12 Best White PC Cases in 2023 – For Every Budget!

Best White PC Cases, Building your gaming PC is like eating a sandwich. There are numerous ingredients that go into the perfect sandwich like bread, meats, cheese, vegetables and condiments for example.

There are also some optional components that can help make your gaming go even more smoothly such as a graphics card or memory if you want to carry around certain programs like Photoshop.

As you might expect, the quality and quantity of each ingredient varies with each sandwich and will most likely vary from consumer to consumer as well on what they prefer when it comes down to creating their own perfect PC!

The editors at CNET.com put together a list of quality white computer cases to help you find the best one for your needs in 2021. white pc case Take a look at the 12 Best White PC Cases for 2021.

Top Best White PC Cases in 2021 Round Up

1. Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB White


Computer Cases are really useful because they have a lot of spots to store your data. Some helpful features include CPU fans which help your computer function correctly, RGB lights that helps if you are looking for the case at night (not always), and USB ports to sync up your phone or anything else you want.

Also, there are 240gb SSD’s that save a lot of time when loading programs because it is quicker. Google recently released an article stating how computer cases now can hold as much as 6 terabytes.

They also make things convenient with handles for easy transporting, panels that reduce clutter, and space-saving techniques developed so things can fit into small spaces!


  • Tons of cooling potential
  • Great for showcasing builds
  • Impeccable build quality
  • Stylish white design
  • Plenty of USB ports
  • Pre-installed RGB fans


  • Higher price
  • Space isn’t well-utilized if you opt for the vertical GPU install

Our Rating: 9.8/10

Peripheral brand Corsair makes beautiful-looking products. The company’s gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets all look great, with a sleek black finish with colored accents around each product that look fantastic when paired with their matching RGB fans.

At the same time, Corsair isn’t a slave to flashiness – the designs of its gear emphasize function first.

This prioritization is made immediately clear if you give any of its gear a close visual inspection; for example, every Corsair keyboard uses Cherry MX mechanical switches as opposed to cheaper alternatives made in China that could make your fingers fall off after mere hours (seriously).

The launch of the 5000X marks Origin PC’s first foray into the world of liquid cooled gaming PCs.

The system is powered by an Intel Core i7-8700K and a special Titan X Pascal waterblock, connected to dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards in SLI. Outfitted with 64GB RAM (overclocked up to 4333MHz) as well as an OCZ AXP1000 power supply, sporting 860W Platinum efficiency.

As for storage they went all out, installing both a 960 Pro M.2 SSD and a Corsair Force 3 240GB SSD making sure the whole system was smooth like butter.

The Origin PC team spared no expense on display either, opting for top tier components such as their 32″ Curved Ultrawide LED GSYNC monitor. gaming pc case white Oh yeah, did we mention this beast weighs roughly 200 pounds?

The point of this case is to show off and feature the modular design of this build. The tempered glass side panel does play a huge part in giving the build its unique look, but what’s even more important is the ability to tinker inside with up to 10 120mm fans or 4 140mm fans to help cool down critical components like CPU’s and graphics card radiators.

Corsair has designed the SP RGB Elite fans in such a way that allows them to create spirally shapes, which allows the fans to spin faster.

In return, this will help to keep your PC cooler than other standard case fans on the market because they can move more air over longer distances.

These features are more than enough for a lot of people however if you plan on overclocking or using intense graphics in your gaming experience then you’re going to need something that can move an incredible amount of air even when it’s in an enclosed space without being too loud.

Moreover, installing radiators will be a familiar affair for most builders. Along with the four preinstalled fans that we mentioned, Corsair also provides room for an additional three 120mm radiator mounts despite the case being under its namesake metric.

And if more cooling power is really what you’re after, you can detach the whole front panel for easy access to the top and front 200mm fan mounts without having to remove any additional components.

Building a PC can be a great experience for anyone. There are so many interesting parts to choose from and things to learn about. One of our favorite parts of building a computer is making sure that we make the inside look as good as the outside.

Most cases will include some sort of depth built into the back side to allow you to hide all the wires and other cables you’ll use during your build.

This way, you don’t need to worry about having random wires just lying around everywhere when you’re done! We can keep them nice and hidden out of sight in these empty channels and it also helps with overall airflow.

Plus, if we want to make our build look even better, we could always show off these channels by keeping or adding some LED lighting that matches the rest of our system!

The new 3090 case supports vertical GPU installation, a great option for those who want to keep things on display and show them off rather than hide them away in a cupboard somewhere.

The case is made of metal and has four legs at the bottom which helps it to stay sturdy during storage. The legs are quite small, but since the case is smaller than typical ones, this helps with making it more portable.

It doesn’t have a handle, and people might like handles because they make cases easier to transport. However, a handle would also take up space so this case makes use of space effectively by not having one.

The overall quality of the Corsair iCue 5000x case is exceptional. The design of the case is excellent, with plenty of available space for everything you need to build a nice and cool white-themed rig.

There are a lots of options for connectivity, one being USB 3.0 which can be used on your motherboard’s headers and there is an extra USB 3.0 cable as well in order to connect to a front panel port if you want to use it this way (we recommend against it though since it might be more difficult to dock/undock your usb devices).

You also have flexibility when it comes to cooling – this includes top 140mm or 120mm fan options as well as the option for liquid cooling if you choose upstairs versions with preinstalled radiators and mounting brackets down below.

2. ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Edition

Gaming Design

This product is an extension of the ROG lineup of gaming devices and really does present users with something they can use in high-stress environments while still staying stylish.

Some compromises were made with the design so that users would be treated to high quality components that don’t need a lot of skill to install. best white pc case However, those who do want to get their hands dirty are provided with a multitude of options allowing them to fully customize it.


