scheme and creating truly personal designs!

The Included mini RGB controller has six defined presets, which can be cycled using a button on the controller. However, this mini RGB controller is more of a hub than it is a controller opener since it allows users to swap between the three available software suites that are compatible with this product.

These include the LEDVANCE Toy Color suite (shown here), LEDVANCE Flic lighting software and Lightap DMX-Arena.

Bedding itself is beautiful and has an intense color-catching capability. The LEDs present themselves very well on the bedding, though they’re not as bright as other ones I’ve seen.

One excellent quality of this decoration is how it illuminates the fans and ensures that each console has that alluring glow to it. It’s certainly quite bright, but what really makes it shine is the brightness you see from where your eyes are focused from a distance compared to its surroundings .

Thoughts on price

The MF120 Harpo Sports Fanatic Edition is probably too expensive to buy individually, but it can always be found in packs of three. Although it may be more worth your money to buy the white edition, you can still always choose the basic black and red version if you prefer something with a little bit less flair.

You know that really good cake where you stick your nose in the frosting and sigh? That’s what we want this machine to do. The cakes it makes will be so delicious and luscious with amazing decorations on them, you’ll want to just devour it all.

In conclusion

Overall, Cooler Master’s MF120 Halo is a well-manufactured product with excellent performance. The only issue we had was the single fan pack seemed inferior to the packs that come in threes.

We would recommend this product to others but we don’t think it would be a good idea to purchase the single-fan pack because it comes off to us as being misleading and some customers might end up thinking they have bought something less than what they actually have.

The first thing to know about PC fans is that they come in different sizes. And to know how big a fan you’ll need, you need to know how much space you have inside your case.

If you have an ATX mid-tower case, then look at 120mm fans. Remember, there are smaller sizes of fans but these larger ones will work best if you want to keep the air flowing without making too much noise.

It’s true that all thermal compound products are not created equal – but the good news is that we’ve taken the time to research and evaluate them so that you don’t have to!

Corsair LL120 RGB White Edition

Excellent LEDs

Thanks for choosing to learn more about the 120mm Black Striped Static Pressure Laptop Cooling Fan from Rosewill. 120 mm sized cooling fans are used in situations where there is the need for a rotational movement of hot air out of a confined area, which necessitates high static pressures.

If you’re wondering about the speed at which these fans will turn, then wonder no longer! They spin at 2200 RPM and produce around 63 CFM worth of airflow – that’s enough to cool down a laptop! Need help sleeping?

These fans generate 36 dBA worth of ambient noise and only weigh 163g, so you can be sure to rest easy knowing your new favorite bed-time friend won’t wake anyone up with their busy little hums and whirs! Rest easy knowing your purchase is backed by a 2 year limited warranty, provided directly through Rosewill.


  • Excellent LEDs
  • Premium quality
  • Beautiful white design
  • Great cooling performance
  • Two-year warranty
  • 140mm version also available


  • Premium price
  • Pads make them less than ideal for radiators
  • Complicated installation

Our Rating: 9.6/10

The Corsair LL120 RGB white edition is a decent performing case fan with excellent lighting and okay performance. The installation process can be tricky due to the shape of the fan frame and its ability to stay stable in the 120mm size.

First and foremost, you need a Corsair RGB controller. ARGB connectors are specific in their compatibility with Corsair products, kind of like Apple phones which can only be compatible with Apple-specific charging cables.

Our globe art fan is one item you won’t want to be without. It may look like just a metal fan, but don’t be fooled.

This one has a patented treatment technique that makes it seem almost as if the metal surface were handcrafted from wood instead of being stamped and bent out of metal. If you look closely at how we make our surface, you’ll know why this is such an impressive feat.

In the box

If you’re still getting a single fan, it’s because you haven’t upgraded your old case for something newer and better that already has a lighting controller unit installed.

There are now two cords connected to the fan: one is a 4-pin PWM connector that is compatible with the new motherboards; the other one is a CORSAIR system used specifically by Corsair products and cannot be used with non-Corsair controllers hubs.

Also, there are more add-ons that come with the bundle pack than with the single fan.

All these extra hardware and upgrades for your PC are impressive, but they’re not really worth the price you’re paying unless you really know how to use them.

Corsair should be very proud of their brand name and that others have identified so prominently with what it stands for.

Quality and performance

How to Airflow – It is recommended to use stocky and durable fans. The SepiMonster fans are specifically made with nine sturdy high-quality blades and hydrodynamic bearings.

We’ll talk more about these later, but first let’s discuss why it might be a little disappointing not to see mag-lev bearings considering the price of these fans upwards of $45 US dollars each.

Mag-lev (or magnetic levitation) bearings have fewer friction points since they’re inside an air-tight box that eliminates the relative movement between parts like a conventional bearing or ball bearing might have, so it’s probably for the best that we didn’t get them on this particular model because it would raise the cost too high, but always something worth thinking about in our next design revision .

The Static Pressure LL fans offer a unique feature that you won’t find anywhere else. These fans are equipped with special anti-vibration pads on each corner of the unit.

This effectively prevents any unnecessary rattle, which is very common in computer systems. When it comes to designing, Cooler Master spared no expense – even the fan shroud itself is pure beauty.

