5 Tasks To Build Your Freelance Company Through Digital Marketing

Freelancers don’t always have a marketing team at their disposal. That means you must spend some time promoting yourself to get new clients. It may be an easy task if you are a freelance marketer, but self-promotion might only come naturally to some.

Digital marketing is an excellent way to grow your freelance company. If you’d like to get started but need some tips, here are five things you can do to promote your business.

1. Establish a Social Media Presence

Your portfolio should have a place on all social media channels. That said, some are more effective than others depending on your industry. If you are a financial consultant, LinkedIn may be a better option for finding clients than Instagram. If you are a photographer, Instagram may be more conducive to attracting clients than other channels.

Concentrate your efforts where you reach most of your target audience, but don’t ignore other platforms. Posting frequently and regularly keeps your audience engaged no matter where they find you.

2. Create High-Quality Posts

Once you’ve established a presence on social media, maintain and grow your audience with professional, informative posts. The idea is to become an authority in your industry. People will want to seek your advice and read your posts to get information.

Some ideas to get you started include:

  • Posting a tip of the week
  • Asking questions and responding to build conversations
  • Posting relevant business statistics to educate your audience
  • Taking a poll to learn more about your readers
  • Give a “behind-the-scenes” tour for an in-depth look at what you do

3. Maintain a Blog

Blogging can be a lot of work, and it can also be challenging. The most effective blogs inform and engage your audience and contain keywords to maximize SEO and allow people to find you in a search. You’ll need good writing skills and a working knowledge of SEO best practices.

You can promote your blog by sending them in email newsletters or posting links on your social media channel. If you’re just getting started, be patient. It can take time for a blog to become established. The more informative posts you have, the better the chances are your audience will find you.

Posting as a guest on an established blog can help build your brand and put you in front of a broader audience. Guest posts can boost awareness while you develop your own company blog.

4. Ask for Referrals and Reviews

Word-of-mouth advertising is a reliable and effective way of getting new clients. Digital media is an excellent way to harness its power. Do you have clients who are pleased with your work? Ask them to write a review. Consumers depend on reviews, especially when conducting business online with someone they’ve never worked with.

Positive reviews can increase consumers’ trust in your company. They can be especially helpful if you are a solo freelancer without a list of people on your payroll. Good reviews prove you have customers who appreciate your work. They also demonstrate your willingness to be transparent and communicate openly with your clients.

5. Tailor Communication to Your Audience

Your target audience is diverse, even if you appeal to a niche group. Their business requirements may vary according to age, location, business size or other demographics. They will respond better to campaigns tailored to their needs.

Say, for instance, you are a freelance accountant. You will pitch your services differently to a one-person daycare in your town than a financial advising company with several offices. You may emphasize a “local business” angle to the daycare owner to gain trust, whereas you may play up your multitasking and flexibility to the financial advisors.

Showcasing Your Talents Through Digital Marketing

Freelancers have many options available to help them promote their companies. Digital marketing is a low-cost, compelling way to get your name out there. It requires attention and upkeep, but when done right, it’s an effective tool for growing your business.

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