Perfect Combat Tactical Boot Outfits to Wear Now & Later

Check out the endless obsession with combat boots in the latest fashion trends. What began as a completely functional boot designed for military purposes is now a versatile shoe.

Combat boots are easy to style and more practical than you may think. They are an excellent way to add an edgy element to your outfit for numerous events, including date nights, hiking, night outs, and even weddings.

In terms of the weather, tactical boots are very ideal to use during colder and wetter months as they can withstand such weather by giving your feet comfort and protection at the same time. Putting together several combat boot outfits in summer or spring would still be okay. So, you can wear these boots, with the right outfit, anywhere you want- except perhaps not at an office job.

If you want to jump on the bandwagon of combat boots, you should learn how to dress them. Check out the all-time Danner combat boot outfit inspirations below.

5 Best Outfit Ideas with Danner Tactical Boots

When looking for ways to wear your combat boots, most times, confusion comes to mind. However, the best Danner police boots are perfect for alleviating a simple and grand outfit. Because they come in different styles, heights, and heel types, you can pair them with nearly everything. 

More so, they’re the unique boot types to get you through the toughest obstacles around. In short, the best Danner boots for police can get you anywhere you’re going; whether it’s a tactical or adventuring journey.

Let’s discover the different ways you can rock your Danner combat boot.

1.   Jeans

Combat boots with jeans are the number one combination for almost everyone. The trick to wearing your Danner tactical boots depends on the style of the jeans. This way, you’ll know whether to tuck the jeans into the boots, or not.

Let’s see how different jeans styles can pair with Danner army boots;

  • Skinny jeans: You can style your skinny jeans with combat boots by tucking, laying them over, rolling up the ankle, or wearing ankle socks over the jeans. Then, complete your Danner police boots outfit with a cropped tee or bodysuit for a high-waist style. If it’s cold outside, layer with a jacket or midi-length sweater.
  • Straight leg: If you’re looking for boots with slimmer or looser straight-leg jeans, a Danner combat boot will make a killer combination. You can wear your jeans over the combat boots if they’re wide enough or roll them up severally for a more casual look. For the final look, wear a semi-tucked sweater or shirt.
  • Wide leg: A combination of the best Danner boots for police and wide-leg jeans is the current booming winter style. Because they don’t roll up or cuff well, allow the jeans to fall over the combat boots. You can layer a bodysuit with an oversized blazer or an army jacket with a tee.

2.   Leggings

If jeans aren’t your thing, try the faux leggings with a pair of Danner tactical boots. Solid-colored leggings like a black ones would pair well with either white or black combat boots. Maroon is a perfect color too!

If you want to go bold, pair your Danner police boots with studded, zippered, or quilted leggings. Finish up with an oversized sweater or a graphic tee.

3.   Dresses

Due to Danner army boots’ masculine and rugged appearance, it would be best to add a feminine touch. Pretty dresses are a perfect choice! However, dresses come in various styles that would match combat boots.

For instance;

  • Little Black Dress: Little black dresses match well with everything! And nothing is more striking than a little black dress and a perfect pair of Danner combat boots. You can pair a satin LBD with your combat boots for a night out if you want to dance the night away. Still, the little black tunic dress with tactical boots gives a flirty, casual vibe.
  • Maxi dress: There’s no better way to pair your flowy maxi dress than with Danner police boots. For summer, linen maxi dresses are perfect to make you comfortable. During the fall, a heavier material for your maxi dress, paired with combat boots and a denim jacket, would be outstanding.
  • Denim Dress: If you’re going for that complete casual look, a denim dress paired with combat boots would be perfect. Preferably, black tactical boots will allow you to match any shade of a denim dress effortlessly. Ensure you remember your cross-body purse!

4.   Skirts

Skirts are also a perfect alternative outfit to wear with your Danner police boots. The best part? You are free to top them with anything! Try these skirts, together with combat boots combinations.

  • Mini skirt: Because life is short, a mini-skirt shouldn’t miss in your wardrobe. Mini–skirts are a timeless trend that’s consistently topping the fashion charts. The best way to style your short skirt is to pair it with the best Danner police boots. Try adding a long sweater on top for warmth if it’s a night occasion or chilly weather.
  • Midi skirt: A midi skirt with a slit will allow you to show some leg and your cute Danner combat boot. You can try a pleated midi skirt with your combat boots if you’re the silent type. Perfect it with semi-tucking a button-down blouse or a sweater. It gives you that unique casual look.
  • Leather skirt: Every lady needs a black leather skirt. You can pair it flawlessly as a wardrobe staple with black, white, or red Danner army boots. For a uniform look, match your skirt, boots, and top with the same color, and break it using a different-colored sweater.

5.   Shorts

Lace up your chunky Danner combat boots, throw on a rock-and-roll tee, and wear denim shorts! Ideally, black combat boots would match perfectly with a dark pair of denim shorts, and finally, complete the look with a tote bag.

Wear leather shorts with tights if the weather is cold, but you still want to rock some shorts. For that sleek appearance, pair it with combat boots and step out. How about throwing a leather jacket on top? Wait, put on semi-sheer tights with a pattern, and have more fun with this appearance!

Final Words

Danner tactical boots are the best option if you want a youthful, reserved, or funky look. Because of their timeless nature, they qualify as a must-have boot for every fashion-sensitive woman.

Pairing your combat boots with outfits is exciting and gives you a broad fashion sense to explore. So, you can enjoy the different ways of styling the Danner police boots. More so, these boots can be your everyday or occasional wear.

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