Schedule Posts: The Main Advantages and the Creation Opportunity

Create eye-catching schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, schedule content with business accounts and post to multiple channels. Save time and increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing with the planning tool in VistaCreate.

4 Reasons to Like the VistaCreate Social Media Scheduler

Streamline your creative flow with the VistaCreate social media planner.

  • Develop it in your own way.

Do you have a better idea for a scheduled post? Don’t worry – there’s no need to cancel your post schedule! In the VistaCreate social media planner, you can easily edit posts that are already scheduled. Go to the “Post Scheduler” tab, select the project you need to edit, and polish your content. Plus, if you’ve scheduled a post for multiple groups, all changes can automatically be applied everywhere if needed.

  • Everything at your fingertips.

No need to waste time scheduling social media posts in different media planning tools! Create your visuals and manage their publishing in one place! VistaCreate offers thousands of ready-made social media templates and powerful editing features to create custom designs. Create, edit and plan your social media content in a free social media planner.

  • Design for all social networks.

Plan your posts for different social media platforms in one media planner! Connect the VistaCreate social media planner to your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest business accounts and manage your posts on all your channels. Save time by making one visual and resizing it for multiple social media platforms in VistaCreate. Create standout designs for all the social media platforms you need and plan your activities in the free social media post planner.

  • Enhance your visuals.

Find millions of stock images and videos on any topic or theme in the VistaCreate content planner! Enhance your visual projects with amazing backgrounds, stunning design objects, and royalty-free images. You can also upload your own photos to the editor and add them to your projects for more personalized visuals.

No need for a complicated social media planner calendar. No additional software, either. Create, plan and post right in VistaCreate. Save yourself time to create more visuals for your feed and increase your social media marketing with custom designs.

Planning your Social Media Design in VistaCreate

First, you need to determine where you can post your design. Then choose the right format for your social network (an Instagram post, a Facebook post, or a Pinterest graphic). But don’t worry: If you choose the wrong format, you can easily edit your design to fit another media using VistaCreate’s resize tool and schedule it where you want it. You can also use the “Share” option on the top editor panel and choose the platform you want to publish to. 

Posts for Multiple Platforms

Connect your Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest business accounts to our social media scheduler. Let the VistaCreate app create and manage content on your page and publish content to groups on your behalf. And that’s it! Now all you have to do is choose the format of the social network you want and create your design. Schedule a post for one platform, then easily resize the design for the other platform you need and schedule the post.

What’s more, you can edit multiple post designs at once in the VistaCreate content planner. If you’ve scheduled posts for multiple groups or pages, you can edit all those scheduled publications at once by simply editing one of them. Open one of these scheduled visuals, make your edits, and you’ll have all your changes automatically saved for each of these publications. But keep in mind that these posts must be scheduled at the same time and for the same social media platform.

Get everything you need to achieve your marketing goals in one place with VistaCreate’s free social media planner! 


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