  • High quality and durable construction
  • Can house a powerful, portable battle station
  • Plenty of cooling capacity
  • Good price for the size and materials involved
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Spacious, easy to build in


  • The smoked glass panel can be somewhat obscuring for true showcasing
  • Handles distract from the design

Our Rating: 9.8/10

The ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Edition is definitely a powerful case, full of quality and beauty. This case has plenty of cooling abilities for your CPU and GPU, with excellent cable management to keep everything from getting cluttered and jumbled up when it’s not supposed to be.

It looks sleek with the smoked glass sides, making this a wonderful centerpiece for any gaming setup you may have.

This case weighs in at a whopping 47 pounds, or 22.8 kilograms (though keep in mind the box it will come in is quite a bit larger than even that). It should also be noted that due to its height and depth, it might not fit every desk out there.

Using the dimensions, you should be able to make informed decisions before purchasing this case so that it doesn’t cause inconvenience later down the line when you need to bring it back home from the store.

As mentioned, this case has a total of four 120mm fans and all three of the ones in the front are RGB. The 140mm unit on the back is PWM, which means it can be adjusted for extra speed variation with the purpose of enhanced temperature control.

All of them are able to sync automatically with ASUS gaming motherboards but if for whatever reason you need to control these cooling fans through another motherboard, it should be possible as long as the board supports an additional three independent pulse width modulation input via direct IO or module. In any case there is ample room for an additional two 120mm fans, leaving you five cooling devices in total.

Alternately, one can also swap out the fans for 140mm variants, offering up a total of five instead. You’ll be able to install up to three 360mm radiators along the front and top aspect, with an additional 140mm radiator positioned at the rear against the motherboard slot.

The power button, microphone jack and audio ports are situated at the top side of the panel for easy access without having to move around too much during installation for example.

ASUS has provided options for cable management. If you’re using ASUS parts, the slots for routing cables will line up with one another neatly.

However, if you’re not, there is an area in which cables can be fed through and are angled correctly. All of this provides some great options for keeping everything clean and neat inside the case.

It bills itself as a portable case, which is true in some sense. Yes, the steel alloy makes for a sturdy and stable case that you can move about without cracking under its own weight. But the wide rubberized legs are only the beginning of what makes this a case well-built.

This one is easy, I just got to look at the ticket that we’re sending out from HP. It says that it supports up to 32 kg (about 66 pounds).

With this bag, you don’t need to carry anything heavy. It’s a two meter tall case and has 23 pounds. We know that portability can be a problem with such a big computer carrying type of bag.

All-in-all, the ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 White Edition is a formidable contender when it comes to white cases. It emphasizes durability and performance above all else but design is one of the most attractive attributes of this gaming PC case which makes it another excellent choice if you’re looking for more than just a well built machine with your next build — a great looking addition to your rig as well as having performance at its forefront.

3. Lian Li 011D XL White


The R4 is a powerful case for gamers and system builders alike, supporting motherboards up to E-ATX format and a host of storage options including 10x 2.5”/6x 2.5 + 4x 3.5” HDD locations (or 6+2.5+2.2′) in a layout supporting 120mm, 240mm, 280mm or 360mm radiators; this case will also appeal to anyone seeking an expansive case with plenty of cooling opportunities as it sports eight 30mm fan mounts across the front, top, base and both side panels with full compatibility for 140/120/140 millimeter fans (12 fan slots in total).

The Maximus VIII Impact uses the same formula that has served gamers, 5-Way Optimization software and OC Panel II diagnostics control have been introduced on a new motherboard featuring high quality components built upon the Intel® 200 series chipset, DDR4 memory and M.2 SSDs. An array of accessories completes the package alongside rich connectivity options that includes DisplayPort 1.2/HDMI 1.4b as well as USB 3.1 Type-A & reversible Type-C ports


  • Excellent for showcasing builds
  • Top-of-the-line cooling capabilites
  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Plenty of interior room
  • More than enough of connectivity
  • Highly versatile
  • Really easy to build in


  • No pre-installed fans
  • Higher price

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Showcasing the latest and greatest, you pick through system builds on a daily basis. You’re not so much looking for a case, as you are seeking to build your own personal computer from the inside out. With its artistry in design and exquisite attention to detail, the Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL will perfectly accommodate your high-powered requirements.

It’s available in two tempered glass panels, including the front and a side panel (the top has no access). In front, it allows for a full and unrestricted look at your gaming hardware.

The front panel is made out of only partially transparent tempered glass along with an aluminum stand that holds any USB slots as well as the power button, which is separated from the rest of the computer case by a thin RGB strip.

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The glass front panel of the C70 let’s you show off your PC with lights and cool looking fans. However, this doesn’t allow for a whole lot of options when it comes to ventilation.

When you’re setting up something that doesn’t have any exhaust on the back and you don’t want to make alterations within its internals, you’re going to need some help getting the right amount of airflow to keep everything cool because this isn’t an open-air design.

If arranging several case fans strategically within your computer’s innards isn’t one of your strong suits, NZXT offers three preinstalled NF-A15 premium fan settings as well as an additional pair straight out of the box that will do the job admirably in many environments.

It also comes preinstalled with two filter trays for keeping dust off excellent intake fan options at the front – but there are ten more places for 120MM fans before you even consider adding those in!

The Scout 2.0 gives you the option of installing three radiators, for our customers who enjoy liquid cooling their PC. This allows you to customize your PC even further by including a radiator on top and one at the bottom of your chassis, in addition to two other locations.

We’ve been told that another advantage is that with this many radiators installed it make clocking much easier when trying to set up the perfect overclock or maximize performance.

With the extra visibility comes the added access to one’s belongings. The 011 Dynamic has three separate pockets, located on both sides and in the rear of the bag, that provide an easy solution for individuals looking to keep personal items organized without being bulky or obvious.

