Discover The Art of Elevating Your Workwear with coord Outfits and Sophisticated Accessories

Co ord sets are the ultimate lazy-girl trick and the most time-saving wardrobe refresh hack, especially for chic workwear looks. Co ord sets instantly help you look great on days you are running short on time or not in the mood to create an outfit from scratch. They are easy to throw on and you need to put almost no effort into looking polished and put together – whether you want a co ord for everyday workwear or you’re attending a formal event. Co ord sets are also convenient to customise as simply adding footwear and jewellery can help transition them from day to night.

co ords are also available in various combinations and you can pick the ones that match your vibe and style. From blazers, shirts, and jacket top options to virtually all types of bottoms (like pants and skirts), you can find something that suits your needs. You can also show off your unique style and personality by choosing co ord sets in your favourite shades and colourful prints. This guide will help you buy the best co ord sets for women and how you can style them with sophisticated accessories for work.

Types Of Accessories To Wear With co ords For Work

Accessories add flair and give your outfit the finishing touch it deserves while elevating your style. Here are some must-have accessories you need in your vanity to switch up any co ord outfit for work.

  1. Earrings: While statement syles help pull focus to your face, dainty earrings can be worn to add a charming touch to your outfit. Wearing earrings is also a great hack on bad hair days as they make quick updos look intentional.
  2. Necklace: Pendant chains and necklaces complement deep neck or V-neck styles. They are also a great way to take the focus away from your shoulders for a slimming effect.
  3. Bags: From handbags and totes to backpacks, carrying the right bag with your outfit adds unparalleled charm. While bags have the obvious functionality benefit, matching the colours with your outfit will help you walk into work confidently.
  4. Sunglasses: Attending a formal outdoor event or brunch meeting? Add sunglasses to enhance your look and add a polished feel. You can also opt for glasses that match your outfit and wear it on top of your head indoors.
  5. Footwear: You need to wear shoes (obviously), but the type of shoes you wear dictates your overall appearance. Pumps will boost your confidence, heels will help improve your posture, sandals and flats will help you stay comfortable, and sneakers will add a casual vibe to your look.
  6. Rings: Enhance the look of your well-manicured nails with rings. From simple bands to gemstone-encrusted rings, you cannot go wrong with stacking or wearing a few rings on different fingers.
  7. Bracelets: From dainty chains to hard bracelet bands, bracelets add to the elegance of your outfit. You can also pick bracelets with charms to add a personal touch to every outfit.
  8. Watches: Historically, watches were considered a sign of wealth and a solid metallic watch still adds an ‘old-money’ appeal to every look. You can also pick from trendy strap designs and minimally blinged-out dials.
  9. Claw clips: Hair accessories help bring your whole look together, and claw clips are the holy grail of the Gen-Z. You can create several hairstyles using large claw clips or opt for small clips for a whimsical touch.
  10. Belts: Whether you are wearing a shirt and trousers co ord set or a matching skirt set, adding a corset belt or a belt with a statement buckle will help elevate your look. Belts also help add shade and flatter your curves.

 How To Style co ord Outfits With Accessories

 Accessorising helps you transform even simple solid co ords into chic and sophisticated outfits. Here are things you must consider before styling workwear to buy co-ord sets women with accessories.

  1. Consider Proportions: If you’re wearing funky prints or bold colours, opt for neutral jewellery and accessories to avoid overwhelming the aesthetic. Dainty jewellery can be paired with virtually anything for a subtle and polished look. Statement accessories that steal the focus match the best with solid co ord sets or simple prints and silhouettes.
  2. Colour Matching: Contrast shades and complementary colours are popular at the moment and you should not shy away from experimenting with colours as per your preference. Alternatively, you can choose a monochromatic look by opting for different shades of the same colour. Matching the metallic details of your outfit with your accessories is also a great way to look stylish.
  3. Versatility: Opting for versatile accessories will allow you to wear them with multiple co ord outfits and help you pack light on vacations. Consider buying solid shades (or common colours in your wardrobe) and minimal designs that can match every look.
  4. Keep It Simple: Workwear needs to be appropriate for the formal corporate setting and wearing co ord sets with simple accessories will help you add just the right touch of glam to your look. Opt for solid or neutral bags and footwear, dainty earrings and pendant chains, and minimal bags for a chic look.
  5. Transitioning: Accessories can help you take any co ord outfit from day to night. You can go from being work-appropriate to party-ready in minutes in the weekend by simply switching up dainty jewellery with rhinestone sets or loafers with embellished heels. Carrying a bright-coloured sling bag to any co ord outfit will also help style it or brunches.


Co ord sets that are available in many versatile styles for work can be elevated with accessories for a cohesive and stylish look. You can pick from many different types of accessories that can be worn to work or even outdoor brunch meetings and formal parties. It’s all about choosing the styles and designs you love and then ensuring that they complement your outfit. The accessory should not only match the shade of your outfit but should also be proportionate to the outfit. Simplicity is key and the number one thing to ensure while putting together a co ord outfit is to not overwhelm the silhouette. Remember to experiment and pick styles you love as confidence is also an important accessory that will help you look stylish and sophisticated.

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