The Bioshock edition starts with a white fan shroud with a translucent light loop on its inner diameter to highlight the 12 LEDs and 4 LEDs within the central hub of the impeller.

The design of the Aer case’s blades is unique in two ways: (1) each blade is frosted-white made from high-quality ABS plastic, and (2) the blades are angled well to maximize airflow while minimizing noise.

If you want to get the most out of your radiator fans, it’s important to make sure you’ve got them sitting as close as possible to the radiators. Make sure you aren’t letting all that hot air escape through the sides.

These fans can hover a distance away from your radiator of up to 4 mm which will help keep air coming through in full force, so you’ll really be able to move some hot temperatures around on those colder days.

They come in with a static pressure rating of 3 mm h20 and airflow rated at 63 CFM, making they an excellent hybrid fan for regular use in just about any home or office space!


The LL120 RGB fans can be used in different setups. They can be used singly or with fellow Corsair products and software, such as the Lighting Node Pro and the Lighting Node CORE.

This particular product allows for one spectacular light show, which is sure to impress any audience. The reason these lights are able to have such a “spectacular” output is because there are, indeed, 16 LEDs in each unit!

It’s important to note that the additional items are both sold separately as they are also included together in one package with an interchangeable fan.

We don’t advise you spend a lot of money on tools to install the system, because you can find all you really need at your local hardware store—the kind where they’ve got ladders and sinks instead of guns and ammo.

First you will have to connect the Lighting Node Pro to a 9-pin 2.0 internal USB header for control purposes. For power, you will have to use the included SATA cable and for stability purposes, we suggest that you glue the Node onto reasonably flat surface like with double-sided tape or some other adhesive.

Then finish off by powering it up with another included SATA cable. Finally, attach your fans to the nodes using their 4-pin fan connectors.

Note that this is an optional step depending on whether or not you want your fans connected directly to the node’s own input source rather than the motherboard (a common source of power), but it is required if your CPU cooler includes a hub itself which provides multiple additional connectors like ours does in our reviewing example below:

Even though you’ll need to endure long days and hours of hard work, it’s a rewarding rollercoaster ride when you see your efforts pay off, especially when you see your new Corsair LL120 RGB fans glisten with all kinds of patterns available directly in the Corsair iCUE software. Download now direct from the website!

To create your desired tie dye pattern, just connect the customer’s selected garment pieces in order 1-24 or choose random to get a fun surprise.

Each tie dye worksheet is numbered 1-10 so it’s easy to remember how everything connects without having to keep every combination written down in front of you.

Thoughts on price

For the price, the Corsair LL120 RGB fan is a real bargain. These fans look absolutely phenomenal and keep up with the look of high-end components while also keeping you cool at all times.

I highly recommend them to anyone who wants their case to make a statement while not breaking the bank on a cooler or other thermal solution.

Now I can admit the price of some [Link: business management solutions] and services must be high. It’s true they’re not cheap.

What I appreciate most is how you work around my budget with what works best for me and my business needs. The best example might be how you were able to optimize my Wi-Fi [Link: router]. Instead of upgrading to one that’s more expensive, you upgraded the hardware inside so it would do more for less money.

Other times, you’ve customized software so it fits what I need.

Whether it means simplifying things like adding a powerful messaging service to help us stay on top of things or making the network itself faster by taking advantage of all the latest options, there are tons of ways your team helps me improve my productivity – and realize huge savings in doing so.

I love how much your team is willing to work with me to save money in any way they can while giving me peace-of-mind knowing they always have my back.

In conclusion

Overall, we are pleased to recommend the Corsair LL120 RGB fans as they have high-end quality but with a low price and clocking in at only 22 dBA, which is not too shabby considering the fact that they can better or equal many competitors in performance.

Additionally, these fans have an impressive 12 LED light strip settings which provide a wide array of colors that allows you to get creative with your PC builds.

All that being said, however, being able to control these lights via Corsair’s iCUE software might’ve been nice as well instead of having to resort to manually controlling them via the onboard toggle switches on each fan.

At the end of the day, if you want a quiet, high quality fan with dazzling ARGB LEDs and don’t mind paying a few extra dollars, then go right ahead. These are genuinely excellent fans.

Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 White Edition

Very quiet

Size: available in 120, 140 and 200mm versions | Speed: 1200 RPM | Airflow: 52.3 CFM | Noise level: 19.4 dBA (120mm version) or 14.3dBA (200mm version) | Weight: 119 g | Warranty: 2 years


  • Very quiet
  • Basic white design
  • Budget friendly
  • Powerful airflow
  • Three-year warranty
  • 140mm version also available


  • No PWM
  • No LEDs
  • Flimsy cable
  • Not the best for radiators

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Design simplicity, like with music, is far more satisfying than a cacophony of instruments that never seem to harmonize. The Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 offers an outstanding mix of cooling performance and quietness, unlike some other products on the market; click here to see reviews

This fan comes in a basic white case with a simple design that helps it stand out from the crowd.

There are only 2 differences between it and other computer fans of its kind – there’s no RGB lighting, which is quite popular nowadays for being novel and exciting, and it’s not USB-controllable (which not all fans are).