As a result, this offers an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach to keeping things organized by stuffing ones pockets with gadgets and other knick knacks..

The front panel of the PC-Q33 has USB slots positioned at the top and bottom, as well as two USB-C ports. There are also ports for adding additional HDDs, meaning you can switch storage seamlessly without having to turn off or open up your case every time – a feature that will surely come in handy given how convenient it is to have fast access to your files any time of day or night.

Overall, if you are looking for a case which offers top-notch airflow and cooling with a refresh button at the top of the case next to two USB 3.0 ports, white gaming pc while still being able to add on extra flair like RGB lighting or custom water cooling systems – and taking into consideration its price point is right in your budget then the Lian-Li 011 Dynamic is perfect for your needs.

This is the all new aluminum mid-tower chassis from Lian Li which features all polished surfaces making it one that will not get dusty as easily as some other case models.

It allows you to show off what hardware resides inside, while still having space to express your creativity and make it your own with added functionality.

4. ASUS ROG Strix Helios GX601 White Edition


Form factor: Mid-tower | Motherboard Support: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX | Drive Bays: 2x 2.5”/3.5”, 4x 2.5” | Radiator Support: 120mm, 140mm, 240mm | Included Fans: 1x 120mm fan on the front of the case and 4x 140mm fans in the front of the case| Dimensions – L x W x H (without stand): 21.1” x 24.7” x 8.2”


  • Sturdy tempered glass construction
  • Room for up to an EATX motherboard and three GPUS
  • Plenty of cooling capacity
  • Comes with four 140mm fans
  • Pre-installed addressable RGB display
  • Plenty of USB ports


  • No radiator mounts
  • Extremely heavy
  • Premium price

Our Rating: 9.6/10

When it comes to EATX motherboard builds, it can be quite the task to find a case that’s big enough to hold all your components and that doesn’t look too bulky.

The ASUS ROG Strix Helios GX601 delivers this with a large and beautiful case that is sleek and clean looking. Now you can focus on the more important things: like building your own PC!

Exterior: The brushed aluminum side is a burnt-peach color. It has three tempered glass panels. This allows you to display your beautiful components inside, especially your RGB ones.

The front panel has preinstalled addressable RGBs already on it, which maximizes the logo and customizations on the front panel. If you can’t get past this being like a WiFI router, then take a point or two off of its rank because that might effect the way you think about where it sits in the ranking.

The simple design of the case is appealing because of the symmetrical structure. The solid build is a little disappointing, though, and it makes it look like there’s less to the construction than there actually is. It makes for a somewhat boring appearance, with only three LED color options on offer, but does make up for it with how space efficient it looks from all angles.

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Overall the case supports up to six fans, that include an arguable few options such as a 120mm at the top and bottom panels, two 120mms on the front and this is of course to be expected here because of the compact nature we’re dealing with today. If you need more ventilation at any given time, adding more fans won’t be a problem for you thankfully!

To accentuate the look of the case and make it stand out, we’ve designed a series of logos that can serve as vents to pass air through the case. It comes with three different designs to follow your creativity.

You can insert a fan or liquid-cooled system if you choose these as your ventilation option for your build – Just note that adding extra fans or radiator mounts to the frame might affect how you are able to layout your components.

Though this case is comparable in size with Mini ITX cases from previous years, we were able to fit more components inside because of advancements in motherboard design.

There’s sufficient room inside the case where you can mount a standard ATX power supply, a long graphics card up to 32cm tall (30.9cm for our Corsair 570x model), an M20 sized CPU cooler, The PSU sits outside of the cooling path improving thermal performance and still leaves enough room for cable management – even with a 25cm fan sitting directly above it!

This case allows you to choose how visible the cables are and how ‘clean’ you want the inside of your build to look. It has a completely removable back panel that can be changed according to what you want – whether it is a back panel with cutouts for cable management (for more space for future upgrades), or a translucent back panel for a neat effect, letting you show off as many colors as your bleeding-edge motherboard allows.

The IO front panel has the usual USB and USB-C connectors which is expected with most motherboards nowadays. It also added a “Display Port” for your projects display! It’s not very common to see display ports accessible from the IO side of a motherboard but it just shows how many options there are to add display capabilities when building on a MXM system.

The Asus ROG Gx 601 is a distinctive, premium looking case that’s sure to set your rig apart from the competition in more ways than one.

With so many connection options and plenty of room inside to easily accommodate any build, you can rest assured knowing this chassis will hold up to anything you can throw at it.

The fact that this case comes in white make it stand out from the crowd and give it a unique appearance as well as that extra aesthetic appeal for those who are looking for an attractive looking machine.

We think the price should be looked at with determination and understanding considering what is being offered by its features and performance.



There are a lot of things in the design section I want to change. For one, I feel like it’s missing some color and a more vivid background.

The font is also quite small so that will need to be reevaluated as well. But what we feel should stay is the consistency across all of the products by making sure there’s some way for potential customers to distinguish between models easily – i.e. listing the size, age restrictions, and compatibility (when applicable) for every product so people can easily make comparisons between competing products based on specifications alone instead of having to rely entirely on marketing support or salesmen.


  • Very affordable
  • High quality construction
  • Hinged side panels for ease of access
  • Plenty of cooling capacity
  • All-white design
  • Comes with three 120mm fans


  • Some space and cable management has been sacrificed for the sake of making it EATX compatible
  • Pre-installed fans are low quality

Our Rating: 9.5/10

The white finish of the Lancool 2 might not make it the most unique choice, but that’s what we love. The RGB lighting gives out a pastel shine when filtered through the white mesh side panels to give you an added sci-fi touch.

This is aided by the tempered glass panel on either side panel which folds back on itself, much like a folded up piece of paper with UI details printed on each half to create a clean look. Indeed, there’s something strange about this case when seen from any direction you choose to look at it from and yet it manages to maintain an elegant feel throughout that almost makes it appear soft.

