What to Consider When Building a Pet-Friendly Custom Home?

To have a pet is to experience joy, hilarity, and love without conditions.  Our pets are members of the family.  Providing them with a setting that facilitates their regular routines and improves their quality of life is crucial. 

Custom building a home allows you to design a dwelling that perfectly reflects your personality and preferences, even creating accommodations for your pets. There are many factors to consider while planning a house for you and your pets. 

From selecting the right materials to pet-proofing each room, this process should be planned carefully to ensure that everyone’s needs are taken into account. Other factors to consider include the layout of each room, the location of food/water bowls, access to outdoor areas, and the size/location of each pet’s sleeping area. 

Additionally, when building a pet-friendly house, it is essential to ensure that all features are built to safety standards and with durable finishes that can handle claws as active as yours!

Importance of Considering Pets When Building a Custom Home

When designing a custom home, pet essentials must be taken into account. Custom pet-friendly residences can meet their safety, comfort, and well-being requirements. Building a pet-friendly house design is a commitment to the coexistence of humans and canines.

Professional custom house builders have the skills and expertise required to plan and create pet-friendly surroundings. You may obtain the correct flooring and other elements with their assistance to make your home cosy and secure for your pet friends. Home builders know how to make your living environment pet-friendly, from creating unique furniture to constructing bedrooms and play areas. Design the ideal pet-friendly residence for you and your four-legged family members with the help of professionals.

Elk Ridge Custom Homes specialize in providing pet-friendly home solutions such as custom homes, coatings, and feeding stations. They understand that home furnishings and arrangements need to be designed with the safety and comfort of pets in mind. They help their clients find the best solutions to ensure a comfortable living environment for both owners and pets. By utilizing their expertise and experience, Elk Ridge Custom Homes strives to deliver superior results in creating pet-friendly custom homes.

5 Things To Keep in Mind While Building a Pet-Friendly Custom Home

  1. Space and Layout

Design Open Areas for Pets to Move Freely

A pet-friendly custom residence must have ample space for pets. These settings allow pets to run, play, and investigate. Open spaces improve the physical health of your canines and give them a sense of freedom and enjoyment in your home. Designing open spaces allows your pets to flourish, whether in a large living room, pet play area, or backyard.

Create Dedicated Pet Zones

These locations are tailored to your pet’s needs. Whether it’s a place for their bed and toys or a chamber for feeding and grooming, your pets will feel safe and secure in these areas. Dedicated spaces allow you to manage their activities and minimize their impact on the home. Certain zones also remind family members that certain areas are reserved for the dogs, creating a happy living environment where everyone’s requirements are met.

Use Doors and Pet Gates 

Create a pet-friendly custom home by installing doors and pet gates as barriers. These physical barriers keep your pets safe and protect spaces. At entrances or staircases, pet gates can be installed to restrict access while allowing for visibility and contact. Built-in pet doors or discrete entries provide pets with easy access to the outdoors. Through doors and pet gates, you can organize your property while limiting your pets’ freedom of movement.

  1. Flooring and Surfaces

Choose Durable Materials 

Pets are active, playful, and sometimes accident-prone; therefore, choosing durable materials for the upkeep of your home is essential. Hardwood, premium vinyl, tile, and pigmented concrete resist pet claw damage, scratches, and stains. Upholstery, resilient fabrics that are simple to clean can withstand pet hair, grime, and spills. Using pet-resistant materials, you can create a pet-friendly and durable custom residence.

Elegant and resilient hardwood flooring is a classic option. It is resistant to scratches and simple to clean. Luxury vinyl, which resembles hardwood or tile, is an excellent alternative. Tile flooring is simple to clean and resistant to scratches and odors. These pet-friendly flooring options combine elegance and functionality to ensure that canines are comfortable and floors are long-lasting.

