Be Productive by Using the Split PDF Feature on GogoPDF

Originally, if you only needed a specific topic or page for a report, you had to retype it all and then copy and paste the selection that you required. We’ve already seen PDF books with hundreds of pages. One thing is for certain: you will not cite the full contents of that book in your report as a reference to a specific subject. When you have to type something from one or two pages of a PDF document into a new file, it is still clearly evident.

However, the development of online technology has given birth to some of the best online tools that you can use to make your life easier. GogoPDF has a split PDF feature that enables you to split a PDF file and only select the parts you need. This will keep your document’s original layout and format.

Split PDF Feature of GogoPDF

Be productive by using the split PDF feature of GogoPDF as it offers the top service for your PDF. GogoPDF’s Split Tool keeps everything from the original document. It’ll make a copy of that page and save it as a new PDF file. GogoPDF’s capacity to classify choices is an excellent feature. It will ask you whether you want to extract just one page or chapter from the book, or if you want to split multiple chapters and obtain multiple PDFs.

GogoPDF’s services are entirely free. The tool is compatible with all platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. You are free to use whatever browser. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can generate new high-quality PDF documents. The processing time is short. All you need to do now is wait a few seconds for the pages to be extracted. Its customer privacy policy is excellent.

After an hour, GogoPDF will delete the files you uploaded to their website. It’s all conducted in the cloud by this web-based tool. You wouldn’t even have to install any application since all you need is an internet browser, which takes up no hard drive space on your device.

GogoPDF’s Split PDF tool is quick and simple to use and it frees up time for us to do other things. GogoPDF has provided everything on their website so that it is accessible to people of all ages who require assistance with PDF documents. Even beginners can benefit from using GogoPDF as a lifesaver with their PDF documents because every instruction provided on their website is simple to understand.

Splitting PDF File

Here’s how to split a PDF file with GogoPDF. First, ensure that your device has a stable internet connection upon opening a browser. Go to the GogoPDF website and choose “Split PDF” from the list of options. Upload the PDF file from your device using the select files button or by using Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also drag and drop your selected PDF file onto the splitting area box.

Determine how you want to divide your PDF file and afterward select the necessary pages from your original PDF file. The pages from your document are shown on the homepage. You have the option of extracting numerous pages into a new document. You can add additional documents while selecting the pages you need. It will allow you to combine pages from multiple documents into a single file. You can also divide it into separate pages or discard specific pages. After you’ve selected the pages or chapters you want, click extract, and the pages will begin to be extracted.

GogoPDF will make it easier for us because the method of separating your PDF files into the desired number of pages will only take a few moments. When the extraction is complete, you will be prompted to download the file or save it to Dropbox or Google Drive. You will also receive a link to the new file. If you want to share on your social media accounts, you can do so by copying the link.

Other Prominent Features of GogoPDF

eSign PDF Feature

With GogoPDF’s eSign PDF tool, you can quickly sign an agreement from anywhere using your web browser or mobile device. GogoPDF enables you to sign PDFs in a variety of creative and excellent ways. Users can sign your name with your mouse, upload a photo from your computer, or take a photo of yourself carrying a piece of paper with a handwritten version of your signature. The signature tracker on GogoPDF keeps you up to date on the situation of the PDF document you sent to others.

PowerPoint to PDF Conversion

The main disadvantage of using Powerpoint is the size of each presentation you create, which means that emailing or transmitting the PPT file takes time. However, unless you convert your PPT slides to PDFs, you can quickly transfer them to anyone. Converting a PPT to PDF is an easy task with GogoPDF. By converting it to PDF, you will be able to create a more organized and understandable Powerpoint presentation without worry when shared with others online.

JPG to PDF Conversion

When you convert a JPG or other image file to PDF, you guarantee that no one else will be able to copy it without your permission. It’s also a quick and useful conversion tool that can handle multiple JPG files at the same time. GogoPDF will instantly convert it to PDFs, allowing you to quickly resolve your problem. The JPG to PDF converter from GogoPDF allows you to neatly archive your image library. Its service merges multiple images into a single PDF file, automatically rotating, optimizing, and scaling images while maintaining the original resolution of the file.


GogoPDF has established itself as an online tool with which you can work efficiently, particularly when splitting PDF files. It undoubtedly aids its user by providing simple instructions. You can detach pages or create chapters, attachments, and individual PDF documents with a few mouse clicks. The splitting tool in GogoPDF is a great choice for those in a hurry, and it will boost your office’s performance while also maintaining the protection of your files. It’s both free and simple to use even for the beginner user.

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