The MasterCase 5 can easily hold an ATX motherboard, in fact it’s designed for exactly that. Most ATX boards measure up to 305 mm(w) x 244 mm(h); so, for the most part, you are getting a really nice case with a lot to offer as far as size goes. The case measures 478(w) x 229(h) x 494 mm(d), which is quite large.

You will have no problem using this case and having space left over for your components. If however you do need more space, or if you’re going to be using a larger GPU (or multiple of them!) then this may not be the best choice for you. At least keep in mind that things are going to get pretty cramped inside if this ends up being the case.

while a standard ATX board will work perfectly fine, you may have some difficulty fitting that EATX board you’ve got your heart set on procuring.

The case can be mounted with or without a side intake fan – there are two configurations to choose from and either one will get the job done regardless of your choice, although mounting without a fan gives the case better airflow so it might not be as loud.

Keep in mind the side panel is designed to swing open on an angle since those hinges need clearance space* – but we’ll talk more about those hinges later.. 😉

The LANCOOL 2 supports up to eight case fans, with three pre-installed. You can choose to use these and add three more for a total of six or replace all of them with 30 mm or 40 mm fans.

Allowing that many case fans will provide your projects with adequate cooling for technical upgrades so you might be tempted to tinker to your heart’s content.

While it would be great, we recommend cutting down the number of fans in order to reduce the noise generated from running all of the CPU fans at once.

If you must go ahead and play around with expanding your system fans, we advised that you have at least but one variable fan speed controller especially if you pick some noisier ones because they will do wonders when used intelligently!

The ASRock Z170 Pro4S was built to address the needs of PC enthusiasts and gamers. The motherboard allows you to mount two 360mm radiators with fans; one fan on the front panel, and another at the top.

This allows you to supercool components such as your CPU and graphics cards while simultaneously keeping everything quiet!

Cable management is a good thing when it comes to small cases. There may not be a lot of space for creating compartments that conceal cables but you might still be able to find some good places for your cables and connectors (If you use shorter ones).

The Lancool 2 has a channel on the top which can help to hide some cables, but if you’d like to fit an EATX Board into this case (which we don’t recommend) then that channel will have to go. There are also small channels behind the motherboard mounting cage but their positioning and size weren’t designed with cable organization in mind.

You can control the RGB lighting from your I/O display, but otherwise you have a top-notch standard, with two USB ports and one USB-C port in addition to the standard headset jack.

Anybody who takes the time to read what has been written on this website today, are most likely very curious about our honest opinion of the Lian Li Lancool 2 in white (and it’s not just white).

After hours of research by a team of experts and reading all the user feedback, we can honestly say that we were really impressed with the design and quality of this product. Clearly the price point is just right and meets even the tightest budget when considering potential purchases.

We will be more than happy to recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable mid-range PC case made by one of their favorite PC case manufacturers. Definitely worth checking out if you like what you see, thank you for visiting!


Attractive Design

Form Factor: Mid Tower | Motherboard Support: ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX | Drive Bays: 4x 2.5”, 1x 2.5”/3.5” | Radiator Support: 120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm | Included Fans: 3x 120mm Pure Wings 2 PWM Fans w/ Dedicated Fan Controller


  • High quality construction
  • Affordable price point
  • Super quiet fans come pre-installed
  • Clear tempered glass for showcasing
  • Attractive all-white design


  • The front panel mesh is plastic
  • No reset button on the I/O panel

Our Rating: 9.4/10

The Pure Base 500DX is absolutely everything you could hope for from a mid tower with this price range. It’s clean and straightforward, with almost no extra frills, but the blue accents and steel + tempered glass construction give it some personality.

We are still not sold on the plastic front panel, even though it does look nice out of the box, it has potential to look cheap and break down over time. The addressable RGB lights are a nice touch but aren’t very necessary for something that is supposed to be “brutal” looking.

The Xigmatek Nebula is a spacious ATX case, measuring 20 x 11.5 x 19.75 inches. It’s large enough to accommodate your top-tier components and still leave plenty of room for more cooling options and additional fans. At the same time, it’s compact enough to fit into most nooks and crannies of your home or office/gaming setup!

be quiet! has become well known for its noise reduction technology, and the Silent Base 800 case from be quiet! is a great example of one of their products that has received numerous awards for its impressive use of noise reduction.

This case comes with three pre-installed Pure Wings 2 140mm fans, which are extremely quiet even when put under heavy load. All fan blades are specially designed to reduce any vibration and help the fans stay as quiet as possible at all times.

The sound insulating material used throughout the case also plays an essential part in ensuring the computer remains whisper-quiet even during intense gaming or other resource-heavy applications that require maximum CPU performance at any given time.

The Pure Base 500DX comes with five fans installed. white gaming pc case Three of the fans are in the front, while the other two are positioned on the top and backside of your case.

When you first open up your new case to see its interior, you’ll notice that there aren’t any lighting strips or bulbs hooked up or mounted.

Since this is a budget case, it doesn’t come with RGB lighting, so if you’d like to create your own custom inside-lighting display, you’ll need to purchase these from another company or Amazon.

Another thing we didn’t like was how all of the case’s fans use a three-pin connection output; four-pin connections are what most motherboards come with for their fan inputs—so you may want to take note of that when purchasing some additional cooling components for this PC enclosure down the road.

As mentioned before, there are two 140mm system fans that produce 22dBA of noise which is a little loud for the average user whose preferences may lean towards any lower number.

If you’re considering liquid cooling, you can opt to install additional fans or swap out the existing ones with something larger like a 240 or 280mm radiator if your setup calls for it.

be quiet! produces well-built & efficient power supplies that give great emphasis to aesthetics. Their cases feature a spacious PSU shroud with split compartment cable management.

