Best Alternatives to manage your business documents and Pdf files.

Alternatives to manage business documents

Managing your business documents and PDF files is very much important, and this is because of multiple reasons.
In this post, you would explore some of these common reasons and the best tools that can help you with document management.

First, let us look at some of the common reasons for document management!

1. You must secure your documents in protected storage space. Most business documents and PDF files would contain sensitive and important information that you cannot risk leaking. This is why you have to make sure that you keep them secure.

2. Managing documents and files is also going to help you increase your workplace productivity. If the business files are not in place, then it can be very difficult for you to find them when you need them. Physically searching documents from a large stack of files can waste a lot of your time, and this is why we would suggest you manage your docs digitally.

3. If you are managing your files and your documents electronically, you can also help share them. The use of electronic tools and digital management systems is going to help you in convenient collaborations.

4. You can easily access the data which you want to use. If you store the files in local storage, then you can get them from any device you want.

5. Managing documents can save you a lot of costs.

Now that you know about the different reasons for document management, we would like you to know that the top two formats used in business are docx to pdf and PDF. Both of these formats have their pros and cons. PDF files are considered to be more secure, whereas word files can easily be edited and accessed. Below we have mentioned some digital alternatives that can help you manage your business documents and PDF files.

Best Tools to manage business word and PDF files!

Here are some of the best tools that can help you manage and manipulate your business files.

Nitro Pro

This is one of the best online tools to help you manage your files in a better way. If you want PDF and Word files that you want to convert, edit, lock, or unlock, this is the perfect utility. Some of the features of Nitro PDF are mentioned over here:

● It is compatible with all sorts of devices.

● It is free to download and use.

● It helps you convert word and PDF files to other formats.

● It can help you share documents in the cloud.

● You can share files with your team.

● It has a built-in OCR feature.

● It can help you digitally sign off PDF files.


Duplichecker is a very reliable website that offers a complete section of tools for document management and manipulation. The word to PDF converter tool by this utility site is among the most reliable tools in this league.

Navigate to this free word to pdf converter by using If you want to secure content on your word files, you can use the word to PDF converter tool to save the file in PDF in less than seconds.

Similarly, if you want to edit or share the PDF files saved in PDF, then all you have to do is convert them to word with the PDF to word converter. Duplichecker is free and easy to use. As they are based on the cloud, you can easily use them on any device you want.


This is another suite that can help you manipulate your PDF and word files for free. This software tool helps you create new word and PDF files and convert, edit, and sign the ones you have already saved in your local or cloud storage spaces. You can easily use Wondershare on your windows, Mac, and smart devices. Some features of Wondershare are mentioned as under:

● You can control PDF files without any hassle.

● You can distribute and combine documents with this tool.

● You can protect your files with unintended access.

● You can share your documents with your colleagues.

● You can edit PDF files without converting them.

Icecream PDF Editor

This is another intuitive online tool that enables you to make changes in your business PDF files. With the help of this app, you can easily edit, manage and annotate your word and PDF files. If you want to make a word to PDF conversion or vice versa, this is the perfect tool. It protects the originality of the file while it’s in the conversion process. Features of ice cream editor are:

● Converting word to PDF.

● Combining PDF files.

● Moving, rotating, and resizing files.

● Protecting business documents with a password.

● Adding notes and comments in PDF.

● Searching through files before making changes.

You can use any of the above-listed tools to manage your business files, whether they are saved in MS Word or PDF format!

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