Everyone loves a bowl of skittles! But they don’t come close to the stunning fans of Nittany Lions who, like delicious candy in different flavors, all have their own specific characteristics…

In the box

The Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 comes with rubber vibration damping pads, mounting screws, warranty information, and other product information. This also comes with a standard 3-pin fan connector that I do not need.

Quality and Performance

The entire design of the Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 fan is engineered for performance and silence. The seven blades are embedded with wiring and are curved almost 90 degrees from one another, reducing noise while they improve airflow.

What gives the Dynamic X2 GP-12 fan is seven high performance blades which will provide superior results whether you’re just looking to keep an area cool or actively looking to keep your computer running cool as well as quieter than before.

Also integrated into the exterior of this case fan is a shroud that’s fully sleeved coming with non-LED push button lighting and titanium coloring provided on all sides that not only matches the look of all Fractal Design cases, but also has internal contours which fade from black to dark gunmetal grey on each of the 7 sides giving it a very lustrous look.

Just like their award winning predecessor, these fans can be positioned either way making them perfect for both push or pull configurations!

Fluted notches on the trailing edge enhance the fan’s aerodynamics, further decreasing its sound profile. Stacked within close proximity of the impeller base there is a shaft that directly contributes to its durability and longevity.

With an estimated 100,000 MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) rating, these fans have one of the longest life expectancies of any other comparable product on the market thanks to their LLS (Long Life Sleeve) bearing and counter-balanced magnet that reduces tension and wear since it weighs less than similar models.

Among the top contenders in the 120mm category, you’ll find computer fans like the Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12s which, although they exude impressive airflow of 52.3 CFM, their static pressure are considered mediocre at 0.88mm H20.

Thus, making them ideal for cases rather than radiators as typical users may deem them too weak due to their low static pressure without taking proper account as to what makes these fans suitable for use as case fans for liquid cooling setups and any PC with a chassis that’s compatible with three standard 120mm fan positions or less.


What’s with all these new reviews? Have you been considering a GPU upgrade, and are looking to read up on all of the latest GPUs, but just don’t have enough time to do it?

Take it from someone who has tried and tested out every single GPU under the sun; the Fractal Organization Dynamic X2 GP-12 is by far one of the best on the market today. You definitely want to get your hands on this awesome little thing!

Thoughts on Price

The Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12’s are an affordable option for those looking for something simple, effective and quiet. With a powerful design and low airflow noise level, this product is suitable for just about any build, from high end to budget builds.

In conclusion

Overall, the Fractal Design Dynamic X2 GP-12 in white is a great fan. Being affordable and efficient at the same time, this product offers quietness along with versatility for your needs – it’ll match nicely into any case you can imagine, whether it’s full ATX or smaller mATX form factor.

If you are looking for a simple yet stylish cooling solution that won’t make much noise in your case, this one is worth thinking about. It’s also worth mentioning that all along we were impressed with the build quality of this product and its ease of use as well as installation.

Thermaltake Riing Quad 12 RGB White

Quality build

Size: 120mm x 24.5 mm | Speed: 500 – 1500 RPM ± 10% | Airflow: 40.9 CFM (Maximum) | Noise level: 25 dBA | Weight: 189 g | Warranty: 3 Years


  • Bright LEDs
  • Decent airflow
  • Quality build
  • Extremely customizable lighting
  • Two-year warranty
  • 140mm version also available


  • Expensive
  • A little loud at full speed
  • Light transitions chunky at low transition speeds

Our Rating: 9.4/10

For those of you who don’t have time to read all of our magnificent reviews, we’ve gone ahead and taken an in-depth look at each product through the infographic.

We hope that this collection will be helpful in understanding what it is we are really after when it comes to the best LED fans on the market today, as well as a source of inspiration for anyone looking to give their gaming rig an upgrade.

Tt LCS Certified has created an optional adapter that allows the fans of each column and/or row to be connected together by splicing into their power connectors with splitter cables.

In the box

The Thermaltake Riing Single Fan kit is a fantastic product for radiators that have been designed to connect with the powerful 460X fan hub.

For example, using the connector that has been supplied, it can be then used to control the RGB lighting effect of your radiator by replacing the fan on your cooler.

With its high airflow performance and quiet operation, the Thermaltake Riing Single Fan Kit is definitely worth checking out!

To make installation easier, a step-by-step video may be documented on the product page. In addition, the product comes with mounting screws, warranty information, and other product literature. The three-pack includes the previously mentioned fan hub controller and its accompanying cables.

Quality and performance

The quality of these fans is outstanding. The second one came out of the box, it felt heavy-duty, and it has an industrial aesthetic that many users appreciate.

Moreover, it moves a lot of air with 1.4mm H20 of static pressure and 40.9 CFM. The best part is that you can use this fan whether you want to cool off your PC or help your PC chill!

Sony’s Acoustic Surface technology has speakers that sit on top of your console and a projector in the front of your TV screen. These two work together to create a wall-sized screen that lets you enjoy your favorite games, as well as streams and apps. The surprisingly crisp audio sounds like it’s coming from all around you.


Thermaltake likes to keep things interesting when it comes to their fans. Being Thermaltake, they’ve spared no expense in making some of the most vivid and robust fan designs that are currently available on the market today.

This includes absolute show stoppers such as their RIING QUAD 12 and the Riing Plus 20 RGB fans which totally eclipses out all of the competition.