There are also well-placed fan brackets, with support for up to five case fans, helping you keep your system cool even when it is running at full capacity. be quiet!’s motherboards also have modding appeal due to their simple layout and easy accessibility in the back panel.

The keyboard is pretty awesome, especially for the price. It has RGB LEDs that adjust their color temperature and hue depending on which profile is being used.

There’s a switch on the I/O panel that allows users to toggle between multiple profiles (presets) or create customized lighting patterns as they go.

What a lot of people may not know about RGB lighting (if you don’t like it, don’t worry), is that everyone sees different colors in different ways – so what looks green to one person may look blue to another, etc…

With this in mind though, I think Corsair nailed the color accuracy and overall experience with the keyboard by having 3 presets (Normal, game mode and WASD) – because these are meant to give everyone an option of what they like best – plus each preset can be customized using either pre-set color options or custom ones 🙂

The Pure Base 500DX is a white case that offers great quality and value. It is recommended for mid-range builds, but there is plenty of room and cooling even if you plan to upgrade in the near future so it can handle higher end builds if the need arises. We love that this model comes in three colors: black, blue, or grey.

It also has a lot of space (it’s massive) and we like how it doesn’t take away from the motherboard’s side intake areas.

7. Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Mesh White

Best Construction

Form Factor: Mid Tower | Motherboard Support: EATX (12″ x 10.7″), ATX, SSI CEB, Micro-ATX, Mini-Itx | Drive Bays: 4x 2.5” + 2x 2.5”/3.5” Combo | Radiator Support: 120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm | Included Fans: 3x 120mm/25mm ARGB Fans* *(3x 140 or 240 Optional) | Dimensions: 493 x 217 x 469 mm | Weight: 7 kg / 15.2 lbs | I/O Ports: 2x USB 3.0; Mic (for ARGB Lighting); Headphone; ARGB Controller


  • Excellent case for the price
  • Unparalleled ventilation with plenty of cooling mounts
  • Glass panel and open design showcase components
  • Enough space for 360mm radiators
  • Quality construction
  • Stylish all-white design


  • Cable management is inelegant
  • No space for 140mm fans

Our Rating: 9.3/10

Cooler Master began their aspiration of creating the ultimate CPU air-cooler. As the best manufacturer of PC cases, Cooler Master utilizes their many years of experience in designing and building some of the top cooling devices in the world. After an extensive review, Cooler Master came to realize that they were severely lacking in a specific area – high performance cooling options for PC enthusiasts and gamers alike who enjoy pushing their hardware beyond its limits.

I’ve never reviewed a Be Quiet! case before because I don’t really like their products, especially in the past. all white pc case That all changed with their recent release of the Dark Base Pro 900 rev 2.0 mid tower chassis.

I’m not going to tell you how great the build quality is or how quiet the front fan is because that’s information you can find anywhere on the internet. What I am here to talk about today is how this case looks and functions as both a gaming PC case and as an office computer case.

The designers at NZXT saw the need for a new kind of enclosure—one that would meet the aesthetic needs of a high-end system, but still provide the same great design and tremendous value that consumers have come to expect from NZXT. That’s how the H440 came to be.

The rugged, clean lines are accented by all-steel construction and sharp angles for an understated elegance. And, of course, all the features that you’ve come to rely on in our award-winning cases including cable management solutions and an advanced cooling layout optimized for airflow.

The MasterBox TD500 Mid-Tower from CoolerMaster is an ATX-sized chassis that measures 19.4 x 8.5 x 18.5 inches and is pretty good at keeping the heat of your high powered build in check while maintaining excellent airflow with the help of honeycomb shaped ventilation holes, not to mention its large side panel air vents that are easily accessible.

A main distinguishing feature of this case is that it can handle larger graphics cards since it has a lengthier ATX motherboard support area, allowing you to fit up to an E-ATX motherboard and even a 58mm ultra slim version in there without any problems and without crowding components inside like Corsair’s Obsidian 550D and Fractal Design’s Core series cases do.

The aluminum front panel features an integrated I/O panel with USB 3.0, four SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports (two in the standard black color and two in a vibrant blue), one microphone jack, one headphone jack and an on/off button to power down the system.

There are four fans, each with its own addressable RGB LED, which also includes a front-mounted cable pass-through. For those of you who have upgraded your high-end PC at some point or another, you know just how much of a pain it can be to find power in the rear or bottom of your case under where all those cables are connected.

Having the pass-through on the front helps tremendously (just make sure not to block it up with too many extension cords if you like to tuck away messy wires).

Aside from cooling and convenience though, this case is great for liquid cooling setups. It comes with space for two 360mm radiators and will support up to three more radiators which brings our total for this case to seven!

Cable management is just about the only area where this case doesn’t knock it out of the park.

It has 3 wide access ports through which to feed cables, and a compartment that sits behind the motherboard; both of these features are pretty standard in comparable cases, and of course there are going to be some discrepancies when the price reaches this range, but with cable management there are several differences between our winner and runner-up that warrant praise from enthusiast builders.

Compartments for cable routing are common place in premium cases; ours just so happens to have a slick multitudinous stand as well.

Noted in both reviews is its “secret” compartment for CPU coolers or PCI cards – another oft-seen feature in modular enclosures – but again, not all of them offer an easy way to route cabling through the back plate. This really rounds out the usability of an otherwise great case.

We really can’t complain too much about the cable management options with this version of GPD. While some other handhelds come equipped with a pass-through slot for charging or even a swappable battery design, the situation here is pretty typical for a device this size.

The IO panel is a bit sparse, though it does offer the basics. Power and reset buttons can be found on the case’s left side extrusion by default, with headphone and mic audio jacks scattered across the machine’s top surface. Unfortunately, there is no USB Type-C port.