Include Non Slip Surfaces to Prevent Accidents

Your pet-friendly custom home must have nonslip surfaces for pet safety. On slick surfaces, pets, especially elderly or long-nailed ones, can lose their footing and fall. Textured tiles or non-slip flooring allow pets to travel freely throughout the house. This is essential in areas prone to spills, such as kitchens, restrooms, and entryways. Your unique home’s non slip surfaces safeguard you and your pets from harm.

  1. Pet-Friendly Landscaping

Consider the Outdoor Space for Pets

Outdoor spaces that are both secure and interesting are great for pets. They can get some fresh air and exercise in a well-planned outside space. A safe enclosure or fence will keep your dogs from wandering off into danger. The presence of shade, pet-friendly flora, and play areas improves their outdoor experience. Speaking of pet-friendly flora, you should really consider installing artificial turf as a lot of dogs prefer artificial grass over normal grass due to the comfort it provides. By addressing the outdoor space, you can construct a pet-friendly home addition where your pets can grow, remain active, and appreciate nature in a safe and supervised setting.

Install Secure Fences or Enclosures

Custom residences that allow pets must have secure fencing or enclosures. These structures provide a secure, confined outdoor space for pets to exercise. A well-designed fence or enclosure gives you peace of mind while allowing your canines to play outside. It also prevents minors from accessing neighboring properties, busy roadways, or potentially hazardous situations. Consider the size and breed of your companion when selecting a fence or enclosure. Installing secure fences or enclosures allows your canines to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Incorporate Shade Structures and Pet-Friendly Plants

Similar to humans, pets require sun protection and a tranquil outdoor space. Trees, pergolas, and awnings provide shade for your canines. To secure pets, choose plants that are pet-friendly. Use pet-friendly flora in your landscaping design. Consuming poisonous plants can make animals ill. Shade structures and pet-friendly plants create a safe and entertaining outdoors.

Designate an Area for Play and Relief

A backyard or indoor playhouse allows your companion to play and exercise. This area should include suitable toys, scratching posts, and enrichment activities to keep them occupied. Establishing a distinct space for pet relieving and appropriate instruction and reinforcement promotes good bathroom habits and facilitates household cleanliness. You can improve your pets’ health by establishing play and relief areas.

  1. Storage and Organization

These designated pet storage spaces keep your companion’s belongings organized and clutter-free. Toys and accouterments are stored on shelves, while food, snacks, and grooming supplies are kept in cabinets. Stations for pets can combine feeding, maintenance, and storage. These design elements create a functional and aesthetically pleasing pet-friendly space that encourages cleanliness and order for you and your companion.

  1. Indoor Air Quality

Building a custom residence that is pet-friendly requires knowledge of pet air quality. Pet dander, fur, and odors can pollute your and their air. The sensitivity to these allergens and pollution may result in respiratory problems. Air-purifying features can mitigate these effects. Examples include high-quality air filters, ventilation, and cleansing. Additionally, non-toxic paints and coatings reduce VOC emissions. You and your canines will be healthier and more comfortable if you consider and manage the effects of your pets on indoor air quality.

Custom residences that are pet-friendly require non-toxic paint and finishes. Pets, particularly inquisitive ones, may brush household surfaces. Non-toxic paints and finishes prevent canines from licking or chewing on surfaces. Low-VOC paints emit fewer harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Paints based on water are safer than solvent-based paints. Use varnishes and sealants that are pet-safe. Paint and coatings that are pet-friendly are non-toxic.


The unconditional love and commitment that our pets show us make them indispensable members of our households. Building a pet-friendly custom home is a commitment to the well-being and happiness of your furry family members. It’s a sign of the commitment you and your four-legged friend shrae when you design a home for them where they may thrive and where people can make numerous happy memories together. 

So, seize the chance, let your imagination run wild, and construct a house ideal for your family and devoted pets.  Ultimately, with the right design elements and a bit of imagination, you can create a pet-friendly custom home that will serve as a safe and enjoyable space for your beloved furry companion.

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