Due to their completely modular design, the tubes or blades are extremely easy to install and remove unlike those flimsy blue tooth keyboards you won’t be able to disassemble anyway.

If that’s not enough, I’m using Neon Maker for my color order binary RGB palette, but that’s a very extensive program and you need to tinker around with it to understand everything it can do.

You can control your cooling fans with a smartphone app, which makes the Thermaltake Riing Quad 120 lighting system an incredibly unique and versatile product.

As well as numerous pre-installed lighting effects, you have the ability to create almost any colour of light using an RGB strip led strip and an AMBIENT SYNC software application in addition to Amazon Alexa voice control.

The huge range of possible combinations allows for users to set up the system just how they want it!

Thoughts on price

These may not be some of the most affordable on our list, but they’re pretty darn close. I feel that a lot of that has to do with the fact that there are 54 LEDs rather than anything else.

People tend to think that because they’re not finding a pair of headphones with over 100 LEDs, then they’re lemons and low-quality junk.

But actually, having fewer LEDs doesn’t automatically mean they need any less power than something else. The L1s by Mee Audio have 6 drivers instead of just one and there are 66 total little diodes for you to enjoy with your music!

In Conclusion

Overall, the Ring 12 are a decent offering from Thermaltake in the case fans category. They don’t perform as well as some other fans in their category, and they’re not super easy to install like the MasterFan Pro 140s.

However, if you’re looking for an RGB fan that’s incredibly bright (plus comes with replacement blades) and are price-conscious, then these are for you.

Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB White

Top Pick

The size and weight of the AIR is truly phenomenal. At just 171 grams, you may initially not think it will support large builds, but once you see this baby perform you’ll quickly realize that it’s actually quite the opposite!


  • 34 ARGB LEDs
  • Quiet
  • Good quality
  • Respectable static pressure and airflow
  • Two-year warranty
  • 140mm version also available


  • Lower performance compared to older versions
  • Expensive
  • Diffused lighting

Our Rating: 9.3/10

Fan lights definitely aren’t the best, especially since you need to install them at some point so that they can be turned on which isn’t always convenient but rather awkward looking.

With all that being said, the Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB definitely is a high quality one in our opinion, great for even decorating your entire computer or any room with if you want to put them somewhere different than just your CPU or GPU and might not have a lot of space inside your case or cabinet.

You also don’t have to worry about finding a way to mount it inside your cabinet because it has 4 removable brackets or suction cups if needed.

It is also aesthetically pleasing fully capable of letting you customize patterns and colors using the included software for Windows 7, 8,10 and MacOS.

There are three types of Hue lights: The Friends of Hue White and Colour Ambiance Kit, which includes the Hue Aurora Light Sticks and the Philips E-12 candle bulbs.

The second kit is the Smart Color lighting Home Kit from Philips, which is a white light version that also uses the normal E-12 base.

There’s also a third kit called Hue Lux that gives you 9 bulbs for $229 or 15 for $349. These kits come with the color hue lights, either soft white or daylight.

In the box

Included in the box is a compact driver/hub for your two PWM fans which allows for independent RGB lighting control. You can connect directly to your motherboard or via included connector cable to your Corsair iCUE software. white rgb fan The QL120 has an MSRP of $29.99 and supports all CH-series, H-series, LL-series and SF-series fans including:

The kit comes with two feet of wires, making it a good choice for larger cases. There are seven cables in the three-pack, including a Lighting Node CORE, which is required.

Quality and performance

The iCUE QL120 RGB fans are beautiful, and the aesthetics here seem to be the primary focus with the performance mostly being secondary. Corsair heard fans saying that they wanted more LEDs, so they gave them what they asked for – but there is much more than just LEDs on these coolers.

On this particular model you’ll find magnetic RGB lighting that can be controlled through Corsair’s new software, a 2000 RPM fan with airflow capable of up to 89 CFM and an extremely quiet 15 dBA, something which is actually very impressive considering it puts out so much air flow!

With a number of improvements made to the axial design and it’s illumination, these fans from Corsair are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Where they fall short is when compared to the new model in the same series. Though they may have fancy LEDs (there are a total of three different colors) and pleasant sounds created by the motor thanks to Corsair’s controller IC which has been added, we’ve seen other companies create much more efficient versions that retain the higher quality motor control.

We’re disappointed that Corsair hasn’t done more with their flagship fan series as we’d expect a lot more than this from such an established company.

The iCUE QL120 RGB LED fans are meant to be a more basic approach to the LL120 lights, while still having its own advantages compared to the old LL120s.

The new iCUE QL120s has nine blades instead of seven and a static pressure of 1.55mm h20 instead of 2.68mm h20. It is also less air flowing than it’s predecessor with 41.8CFM opposed to 63CFM.


Corsair iCUE QL120 RGB’s name may be a mouthful, but don’t worry! We’ll break it down for you. Quad Loop, QL, you already know what this means – there are four individually addressable loops that can be controlled according with your own preferences on Team Razer RGB Sync.

Two rings of LEDs are on the device itself; in the impeller platform and on both sides of the shroud. There are also some in the base. Altogether, there are 34 ARGB LEDs to play around with – they will shine to impress!