All in all, this is one of the best mid tower cases for building a high-end gaming desktop. There are not many aesthetically pleasing options for mid towers that can hold a high-end rig and you can’t deny the appeal of having your internals on display.

Despite that, the Inwin M1 looks great from an overhead view and from every other angle despite a practically featureless top panel.

We didn’t notice anything substantial to complain about with this case, as it is definitely one of the best looking options available at this price point!

8. Thermaltake Core P3

Best for water cooling builds

The Nanoxia Deep Silence 120 has a snazzy appearance and it’s all black which is a popular colour, so your system will stand out in a dark room.

It has aluminum parts, including the side panel, which adds to the overall look of the case. It’s an attractive design for people who want something with panache.

The Deep Silence 120 Mini-ITX Tower from Nanoxia comes with one 120mm fan at the rear and is ready to accept two more 120mm fans in its front section. As you can see, this case has a removable dust filter at the top that fits over the fan on top.


  • Extremely verstatile
  • Excellent for water cooling builds
  • Quality construction
  • Great for showcasing
  • Plenty of connectivity
  • Fair Price


  • No USB Type-C Port
  • Not suited for air cooling
  • No fans included

Our Rating: 9.2/10

In an office filled with computers, you never know when you might need a CPU fan. For this reason, we want to share our review of the Thermaltake RGB 280mm High Air Pressure Dual Ring Fan that is the perfect CPU fan for any size PC build.

One doesn’t have to go far to find a great CPU fan for their system, as this model by Thermaltake is definitely one of the best choices on the market.

The case we selected for this review includes a lot of features that make it near-perfect for any type of computer builder or enthusiast looking to add something easy on deck. We’ll discuss these qualities in greater depth.

The case has an interior build that shows off its features. best white atx case The case comes with a tempered glass front panel, supports the latest PC hardware and has room for liquid cooling to help support the most rigorous builds.

Thanks to its dual GPU and PSU design, the HUE+ can use all the room in a typical case. Which means there are no limits to your setup, we’re not going to put any tiered restrictions on how you can place your components.

The modular trays allow you to arrange your PC parts together what they best suits your cooling needs, whether it be up and down in vertical orientation or horizontal like the traditional layout.

And now we are taking things one step further – you need ways to show off that beautiful piece of hardware, so why not mount it on the wall? If that’s what works for you then we’ve got you covered! HUE+ has three different stand options for every kind of configuration.

Now here’s the really exciting bit: We know some people will want a truly bespoke build with their system designed just for them but others may want something more affordable so we’re making both versions of our cases available at the same time .

If you’re using a laptop and worried about fitting in the larger laptop accessories like the power cord or the CD/DVD drives, then we recommend the P3 case.

It was originally designed to house desktop-grade components in a smaller form factor. And although it’s on the budget end, it can be used by bigger hardware than most other cases out there: even some of your older stuff that doesn’t have a miniITX board built right onto it!

This chassis supports both 3.5” and 2.5” storage devices with two 3.5”/2.5” drive trays which can be found hidden behind the right side panel at the back of the case with just enough room for cable management so you won’t need to fight ugly cables even though there is plenty of space behind the motherboard tray if you want to run them through a grommet towards the front or top of the case instead!

P3 included three 120mm or 140 mm fans or 1 x 820 or 240 mm radiator, 10/100/1000 Gb Ethernet LAN and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi with WPS 2.0 and SD card reader for added convenience for the user who wishes to upload directly from their device onto the P3.

I really love the design of the Phanteks P3. It’s got a very professional looking, sleek black coloring and open frame layout that looks perfect to me, as well as provides plenty of extra cooling space for all kinds of components inside it. What I also really love about this case is how much LED lighting there is packed into it.

Not only do you get 16.8 Million Colors RGB Fans , but you can individually set them and change their colors too if you want to go even further with matching your case with your PC build’s color scheme!

With so many customization options and super high build quality, the Core P3 should be your go-to case for a new build if you’re looking for something that will last.

The Core P3 is large (20.2″ x 13.1″ x 18.5″), , but it shouldn’t be too hard to fit in most spaces since this is a small case at heart.

With the option to customize almost everything about this case online, it’s near infinitely variable and surprisingly affordable at $150 in spite of its size. If you’re making a PC not only as a workhorse but an aesthetic one as well, this product might just be your unicorn case!

9. NZXT H210

Best Cooling Capabilities

Form Factor: Mini ITX Tower | Motherboard Support: Mini ITX | Drive Bays: 3+1x 2.5”, 1x 3.5” | Radiator Support: Up to 280mm | Included Fans: 2x Aer F120mm fans | Dimensions: 349 x 210 x 372 mm | Weight: 5.9 kg / 13 lbs | I/O Ports: 1x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A, 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, Headset Audio Jack


  • Compact, lighweight design
  • USB Type-C included
  • Great cooling capabilities
  • Comes with 2 120mm fans
  • Quality build
  • Convenient cable management


  • Limited space
  • Doesn’t support 360mm radiators

Our Rating: 9.1/10

As many would agree, one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is maintaining a loyal customer base. At the same time, however, you can’t neglect your existing customers either – they’re valuable assets who will help to bring in new customers.

So we need to strike a balance between the opportunity costs presented by spending time and resources on new leads, and alienating our existing potential customers.

So if looks aren’t your main concern, this case is just what you’re looking for. There are plenty of cases that emphasize function over style, but these are some of the best.

This one in particular has a clean, modern look and fits fanatics who don’t need an excessive number of ports to keep their parts cool. Consider it if you’re looking for a solid but attractive PC case that doesn’t try hard to stand out.

It doesn’t have a flashy RGB LED side panel with illuminated logo, but the tempered glass on this case allows customers to show off their work.

It has an ever so subtle light source for added privacy – great for showing off your gaming rig downstairs without turning on the lights! Oh and that backplate is removable, universal and customizable with different types.

