Perhaps even the way is the goal: Most hiking trails lead through beautiful natural areas to the rushing masses of water. We’ll tell you our favorites – and you can find even more waterfalls near you on a large overview map. Once you arrived you have the perfect spot to play with a perfect view. 


Triberg Waterfalls, Baden-Württemberg

In Baden-Württemberg, the Triberg Waterfalls rush an impressive 163 meters into the depths. This makes them the highest waterfall in Germany outside the Alps. The waterfalls in seven steps into a forested basin and passes mighty granite rocks.

If you want to admire this natural phenomenon from close up, well-maintained, asphalted paths will lead you around the waterfalls. Two rustic wooden bridges offer a great view, and there is also a footbridge with a platform.

In the evening you can experience a special highlight: Until 10 p.m., the waterfalls are bathed in atmospheric light. Lake Constance is also not far away.

From Triberg, several hiking trails lead to the waterfalls: the cascade trail (45-minute walk), the culture trail (1 hour) and the nature trail (1.5 hours).

Info about the waterfall:

Address: 78098 Triberg in the Black Forest.

Height: 163 meters

Blauenthal Waterfall, Saxony

In the Ore Mountains of Saxony, this beauty falls 30 meters into the depths: the Blauenthal Waterfall was created after the First World War. At that time, a factory owner had a new operating ditch for the turbines built above the steep rock face. Every Sunday, when the machines were at a standstill, the water was diverted over the rock face.

Since then, the Blauenthal waterfall has been known as a tourist attraction. It is particularly impressive in winter when the water freezes – extreme athletes then use the natural spectacle for daredevil ice climbing.

Info about the waterfall:

Height: 30 meters

Address: Parking lot at the waterfall, Zimmersacherstraße, 08309 Eibenstock.

Distance to the waterfall: 5 minutes walk

Kuhfluchtwaterfalls, Bavaria

No less than three impressive waterfalls have come together near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The 270-meter-high Kuhfluchtwasserfälle are also among the highest waterfalls in Germany. Rustic alpine pastures and colorful flower meadows, as well as a well-signposted trail network, invite you to visit them.

They are among the highest waterfalls in Germany: the Kuhfluchtwasserfälle.

This can be done wonderfully on foot – from Farchant you can reach the Kuhfluchtwasserfälle in about an hour. There are several theories about the unusual name: One is based on the origin “Kuhflack.”

Accordingly, in summer the cows look for a cool place in the shade with enough water to lie down, i.e. to “flacken”. In fact, to this day, some cows graze in the lower area between the waterfalls and Loisach.

Info about the waterfall:

Height of the waterfall: 270 meters

Start of the hike: Kuhfluchtweg, 82490 Farchant

Hiking distance: about 45 minutes

Trusetal Waterfall, Thuringia

This beauty has had a little help: The Trusetaler Waterfall in the Thuringian Forest was artificially created by miners in 1865.

Nevertheless, it’s worth a trip: the water here plunges an impressive 58 meters into the depths after flowing through a 3.5-kilometer-long water channel through the forest landscape. You can climb up 228 steps next to the waterfall.

The Trusetal Waterfall is very easy to reach, for example during a circular hike. Nearby you will also find the Hainich National Park. Here, among other things, there is the tree top walk of the same name.

Info about the waterfall:

Height of the waterfall: 58 meters

Admission: 2 euros, children up to 10 years free

Opening hours: Easter to the end of September, daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Start: Brotteroder street 49, 98596 Trusetal

Hiking distance: 13 kilometers

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