Since the launch of the new Lighting Node CORE, we have made some refinements to the software. The installation process is more streamlined and now gives you more time to tweak your profiles while also making it easier to integrate with home automation systems. With so many improvements, this is a great update!

Thoughts on price

Corsair is renowned in their field for their high quality peripherals and hardware. It was very hard to go back to the Logitech series, with all of its problems, after experiencing such a head-start from the Corsair series.

I’m very pleased that I was able to take some time away from my Corsair products and experience what it is like to come back down to earth and get a reality-check with Logitech.

You’re right. You don’t need to go with the Corsair K70 at all costs .. there are a lot of other mechanical keyboards available on the market which we have not featured on this list but that would be just as good or even better than the K70 itself. Such as…

In conclusion

In summary, the iCUE RGB fans by Cooler Master just look amazing and are a good addition to any setup but they fail to deliver on performance. More blindingly bright LEDs does not always equate to great performance results.

The new iCUE QL120 RGB fans aren’t nearly as “good” of fans as the old ones were. It almost feels like they are a downgrade rather than an upgrade in some ways.

Best White 140mm Case Fans Round Up

Corsair ML140 Pro LED White

Excellent airflow

Size: Not Given | Speed: 400 – 2000 RPM | Airflow: 97 cfm | Noise level: 37dbA | Weight: Not Given | Warranty: 2 years


  • Excellent airflow
  • Appreciable static pressure
  • Excellent cooling overall
  • Robust quality
  • Five-year warranty
  • 120mm version also available


  • Non-addressable LEDs
  • Thin cables
  • A little pricey for non-ARGB fans

Our Rating: 9.8/10

Corsair claims their new LED ML140 Pro is faster, quieter and uses less power than most other fans of similar size. This fan comes in your options of Red, Blue or White with a black version without LEDs.

Magnetic Levitation bearings allow the ML140 Pro to be long-lasting even when it’s under pressure so you shouldn’t have to worry about the motor giving out for many years after purchase.

The impressive airflow and decent static pressure make this fan ideal for being a case fan or radiator fan but it’s more optimized for being used as a case fan.

In the box

When ordering the ML140 Pro, you might want to take a look at their color assortment. The item is available in one or two pack bundles. best white led case fans When purchasing it as 2 pack bundle, you will receive everything you need for maximum light control and customization.

Each package contains Corsair’s patented magnetic levitation fan featuring SP120 performance fans and custom white LED lighting or customized from your own RGB setup via CUE software.

The bundle comes with a lot of stuff. So much stuff we had to add it all onto a website so people didn’t have to read all of the details here. Go check it out here

Quality and performance

The Corsair ML140 Pro has a maximum fan speed of 1,700 RPM allowing it to remove up to 97 CFM of air. The static pressure rating on these fans is 1.27 mm H20, making them suitable for radiators as well as other applications requiring static pressure fans.

To prolong fan longevity, the ML140 PRO has undergone a radical magnetic levitation bearings design that reduces friction and motor hum. Corsair initiated the bearings project after following up with customers and conducting in-house surveys to assess which products needed quality of life improvements. Below are some of the highlights from our findings:


Without addressable LEDs, the lighting on this case is lacking. While the lights do a satisfactory job at lighting your case, you can’t customize them in any way other than different colors or no light at all.

But these corner mounts will help you change the look of the fans and with that you can make it evenly distributed throughout your fans or adjust them according to your requirement.

The reason behind this feature’s importance can be considered as a way to apologize for the lackluster LEDs.

Thoughts on price

The Corsair LL120 – a.k.a the Lighting Node Pro Pack – is definitely not cheap. For more than $100, one might assume they’d be getting more than just a solid color macro LED fan (instead opting for a RGB LED system instead).

Not only that, but when considering the fact that you basically have to use the Lighting Node Pro and Corsair Fan Hub combo for other Corsairs with ARGB lighting, the price becomes even more debatable.

With a great RGB lighting and overall quality, the Corsair ML140 Pro is a great addition to any solid gaming rig as well as very reasonably priced.

Its performance rivals that of other premium-grade fans such as the Deepcool V80, with only slight differential on its maximum RPMs.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Corsair’s ML140 Pro LED case fan is an amazing product and offers a high level of performance with the efficiency of the LED lights.

For those looking for a stylish option, this 140 mm cooling solution might be their best bet. Once again though, price-wise, I wouldn’t say it’s the most cost effective option on the market today. Still, given its high-performing abilities and integrations as well as its simple yet elegant design, who could complain?

Phanteks PH-F140MP

Budget friendly

Product’s dimensions: 533 × 146 × 340mm (L x W x H) / 23.00 × 5.75 × 13.38inch Weight: 370g (0.82 pounds) Speed: 500 – 1000 RPM ± 10% Airflow: 65 m/h ± 15% Noise level: 20 – 30 dBA Lifetime warranty


  • Budget friendly
  • High static pressure
  • High airflow
  • Five-year warranty
  • Runs fairly quiet
  • 120mm version also available


  • No LEDs
  • Basic design

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Phanteks PH-F140MP fans are great for keeping your system cool. Fans are just what they sound like, to move air away from, through or around a computer case.

These fans do a great job of providing cooling without stealing the entire show, as they have been engineered to be simple in their design while providing top notch quality with no additional bells or whistles.