Something you’ll love about the H210 is its side panel that takes a page from the look of the larger H500 and puts it on a smaller form factor.

The steel mesh in red makes for a really interesting piece of visual flair, yet it also serves as a vent for its rear 120mm fans to take in air. The metallic mesh design adds some vivid color that turns heads without feeling out of place.

When you open up the H200 chassis, it looks like a mini version of the Prodigy that somehow shrunk down. The easiest way to tell them apart from one another is the increased number of drive bays on the H200 versus other Fractal Design cases.

On the left side are mounts for either an SSD or HDD with a third support for mounting a slimline optical disk drive underneath it all. Up top, there’s even more space for adding any hardware your heart desires without having to sacrifice cooling options as there’s room in this design for several fans – both 120mm and 140mm alike!

NZXT has worked to ensure there are plenty of ways one can organize their cables, namely with the included cable bar that can run on the drive cages in your build or be used as a stand-alone piece that can be taken off and repositioned wherever you find it more convenient.

Despite its super small exterior, this case is intricately designed so that it doesn’t limit you in any way when it comes to expansion options for this build.

The PSU is located at the bottom of the case, and it comes with a latch that you can use to mount your 2.5” SSD to save even more room up top inside the case.

If your PSU has indicator LEDs, they’ll shine right through the back panel-making it look awesome inside your build! There’s also a nifty cable management strip running along the back panel-making it really easy to keep things neat and tidy on the inside so you don’t have any ugly cables eating away at your beautiful computer once it’s complete.

And if that weren’t enough for you to put your mind at ease when creating a rig, there are two 2.5” bays on the back panel-allowing you ample space to store and secure equipment in many different areas across your system.

When you purchase the H210, you’re guaranteed to get a lot of bang for your buck. This thing is surprisingly roomy as far as compact cases go—you have plenty of space to make internal adjustments or perform upgrades in the future. Likewise, it’s still compact enough that it won’t take up a lot of desk or floor space.

It also has a clean design and gloss finish which are aesthetically pleasing but also excellent at showing off your hardware!

10. Phanteks Enthoo Primo

Enormous storage support

When it comes to building a powerful PC for gaming or any other task, selecting the right parts is vital for performance. One of the most important parts of your system is the graphics card. This part acts as an interpreter between your computer’s RAM and CPU and whatever you are trying to display on your monitor via your PCI-Express port.


  • Very spacious
  • Comes with five 140mm fans
  • Space for up to 480mm rads
  • High quality build
  • Enourmous storage support
  • Attractive white design


  • Heavy, not portable
  • Premium price

Our Rating: 9.0/10

The Thermaltake Core V1 is a beautiful minimalist case with extremely clean lines and the ability to support most of today’s hardware.

If you want a minimal aesthetic, the The Phanteks Enthoo Series Primo is a good option as well with its sleek gunmetal color complimented by tempered glass. It’s bigger than some cases out there, but that can be an advantage for people who have large parts or water cooling setups.

This is one of the best cases you’re going to find when it comes to building your own computer. It has a very modern and sleek design which makes it stand out among everything else.

Has two tempered glass panels built in that let you have an inside look at your internal components, although they do not seem removable like some other models we’ll be looking at.

Plenty of high-quality fans that are cooling the case with the room to upgrade if necessary. Will be a great buy for you if you find it fits all of your needs for quality and quantity

The case supports up to 6 HDDs that sit in a closed panel, and this makes it more rigid and secure. You can also install SSD brackets in three different locations so the installation is really easy, the same goes for a dust filter which is easily removable.

So while this case is pretty formidable, it’s built to keep your options open and allow for flexibility when you’re modifying your interior.

It’s also well-thought out, so cable management was re-thought out and then intelligently put away in order to make room for you and extras like fans or displays.

The top panel has dual USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, a microphone, 3.5mm audio in and out ports, a power button for switching between the PSU installed in the upper chamber or the one in the bottom chamber (up to two PSUs are supported), and a reset button for clearing firmware flash memory to enable compatibility with other motherboard BIOS revisions.

The Enthoo Primo case offers many options as it is compatible with up to two PSUs for supporting multiple GPUs or one that requires additional power for overclocking purposes!

If you’re serious about building your gaming PC and looking for a quality case that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then this seriously priced mid tower case by DeepCool is absolutely perfect.

Whether you are into graphics editing, video streaming with the latest graphics card or heavy-duty PC gaming, this case has got it covered.

Don’t let me forget to mention the flexibility that the large size provides – 23.62″ x 9.84″ x 25.59″. The case design of aluminum faceplates and a steel chassis will leave you wondering if there is any other way to build a better interior structure!

11. Phanteks Enthoo Evolv

Portable Design

The Novatouch TKL is a uATX mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown key switches and White LED backlighting.

The keyboard features Gateron-made Cherry MX Brown key switches, a steel frame, several multimedia shortcuts, USB pass-through in the rear and a programmable macro key that can be used to execute anything from opening documents automatically to complex macro commands like earning achievements or making products come alive.

The Novatouch TKL featurs both NKRO over USB (USB Full speed) & N-key Rollover via PS2 Adapter , allowing advanced users to choose whichever communication method suits them best.


  • Great Price
  • Lightweight, Portable Design
  • Interesting Design
  • High Quality Build
  • Supports RGB


  • Limited Space
  • No USB Type-C Port

Our Rating: 9.0/10

Designing the right case for your applications can be challenging. For example, space limitations might be a problem if you are trying to use numerous PCIe cards. But there’s plenty of customization and space available with this case from Phanteks! Below is a list of its components:

Edge cases in software development. A workhorse is a software application (especially an Internet server) that supports the needs of its users by performing many functions correctly and efficiently.

