Top Best Browser Testing Services

When it comes to automated browser testing, there are a multitude of minor inputs that must considered to thoroughly test every element of a website. It would be impossible for a human to perform all of these actions hundreds of times.

Therefore, automation is required, which means that there is a wide variety of automation software available that could quickly do the required testing for you across multiple browsers.

When testing your web applications and websites, you’ll want to use the most comprehensive approach possible to ensure that every potential interaction is properly tested.

No matter what toolset you choose, these articles can help you cover every base.

Here is our list of the best Cross Browser Testing Services:

  • TestComplete

An automated GUI testing framework with broad web testing capabilities, regardless of your business scale or expectations. A specialized AI-powered testing object identification utility joins CI/CD integration for comprehensive browser testing.

  • Virtuoso

A smart AI-powered testing system with advanced testing tools such as plain English test scripts is ideal for any quality assurance (QA) team.

  • CrossBrowserTesting

A web-based application testing tool that allows users to test applications across multiple browsers and devices.

  • LambdaTest

A cloud-based browsing testing platform designed with automated browser testing at the forefront of it’s core features.

  • Ranorex Studio

For dynamic automated browser tests, Ranorex offers an enterprise-grade solution that includes both rich developer tools and easy user interface driven testing settings.

Testing Frameworks

Several solutions on this site are testing frameworks rather than actual testing tools. These provide substantial amounts of flexibility, as you’re effectively scripting your test suite from the ground up – however, they require a certain level of technical understanding and basic scripting knowledge.

Established Test Services

On the other end, most of the services mentioned in this article are more user-friendly testing tools. They may not have as much flexibility as working from the ground up, but they require much fewer resources to perform tests.

These solutions range from free open source tools to enterprise-grade products. It’s essential to note that these tools do not restrict your ability to write test scripts. They simply provide a deeper level of integration with the application under test. The difference is the interface that supports them; they are typically much easier to use than traditional testing frameworks.


is a powerful GUI test automation solution with a built-in AI-powered object detection engine. You can easily write scripts to automate your UI-based tests across multiple browsers and platforms. The inbuilt scripting features allow you to create more complex tests without writing any source code. TestComplete supports both desktop and mobile apps, so you can run automated tests on all major operating systems. With a wide range of CI/CD integrators, TestComplete is an ideal choice for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

That’s the basics for cross-browser testing in modern times. While certainly a challenge, given all the browser, hardware, device, and OS options, the tips, measurements, and tools we discussed today provide an effective way start today.

If you haven’t done so already, check our coverage of the tools we’ve discussed and see how the quality and quantity of your browser testing improves! But whilst you’re getting started, make sure to keep track of your situation – you may find yourself having to revisit certain aspects of your site if they aren’t performing optimally.

What’s best for you, manual or automatic testing? Do you need actual browsers to test your website? Or can you just concentrate on one browser and a small number of devices? Be sure to make good use of your resources.

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