The Phanteks PH-F140MP is the ideal fan for any computer case with a low profile. These fans are designed to hit minimal ***** depth requirements and offer maximum airflow for its size.

In the box

The Phanteks PH-F140MP has a silvery fan with vibration damping pads and 4-pin PWM connection. The fan comes in an anti-vibration bracket, best white fan screws for installation, product information, as well as warranty and technical details.

Quality and performance

When it comes to LED fans, some brands are willing to cut corners with the components that make up their product, but Phanteks is not one of them.

The PH-F140MP has been designed with a focus on quality and performance first, with a sleek external design that combines class and style in equal measures

The Phanteks PH-F140MP features a blade design that creates an airflow vortex in its structure, resulting in a higher static pressure at the edges of the blade itself. This unique feature makes it ideal for CPU and GPU radiators as well as case fans, since these needs tend to have higher pressures for removal of heat.

The Phanteks PH-F140MP fans are relatively quiet. If you’re accustomed to running computers and raising the temperature in your room well above seventy degrees, then you may hear them as you run increasingly hotter computer equipment on your desk.


Phanteks’ PH-F140MP fans feature an LED ring that makes each phantastic fan look great. Now, it’s your turn to enjoy their masterpiece.

Thoughts on price

These fans provide superb airflow that blows through most cases and is easy to control with a potentiometer. The design of the blades are rather simplistic without all the bells and whistles but have a very wide range of uses in case compatibility.

Because they are so inexpensive, these fans are often used as extras to supplement existing systems – especially when they come in an assortment like this one! We highly recommend the Phanteks PH-F140MPs!

In conclusion

Overall, these fans look pretty good and can certainly keep things cool. When you get them on your desk, they be just that — eye candy.

If you plan to bring them out of the office with you, then you won’t do wrong by getting one of these. The only reason why you’re not going to spend over $50 for a fan is because it doesn’t have much speed or powerful blades in it.

However when you start digging into its specs and learning about what it can do and what it’s made from, then that price tag makes much more sense as a premium work of art — especially considering how smooth this fan runs too.

ARCTIC P14 PWM White/White

Powerful static pressure

Noise output is a serious consideration to take into account when buying a fan. We recommend finding one with a noise output of less than 20 dB for home use.

This can help you fall asleep at night by helping you cut out the outside world and any ambient sounds which might otherwise keep you from getting some well earned rest.


  • Affordable
  • Powerful static pressure
  • Good airflow
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Beautiful all-white design
  • 120mm version also available


  • Less than quiet
  • No vibration damping pads
  • No LEDs

Our Rating: 9.6/10

The ARCTIC P14 PWM is another fan with a push-pull configuration, which means it’s meant for mounting onto a radiator. The fan itself should not be used separately and has no LED lights installed for added stress on the main source.

The ARCTIC P14 PWM fan boasts an amazing static pressure and airflow rating of 16.4 mm H2O, enough to blow the heat out of even the hottest computer case thanks to its Impeller-Switch Design.

While you may use it as a case or system fan, this next-generation fan can be used like an air conditioning unit for your PC or laptop in times of emergency without spinning up its blades!

In the box

The unit comes in an easy to open box and inside you find it packed nicely. It was well protected from any damage that may have occurred during shipping from the way it was packed. The packaging itself is simple which is nice as to not clutter up retail packaging with random fluff, but still keeps its feel professional.

Strangely, there are no vibration dampening pads included with this specific keyboard. This means the fan will get a bit louder when you’re typing and it spins at higher RPMs.

If you don’t like that, consider purchasing some for it to avoid unwanted noise interference. This is an excellent mechanical white keyboard and I am also very fond of the stylish aesthetics that really help to complement the overall feel this keyboard gives off.

It’s not only flashy looking but also very functional in terms of the durability that comes from its metal construction from one end to the other.

Quality and performance

The Maxifan WA1225HB features a solid quality build construction with a high strength tempered glass side panel, as well as an advanced AiO Water 3.0 Self-Cleaning Technology with Anti-Microbial Protection Coating.

The internal filter is pre-installed, and the user just needs to switch on the water dispenser. Once activated, the self-cleaning technology will automatically clean and remove odors from the entire system without making any replacement of filter necessary! Cooling performance is specified at 650W with a maximum airflow of 109 CFM at a noise level of only 21 dBA.

The ARCTIC P14 PWM may not be a flashy product on its exterior but it’s actually quite impressive when it comes to its interior. white computer fan This is because it actually has some relatively impressive air stats for a fan of its size.

Although managing to keep the noise down was probably not top priority for this particular model of case fan, there are still unique features such as a brushless motor that we can definitely appreciate about the ARCTIC brand.


The ARCTIC P14 PWM does not have any LEDs. It instead uses a metal body that is better for dissipating heat and engineered for the performance enthusiast who demands superior thermal cooling in order to prevent their high-end processor from overheating.

Thoughts on price

The P14 PWM from ARCTIC has a very reasonable price, which makes it great value for money. You’d expect to get something bad in exchange, but you won’t – it’s well made and works fine. ARCTIC guarantees your purchase with a 10-year warranty, just in case something goes wrong.

