What is Area Code Updater AppIn for MS Outlook?

You might have thousands of contacts in your Outlook folders. Most of the telephone numbers for those contacts must have area codes. Thirteen different kinds of phone numbers could exist in each Contact.

There are potentially many phone numbers that do not have area codes in them. If these phone numbers are located in a region where a transition to 10-digit dialing has occurred or will shortly, then properly updating these numbers is essential.

This is especially true if you synchronize your contacts with a smartphone and want to ensure that you are dialing the correct number.

Outlook Area Code updater was a third-party Appin that lets you update all contacts at bulk. It did not support international phone number formats (just the +1 555-555-1234 format).

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The product was also straightforward to use and had some powerful options. It had two modes:

1. Simple Update:

Just enter an area code, choose a folder (and make an optional backup of your contacts) and click a button!

2. Advanced Options:

This helped when your contacts were missing city or state/province values from any of their address fields. The Appin updates them with their area code. It can also update contacts from a specific city or state/province only. Just enter those values, and the updater will do its job.

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The Appin was compatible with Outlook 2000-2013, 32-bit, and 64-bit versions (English language UI only). The Operating Systems supported were Windows 10, 7, 8, XP, and Vista. But Outlook 2013 on Microsoft Surface RT devices was NOT supported (Surface Pro devices were supported).

Note: Area Code Updater for MS Outlook is officially discontinued.

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