Workhorses are usually developed out of necessity, because they fill an existing need or niche in the marketplace, and they are frequently used in situations where complex multilayer architectures would be hard to implement or maintain. Examples of this might include a Fax Server or an Accounting Backend System.

To be honest with you, when I first looked at this case, I fell in love with it. It’s very nice looking, despite being fairly compact.

There are plenty of options for how to set up your build inside of it. The large PSU and HDDs are hidden away to keep the interior looking clean which I like, but you get a mix of cooling options from easily accessible fans to water cooling.

You can quickly switch between either option during maintenance, so you know that every component is taken care of properly by your hand picked extras.

This particular case is exciting for a variety of reasons. One reason why this case is amazing is its built in fan bracket. This removable and adjustable component allows you to choose from having a radiator at the top or installing fans instead. This is an interesting option considering it means that you don’t have to worry about conflicts between your memory and case fans!

For those of you who are looking for a PC case that offers versatility and functionality, it’s hard to go wrong with the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv case. As stated in our previous article about more well-known brands, for PC gaming cases, Phanteks is often underrated.

However, you can’t beat their overall quality for your money when purchasing an Enthoo Evolv PC case. SPECS: The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv is made from SECC Materials, which are durable and lightweight yet sturdy enough to make sure your tower stays protected while gaming without weighing you down too much.

It has great cable management system as well – something which most computer parts lack sometimes. This ensures easy management of your cables leading to a tidier setup overall!

In the world of gaming PC cases, what can be seen as really small? We believe that any game enthusiasts looking for a great case would fall in love with the design and features of this $100 Phantec Enthoo Evolv ATX Mini Chassis. We highly recommend it to all gaming PC builders regardless of whether you’re experienced or novice.

This is one tough little machine that’s worth every bit of your investment! It’s compact and very useful for anyone building a formidable gaming rig on a tight budget.

12. In Win 101

Tempered Glass Side Panel

The Inwin 303 has everything you could possibly want from a computer case, whether you’re building a high-end gaming rig or just want to make sure your new PC is as accessible as possible – the 303 has what you need.

With full support for both Mini ITX and ATX motherboards, it’s instantly able to accommodate almost any configuration out there. Plus, it comes in an eye-catching color scheme that no one will be able to miss!


  • Great Price
  • Fine Design
  • Compact, Lightweight
  • Tempered Glass Side Panel
  • Easy to Access


  • Smaller interior
  • No USB Type-C Port

Our Rating: 8.9/10

One of the most affordable ways to have a solid build is with the sleek In Win 101. This economic choice allows you to get your setup housed while keeping some extra cash in your wallet.

We suggest this option for those not looking to purchase an expensive mid-tier or high end case, but need a case with more features than a budget motherboard bundle includes by default.

What do I love about the 101? It’s a reasonably sized and extremely efficient PC case that allows you to keep your gaming rig nice and tidy.

With room enough to mount as many as 6 fans, this product is engineered to keep every component of your computer cool at all times so that you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without lagging or any unwanted game freezes.

Whether you’re looking to build a console or desktop, it’s crucial that your chosen PC case will have enough space to accommodate the hardware you wish to install.

After all, regardless of what system you go with, no matter how much RAM or how fast the graphics card – if it lacks in proper airflow management which ensures that everything is kept nice and cool at all times then your computer simply won’t last as long as it should!

If you have had issues with your GPU’s stability in the past, we’ve got a feature called GPU Support (for versions 210-219) that comes in for the rescue.

It is made to provide extra support to prevent damage from vibrations and in addition to this it carries an extra PCI adapter, not only this but there is also more room for fitting longer graphics cards up to 30cm.

And if you need to fit a fan on top of your VIOLETTA then there will also be two holes made available, should you want to do so.

The case also hosts two 2.5” HDD mounting racks, making it excellent for upgrading to a solid-state drive… The dimensions of the case itself are 16.7” x 8.3” x 18.6” with good proportions inside to fit your motherboard and CPU while keeping space clear around the PCI slots for graphics cards as wide as 13″

Something to keep in mind with regards to how big your gaming PC case needs to be is that the internal dimensions of your case and the dimensions of any equipment you want to place inside it matter.

When choosing a PC gaming case, be sure you know the dimensional intricacies of each model first before putting one on top of another case, or even worse – buying one before finding out that it’s not compatible with some piece of hardware down the line because you didn’t bother to measure the size beforehand or worst still, assuming a given size will fit if it has always fit in previous iterations.

For example, this case didn’t have enough room for 3 pre-built fans for GPU cooling after I installed a larger than recommended graphics card despite there being ample room for longer GPUs like that. But even so, thanks to there being nothing (i.e no hard drive bays) blocking airflow from the top portion of this case,

This affordable case is designed for ease of use so you can easily remove, clean, and return a dust filter on the go to keep your components as dust-free as possible.

It features a USB 3.0 port and an HD Audio port. It also includes two case options allowing you to find the exact setup to suit you!

Now, it’s time to show off those delicious inside-insides. There are two optional panels to the case and each can be swapped out with the pre-installed side panels. Both of these optional panels are made of tempered glass (the material used in many smartphones these days).

A clean and stylish computer casing is great for getting attention, but inside every pretty face lies a bevy of unsightly wires! From CPU fans to PSU cables to PCI-E extensions, there’s a wide variety of components that need proper management. But what if we told you about a proxy powering the back end of your PC? Check out this sleek chassis by artist Paul Barton:

The way the case lights up when it’s on is really cool. It’s such an unobtrusive fixture, but still lets you know the PC is working its magic.

In Win really demonstrates how two sometimes disparate things can be perfectly combined to make something sensational – like lighting and a case for example. If you want a sleek looking case without breaking the bank, then this one might be just what you’re looking for; it’s hard not to love everything about this product! Plus, I guess the name of it kind of says it all.


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