In conclusion

Overall, the Arctic P14 PWM is a solid option for gaming enthusiasts. The most impressive component of this headset is its microphone, fan and overall performance.

This high performing headset would be a good choice for those looking for a USB headset with headphone amplifier capable of connecting to a variety of devices.

We just wished there was dampening material on the headphones and offered more color choices like red or green that would match their iconic gaming device it was designed to work with.

But still at $39 they are one of the cheaper options you can find if you’re trying to save money while purchasing an additional product that also comes in three new stylish colors: red, yellow, and green.

If you need something that runs silently once it’s set off and don’t really mind its appearance then the Lian-Li P14 is a good choice for you.

Furthermore if you do find yourself in need of some extra padding be sure to look into 3M adhesive pads! Also on note, if you happen to not like the sound of an aluminum fan the P14 is available with a white LED backlight instead.

be quiet! Shadow Wings 2 BL090

Quality construction

Motor Speed RPM: 900 – 14000 Hz Bearing Type: Sleeve Total Airflow CFM: 49.8 Weight g: 203 Warranty Years: 3 Last Updated On: 2015-10-07


  • Extremely quiet
  • Quality construction
  • Innovative design
  • Three-year warranty
  • 120mm version also available


  • Unimpressive static pressure and airflow
  • No LEDs
  • Not PWM controlled

Our Rating: 9.4/10

The be quiet! Shadow Wings 2 is by far the most quiet of these fans. However, that’s about all there is to say about them, pc fan white apart from the fact that they look really cool as well.

Also, keep in mind that even though a fan may seem louder than another one at full speed it might turn out to be quieter when used at lower speeds and thus suit your needs more accurately If you’re looking for “quiet” fans – make sure they are within the range of working temperatures under which they have been tested.

The Gentle Typhoon is a computer fan with a spectacular design. Depending on the speed, it can move up to 58 CFM through low noise levels.

It comes in three colors: black, red and blue (and they even have LEDs). For anyone who wants to create a quiet system, this fan is an exceptional choice.

In the box

The be quiet! Shadow Wings 2 comes with a 3-pin connector pre-attached to the fan itself, which means that it is not PWM controlled (reads: it will always run at full speed or a very low one).

The pin connectors are also attached directly to the fan and make it much easier to mount in your case (quickly, accurately), as well as providing warranty information and additional product information documents.

Quality and performance

Not everyone has the luxury of buying a new computer that comes to them already equipped with fans. This is why they often invest in purchasing their own.

However, when going directly to Amazon, it’s tough to find a good fan that isn’t overly expensive and too loud for daily use (we’re looking at you, Cooler Master SickleFlow 120).

A quick visit to SilentPCReview reveals that the be quiet! Shadow Wings 2 is a pretty decent investment for users who want something between a whisper of air when working at their desk and still are able hear each other without having to speak up.

It offers high static pressure, low noise levels and comes from a trustworthy brand known for its consistent excellence among fans as well as power supplies.

If you’re looking for a fan that is quiet but still blows plenty of air, then this is an excellent choice. We were bowled over by the quality of these fans, which comprise a detachable rubber frame and high quality plastic body with a removable damping insert.

This means that the be quiet! Shadow Wings 2 are ideal for anyone who wants to reduce unwanted vibration in their system.

in fact the unique Shadow Wings 2 provide superior cooling performance without adding shifting or excessive noise, making it our top recommendation for anyone who wants a quiet fan especially if silence is your number one priority!


# All measurements were taken with the Fractal Design Celsius S24 open case in a 25°C test environment. # Open the CPU-Z and GPU-Z screenshots in another tab to see all their specifications.

Thoughts on price

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In conclusion

Overall, the Shadow Wings 2 are not bad fans per se and do exactly what they say on the tin. Depending on what your requirements are as to a fan’s support aptitude, this could be a good or a bad thing.

If you are looking for high-performing fans whilst ensuring that your rig maintains its cool factor when gaming then this is perhaps not the best option as they may struggle somewhat with keeping your graphics cards at their optimum operating temperatures and thus limiting their potential performance in the long-run.

For those looking for an ultra-quiet yet aesthetically pleasing solution, however, these might just be what you’re after!

Best White 200mm Case Fans Round Up

Phanteks PH-F200SP

Innovative design

Size: 2 x 120mm | Speed: 1200 ~ 1800 RPM ± 10% | Airflow: 96~119.6 CFM | Noise level: 23 ~ 66 dBA | Weight: 355 g (26%) / 490 g (49%) / 558 g (73%)| Warranty: 6 months


  • Amazing airflow
  • Decent static pressure
  • Innovative design
  • Included extension cable
  • Five-year warranty


  • Not PWM controlled
  • No LEDs

Our Rating: 9.7/10

The Phanteks PH-F200SP come in singles or a pack but they don’t look too fancy. They have a modest design which makes them easy to integrate into any build and still provide more than enough airflow for your case or radiator with the quietest noise emission.

The fans often come at an affordable price tag due to their plain appearance which is why they are not just too big but also hard not to love with their great mix of low noise, high airflow and respectable pressure.

In the box

PHANTEKS PH-F200SP fans come with a 3-pin connector for direct integration, which means no PWM control. They include the Phanteks extension cable, vibration damping pads, screws for mounting the fans, a product information leaflet and a warranty guide.

