What is Outlook Touch?

Outlook Touch was a third-party add-in for interacting with Outlook whole differently. Its multi-mode UI used to speed up the way you process emails and navigate within MS Outlook. Whether you work with a mouse or have touch-enabled hardware.

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Outlook Touch had these discontinued features:

  1. The TouchBall always floats above your main Outlook window, positioned where you want it and always ready to be easily accessed. Or drag it and tuck it away in a corner when you don’t need it (or turn it off and on via the Ribbon). Its transparent design (with customizable opacity settings) allows you to still view the content of the email behind it or the messages in your folder
  2. The TouchBall was perfect for navigating within your Inbox or other folders. You could lick the arrows to select the next or previous message quickly, scroll the active email’s message body or page up and down the list of messages.
  3. Quickly delete emails or mark them as read/unread
  4. Use FastFlag or FastCategory buttons to assign your specified favorite flag or category to the current email
  5. Click the center of the TouchBall to open a radial (wheel) menu to navigate to other folders or pick from a variety of flags and categories to assign to the selected email
  6. Click the Actions drop-down button and access commands to open the selected email, reply to it or forward it, or create new emails or other items.
  7. Switch between three layout modes: the default TouchBall, or the horizontal or vertical TouchBar modes. The TouchBar features two Do and Go buttons which display radial menus that organize many functions from the TouchBall into their lists, and leaves commonly used commands as buttons on the TouchBar.

Your last used mode/layout and position was always remembered after you turn off Outlook Touch. And everything was easily customizable to suit your tastes!

The AppIn was compatible with Outlook 2010-2013, 32-bit and 64-bit versions (only English language UI installations supported). It worked with Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista. Outlook 2013 on Microsoft Surface RT devices was NOT supported. However, surface pro devices were supported. But it was not compatible with the Outlook.com or Outlook Web Application (OWA) web interfaces.

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Please Note: Outlook Touch is discontinued and no longer available to download. For the sake of information, its price was $30.00 USD when active.

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