Quality and performance

The Phanteks PH-F200SP also features Spire’s Extreme Pressure (XPS) Blade Tips, placed on the blade tips and running longitudinally from the trailing edge of the blade.

The two XPS blades are apt to improve static pressure while still lowering turbulence and drag to provide more efficient airflow at higher pressures.

The casing is made of rigid black plastic, white led fans pc whole the impeller is white. The product ships with pre-installed vibration damping pads designed to lessen noise as much as possible for maximum acoustic levels of 25dB, making it one of the quietest fans we’ve seen so far on this list despite its size.


Phanteks hasn’t included any LED lights with this Phanteks PH-F200SP review, but that doesn’t matter because we already have our own RGB lighting system!

Thoughts on price

For $32.99, this isn’t a bad price for a 200mm fan which has airflow rated at 110.1CFM. But since there are no LEDs, I believe Phanteks could have done better.

However, the PH-F200SP is a nice fan and ultimately worth the price due to its unique design, making it one of the few 200mm fans that stand out from the rest of the crowd!

In Conclusion

The Phanteks PH-F200SP is an affordable, yet high quality 200mm fan perfect for both air and watercooled rigs. The fans move enough air to be suitable for air-cooled rigs but powerful enough to be used on a radiator if so needed.

The included PWM adapter is also hassle-free makes fine tuning easier by allowing you to connect the fans directly behind your motherboard without the need to buy extra adapters, not to mention it reduces cable clutter as well.

All in all, the Phanteks PH-F200SP is worth the investment for any build that isn’t heavily focused on eye candy like RGB because at its price point there’s nothing quite like it in terms of performance/value ratio.

Thermaltake Pure 20 LED Blue

Very affordable

Carton Dimensions: 38.2cmL x 37.1cmW x 36.7cmH | Weight (carton): 3,035 g | Gross weight: 1.83 kg | Net weight: 0.90 kg


  • Phenomenal airflow
  • Very affordable
  • Multiple colors available
  • Three-year warranty


  • Cheaply made
  • Non-addressable LEDs
  • Not PWM controlled

Our Rating: 9.4/10

The Thermaltake Pure 20 has really let us down in terms of quality. The overall construction feels thin, fragile and cheap for something that retails for $21.

We were hoping to see something that was built to last with this fan, but instead all it felt like to me was a toy from back when I was a child – only way more expensive at almost $25. Truly disappointing as the functionality and performance is pretty nice on this product, but it literally feels like an all-plastic toy in typing this review.

In the box

When you open the box, you find the Thermaltake Pure 20. It comes with a 3-pin connector and has screws and silicone mounting pads for easy installation.

Quality and performance

The fan looks pretty good, too! It’s not small, but it has a nice rounded look to it. Like I said before, though, I couldn’t find out enough information about it because when I searched the product number on Google “Thermaltake Pure 20-1,” Google returned results for that particular model followed by several results for Thermaltake Pure 20 LED Fans.

There’s no way to tell which is which unless you do some further Googling and read review after review of disappointed customers.

The Helix fans are on the blingy side, but don’t impress with static pressure. The shrouding is also rather thin and adds to the chunkiness. Its 20-LED ring and 400-lumen output add a wow factor that quickly wears off, particularly when you notice how noisy these spinners are and that their airflow performance doesn’t justify their placement on radiators

With their low price and scrawny build, you might expect some problems here and there. In fact, there have been multiple users who have reported issues with the product shortly after their installation. Others have reported that their Square Reader has stayed functional for years without any significant issues whatsoever.


The shroud-mounted LEDs are definitely a bit of a let-down in terms of lighting options here, so you might want to invest in something else, like a color-changing LED strip perhaps.

if you’re going all out. The LEDs also happen to be connected directly to the fan’s power source as well as its motherboard connector – which is something to keep in mind because running your fans at full speed will undoubtedly drain them much faster than just leaving them on would and probably shorten their lifespan exponentially versus being turned on only when needed.

Thoughts on price

With only four non-addressable LED lights that mounted on a shroud at the back of the blade and one diffuse side light, it is noticeable only when in motion.

Further, these LEDs are linked to the fan’s power supply, meaning if the fan is switched on then so are the LEDs. There are other fans out there with stronger lighting options.

If you’re looking for a decent 200mm fan, the Thermaltake Pure 20 LED Fan is perfect for personal or office use. Inexpensive but with good quality, it also has a generous warranty period of 5 years.

In Conclusion

As first-time builders you need to remember that cooling systems are arguably the most critical component when it comes down to assembling a great gaming rig.

As we all know, heat is what destroys both hardware and software. If your computer doesn’t have good airflow then things will slow down or worse still become irreparable.

It’s always best to make sure everything has the space it needs in order to run properly, so design some room between your fan grills and other components within your PC case. If a little flair never hurt anyone why not try adding LED fans for example? Be creative if you can!

When choosing a case fan, it’s important to remember that aesthetics should never trump quality. Aesthetics should be considered as a secondary characteristic to consider when buying a case fan.

There are many ways you can go about picking out the proper fan for your desk or home office computer.

Things like ease of install or quiet performance could affect your decision significantly depending on which particular brand and model you end up choosing. We hope this article helped make your ultimate case fan selection easier.

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